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Great Dungeon story This book has a slightly different take on the usual dungeon pov A semi regular guy, hellbent on revenge, controlling an entire dungeon and the resulting town around it Great story, action, adventure, some sex, countless deaths, pick it up and read it already Plot 9 15Prose 3 5Character 6 15Setting 20 25Dialogue 6 10Enjoyment 24 30Overall 68 100 3.4 stars This book is an incels neckbeard fantasy Seriously, if you go to subreddits about the above two groups, it feels like the author would fall into one of those two categories The main character is a childish rapist monster He wants women to worship at his feet or treat him as he wishes those who don t are his enemy When he makes a decision, everyone else must fall into line He claims to be a simple man, but can easily figure out in detail what is going on although if you thought about any of the situations where the main character easily analyzes the situation, you would realize his conclusions are not the only possible outcome s He expects all his women to be virgins until he has sex with them And he forces himself onto his concubines even though he knows one doesn t want that and the other clearly has stockholm syndrome The guy throws a temper tantrum when he doesn t get his way and in many cases says damn the consequences and does what he wants The universe hands this man everything he could ever want, but he doesn t spend any time actually working for these things, instead this scholar wizard does hard work in the field and occasionally works on his dungeon city.I saw other reviews that were happy they stuck until the end I finished the book and I m still waiting for this big change in him. Excellent as expected.There are few authors whose books I will buy immediately on sight alone Without reading any blurbs Without even the courtesy glance to reader reviews or ratings Without at least considering for a moment whether the new book before me may or may not be worth the timeNot so with William D Arand.I bought this book as soon as I saw it I cared not a whit what it was about or what others before me might have thought about it.I was not disappointed Nor shall you be. So Good.W.D Arand is one of those authors He s good like an M Scott Earle or a Stryvant And he writes these dynamic character driven stories that suck you in At times when he s really on fire it seems might possibly even a little better than other writers of the genre in some aspects because his fan service is almost like an afterthought a bit of light frosting on a rich nuanced cake He s good, really good, so good that I kind of hate him a little because he s not really all that prolific Logically speaking I know that s probably part of why he s good in that he takes the time to craft the world and the characters instead of just doing the best he can and then just putting out what he hasbut I still got to say it s frustrating as all get upReading his work is like having a really good dream or hearing a really good song..that can t be bought in any of the usual outletsit just sort of messes with you because you end up spending the rest of the week wanting That s how I feel about this author he always leaves me wanting and I love and I hate it and all in all its a really cool trick The books are decently sized so you don t feel cheated He uses cliffhangers that for the most part aren t cliffhangers, he makes you fall in love with some characters and hate others enough that you don t feel at ease till you no they ve been handledIt s just all really insidious, I spent a whole day reading and then when I realized there was no book left I felt like shaking my kindle to get at the crumbs All in all it was good book and I look forwards for the sequelwhich I m sure will come out and year now. Another great book from Mr Arand A really neat premise, and an interesting storyline with just enough curveballs to keep everything interesting Very heavy on the wish fulfillment and boo to anyone that says that s a bad thing , plus a great ending that promises lots drama in the future.However, while I am a fan of all Arand s books, and I really wanted to give this one five stars, I couldn t quite justify it Elements that didn t quite jive with me in Otherlife or Super Sales were easy enough to overlook when everything was still fresh, but by the third series, seeing those same very specific tropes has started to grate on me a bit.The protagonist whose surprisingly effective seduction technique seems to primarily just be directly complementing their bustline The reliance on using enslavement mechanics to expand the harems, or over the fact that no one ever seems to notice the severe ethical problems with this I could go on, but I d rather not spoil the other books.I m beginning to worry that Arand is just writing the same book series over again for the third time although, full disclosure, I haven t read Super Sales 2 yet And that might not even be a real problem, it s a fun book If you liked Arand s past books, you will like this one too But if you had any complaints in the past, it seems unlikely you ll see them redressed in this series.This review is heavy on the critique, but to be clear, I still enjoyed this book quite a lot I love Arand s books, and I am helpless to resist the Dungeon Core genre I will eagerly await the opportunity to preorder the next installments In the end, I just hope that Arand can balance the desire to maintain his very unique and contrarian voice with the ability to grow and develop as a writer.Show us what else you can do The dungeon core parts of this book are kind of okay Not terrible, and not great either.The real problem is the characters The protagonist is a guy who goes into blind rages fairly often In the first chapter or so, he threatens to kill and use someone as a condom He admits that this probably isn t an idle threat What a lovely person.There s a potential harem that pops up, which like with all harems, means that the women are boring, 2D caricatures of people I can t say I understand the appeal The sex scenes are never great, and the characters end up being bland and uninteresting It also removes a large portion of the books potential audience.I couldn t manage to care about the protagonist, the women, or the cardboard cutout villains From what other reviews say, the Protagonist gets even worse later on. Very good start and great ways this book could go forward.One thing I can kind of complain about through this is that he never even considered trying to test limits with an avatar Build himself a demigod body in his likeness Practice spells to counter detect life etc His main weakness in this entire book has kind of been the fact that he is vulnerable With how much he tinkered with spells and limits it was almost out of character to not even consider messing with the avatar spell I m sure we ll see this in book two I look forward to it I really like reading about living dungeons and liked the Selfless hero series, also by William D Arand, but the MC in this book was just so very, very, very unlikable A mean, cruel and self centered person that boasts about his great plans, but ends up only reacting to others instead. ^EBOOK ↷ Dungeon Deposed ↡ Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN BBVYMJZRyker Only Has One Goal In His Life Right Now Turn A Certain Adventuring Guild Into A Flaming Wreck While Dancing Merrily Through The Smoldering Ruins All For The Chance To Get Back At A Handful Of People It Isn T As If They Didn T Deserve It Either They Had Driven Him From His Home Chased Him Physically From The Very Guild House Itself All The Way To The Gates Of The City Simply Because He Wasn T As Strong As They Expected Him To Be As Strong As He D Expected Himself To Be He D Returned To The City The Next Day And Left With His Means For Revenge Something He D Hidden Away And Told No One About When He Found It In One Of His Few Dungeon Dives An Inactive Dungeon Core A Crystal The Size Of A Fist With A Soul Inside One That Could Create Anything From Mana It Wanted To From Monsters And Complex Cave Systems To Gold Coins Years Spent In Planning, And Unfortunately Farming, As He Waited Now It Felt Like His Moment Was Finally Here The Dungeon Core Had Been Acting Strange Lately As If It Were Finally Coming To Life Watching Over The Crystal Like A Hawk For This Very Event, Ryker Impatiently Waits Any Day Now, It D Start And He Could Set About Taking His Vengeance Starting With Ripping The Soul Of The Dungeon Out Warning And Minor Spoiler This Novel Contains Graphic Violence, Undefined Relationships Harem, Unconventional Opinions Beliefs, Forced Political Marriage And Consummation , And An UNSTABLE Hero Who Is As Tactful As A Dog At A Cat Show Read At Your Own Risk