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[Download Book] ☲ Nanabosho grants a wish ♷ Popular Books, Nanabosho Grants A Wish By Joseph McLellan This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Nanabosho Grants A Wish, Essay By Joseph McLellan Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Book Review of Nanabosho Grants a WishMcLellan, J 1999 Nanabosho Grants a Wish, Winnipeg, MB Pemmican Publications.Why the book was chosenI chose this particular book because it was a series of Nanabosho stories by McLellan Nanabosho Grants a Wish is a wonderful traditional legend Nanabosho Grants a Wish, by the title, makes me think wishes do come true.Summary OverviewA birthday party is happening for Nonie Her ni Mishomis Grandfather and Nokomis Grandmother came as did quite a few family members and friends It started to snow Billy wished for a lot of snow Ni Mishomis delivers a word of caution to Billy, to be careful ofwhat you wish for This spurs a storytelling session with Ni Mishomis, young and old gather around him and get comfortable It begins when the world was new, and Nanabosho is swamped with people coming to him for help He is finding that the he helps them, the peoplestopped doing things for themselves Nanabosho decides that if people stop to listen to his advice, he was going to quit helping people Then Nanabosho decides that he will try one time He makes an announcement, the ground rules for gaining help requires a person to make wise requests and do as he tells them or they will be punished Four people come for help, a woman, who is feeling anger and is mean to others, asks for her anger to be removed from her Then a man appears, who wants material items to become a hunter and gain a wife A young woman, asks for a husband The fourth, a handsome man, who is very tall asks to become bigger and live forever Everyone is given instructions and if they do what Nanabosho tells them and their wish will be granted The first three do as instructed the fourth, however, cannot wait to follow the instructions accurately and his wish gets granted just not the way he wanted Billy got what he had wished for just not the way her wanted either he got lots of snow and it was a blizzard.Specific quotes from the book Wow I yelled Look, everyone it s snowing I hope it snows a lot Oh Billy, said Ni Mishomis, be careful when you wish for things, because you might get just what you are wishing for Is that not a good thing I asked You know, it might not be, said Ni Mishomis Let me tell you a story Nanabosho thought about all of the people who came to him for help Nanabosho spent a great deal of his time helping people When the man had finished, Nanabosho went into his tipi and returned with four leather pouches that he had prepared He gave each one of the four people a pouch and while he was doing this he told them you will find a song inside of it Listen to this song and your wish will be granted My questions, inferences, visual images, thoughts, reactions, feelings, opinionsI wonder why each person did not recognize that they could of helped themselves, but now I understand why Nanabosho was so discouraged with people I think that Billy did wish for a silly wish I liked to see that Nonie had a silent wish and that hers came true because of Billy swish I get this image of this huge tree that for is going to live for a very long time and I chuckle out loud I have heard this type of storytelling and I love the cozy atmosphere I see a fire andpeople in a circle listening to every word.Re evaluating the story with reference to values, ideals, beliefs, and or institutions of AboriginalpeoplesThe value I like in this story is the gift of listening I often hear Elders statements about how people do not listen like they should When Nanabosho sees that listening is the real problem, he tries to figure out how to get people to take a moment and just listen He comes up with specific tasks that require a person to listen and take action and also to be patient I like the fact that the woman who went to Nanabosho for help with her anger and meanness was the symbol of the institution of the whole body, which represents the spirituality of Aboriginal people Values I noticed were to listen, be patient think before you ask for a wish , take action, and above all take care of yourself The greatest lesson of all, is love.My transformed thoughts What is not written in the story but now I am thinking aboutThe love When Billy wished for the snow Nonie wished for a long birthday, so they could all be together longer Wow, what a celebration of human relationships and love, the greatest institution of all