#Read å Everything I Know About Cars: A Collection of Made-Up Facts, Educated Guesses, and Silly Pictures about Cars, Trucks, and Other Zoomy Things æ eBook or E-pub free

Really funny book about cars Turns out Tom Lichenheld knows as much about cars as I do which isn t much This book again uses good voice and fun imagination Very similar to Everything I Know About Monsters My 5 year old is overly obsessed with cars so I thought he d love this book, but he didn t I didn t realize it was a collection of made up facts, educated guesses, and silly pictures I think it just had too many words to keep my child s attention and many of the funny things had to be explained to him.As a parent, I hated when it talked about being a passenger in a car because other than putting on a seat belt, everything else was naughty behavior play with the windows over and over, poke your siblings, make loud noises, spill everything. #Read ⛄ Everything I Know About Cars: A Collection of Made-Up Facts, Educated Guesses, and Silly Pictures about Cars, Trucks, and Other Zoomy Things Ï Stop What S Your Car IQ The Fastest Kind Of Car A A Jet Powered DragsterB An Invisible Spy CarC Any Car That Is Red And Has Flames Painted On The Sides Cars Were Invented By A Karl BenzB Professor FlubberC Two Horses In Ohio Who Got Tired Of Carrying People Around All Day Souped Up Cars Are Made With What Kind Of Soup A Chicken NoodleB PeaC No Actual Soup Is Used Answers Inside This is a fiction book because it is written through the knowledge of a boy on cars It starts off by I don t know much about real cars, but I m an expert on made up cars, so this book is a big traffic jam of mostly made up cars I really enjoyed reading this because it made me believe that it was really created by a child The illustrations are hilarious and can keep any child preoccupied This is a book that I would recommend to my reluctant readers, it has a lot to read but it does not feel that way because of its humor Even though it is not a non fiction book it would definitely make students look up some of the ideas and information that this author presents I would have enjoyed reading this book as a child and I am very excited that there s many other books in the same format like Everything I know about Pirates and Everything I know about Monsters Even though these books were created to attract male readers, it can still be enjoyed by female readers. A car book with a Lichtenheld twist, the twist being silly humor that I can t help laughing all at all over the book I know some of the humor kids even older kids won t get But it sure makes it fun to read as an adult This could never work in a storytime, even school age Too much going on with each page, and a lot of text But fun in a lap read or read alone More of a 3.5 rating. A creative look at cars with tons of illustrations rendered in ink, colored pencil, gouache, and watercolor This would be a great read for newly independent readers because the inventive car designs and all their cool features are perfect for early elementary school student interests and sense of humor Following the story is a two page spread that gives budding artists some tips for drawing their own unique cars. Even though this book does not include a lot about how cars actually work, I love this imaginitive and creative book that shows that, even though children don t know a lot about the world yet, they can still dream of ways to impact it I love the diagrams and drawings The horse page made me laugh out loud It s also neat that it shows children how to draw cars, too. This book is by the same author as What are you so grumpy about I enjoyed it too, but it wasn t quite as funny I think my husband would get a kick out of it though And my piano students have really enjoyed reading it. Tom Lichtenheld has an amazing imagination In this book he shares with us everything he knows about carsthe made up ones, not the real ones And it s a joyful ride. A fun book about the made up history of cars It s a bit long for bedtime, and I don t see it sticking around in history, but not a bad read for a rainy day.