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A poignant book, the last of The Elementals Originally, it was designed for a four book series, with potential forHowever, Thompson s death in February 2008 cut short the plans She was outlining the 4th book, Lord of the Fire, at the time of her death.This is the 3rd in the series, following Lord of the Deep and Lord of the Dark Erotic Historical Literary fiction, Thompson s story is on par with the world building of Tolkien, but imbues the stories with the passion and the emotions often lacking in his writing In many ways they are difficult to read, as various aspects were metaphor for Thompson s life, of which the last eleven years was spent confined in a wheelchair.Review done from advance reading copy [Read Epub] ♾ Lord of the Forest ♞ Pagan Revelers Dance Naked To The Music Of Flute And Lyre, Their Bodies Golden In The Firelight, Inviting The Lord Of Their Deepest Desires To Appear From The Shadows Marius Soon Comes, His Tall, Muscular Body Changing In The Dark Of The Moon Is He Man Or Animal Or The Best Of Both Only Linnea, The Beautiful Goddess Of The Hunt, Shall See His True Self His Ultimate Transformation Will Ensnare Her And His Matchless Erotic Skill Will Ensure Her Amorous Surrender Retreating To A Hidden Bower Of Pleasure, They Are At Last Alone And Marius Brings Her To The Heights Of Sexual Ecstasyagain And Again And Again I love Dawn Thompson s imagination The Erotica was awesome and I loved all the characters they are all unique.This story was about Marius the Centaur who is the Lord of the Forest and Linnea Spirit of the Antelope and daughter of the Great Stag.I love Marius pet magpie bird Esau for he comes to the rescue several times in the story It was neat to see the other characters from the other books in this series The Lord of the Deep Simeon with his wife Megaleen, The Lord of the Dark Gideon with his wife Rhiannon and their baby girl and The Lord of the Underworld Vane all played major roles in this story Of course it has a wonderful ending,such a wonderful Paranormal Fantasy Erotica Absolutely Great. Needsporn And you give us a Huntress goddess but spend the whole book making her a passive pretty object for men to fight over C mon Definitely not the quality of writing you d expect from Dawn Thompson I only got half way through this one before I put it down The Lord of the Forest, Marius, was a great strong character in her other books but in his own book he was just wimpy and ineffective What a dissappointment Elementals series 3 bit boring reallydisappointing predictable story lineinteresting concepti have read hotter books in the youth section of the library The ending felt rushed I did enjoy catching up with characters introduced in previous book I enjoyed the deepening bond between Marius and Linnea The struggle against evil was there it just seemed disjointed at times. Wonderfully writing sexually, sensual story to read