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war daddy can pillage me ANYTIME UPDATE 07 14 My friend Parvati chan Goodreads was so rude to her is hosting the QT s buddy reads for War.Join the cutest BR elite in Goodreads hype for this one is out of this world Join the conversation UPDATE 07 11 THISISNOTADRILLINGI repeatTHISISNOTA DRILLING it s not erotica either, whatever that cover looks like WAR IS LIVE Kisses Kindle Live and already in the top of the charts I m so happy for Thalassa sensei, she s a writing goddess.GUYS IN THE KINDLE UNLIMITED ELITE QT S IN THE KINDLE UNLIMITED ELITE For all of us in the Kindle unlimited Elite it s We look so so so so smug now SMUG cuz it s FREE for us No offense but not many readers are as cool as us guys in the Kindle Unlimited elite.Guys without Kindle unlimited The price for this one is really reasonable Just 3.99 but if you re unsure try a first month KU for free JOIN THE KU ELITE You re missing the best books and We re having so much fun UPDATE 07 5 WAR IS COMING JULY 11 I won t be part of the QT s BR but I CAN T WAITORIGINALIt rarely happens but You can tell when I m pissed off.UPDATE I JUST FOUND OUT THE STUPID THIEF IS A WOMAN I HATE HERUPDATE MARCH 04 looks at her old Pestilence cover looks at War Cover Can you tell why I m so angry Literally I cried out of rage This is bad Really bad Almost Ember in the ashes bad.It s not Thalassa sensei s fault, but allow me to rage.MY COVERS WON T MATCH ALL BECAUSE A STUPID THIEF DIDN T THEY THINK SOMEBODY WOULD NOTICE THE ART WAS STOLEN HOW STUPID CAN ANYONE BE To the stupid plagiarist who stole from us the original cover I m SORT OF a witch and I m sending you bad vibes What comes around goes around You stole not only from original artist, you also deprived innocent, AMYzing girls from their beloved covers Next time something bad happens to you you ll know it was ALL the people sending you bad vibes.To all the Q Ts, my amazing BR group I was ready to start a War Buddy Read with all of you guys but I don t feel like starting a BR for that cover It s not an ugly cover but it s not what I would ve expected after the Pestilence s old cover stylistic approach My apologies QT s NO BR for us this time Don t take me wrong, I ll read on release day, but I m not organizing nor joining BR s because that stupid thief ruined it for me I m seriously pissed off.GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS can you please help me send bad karma to the plagiarist He deserves the worst for ruining my fun I m fed up with abs in covers This isn t erotica, you people Thalassa sensei never used shirtless dudes in her covers before THE STUPID PLAGIARIST HAPPENED roars like a lion swears like a sailor gets her butt kicked out of Starbucks So let s gather our spiritual forces, our powerful ki s and send them the worst, most hurtful vibes until the thief pays the copyright for the stolen artwork With whatever he she loves the mostor worse. [Ebook] ♪ War ♭ They Came To Earth Pestilence, War, Famine, Death Four Horsemen Riding Their Screaming Steeds, Racing To The Corners Of The World Four Horsemen With The Power To Destroy All Of Humanity They Came To Earth, And They Came To End Us AllThe Day Jerusalem Falls, Miriam Elmahdy Knows Her Life Is Over Houses Are Burning, The Streets Run Red With Blood, And A Traitorous Army Is Massacring Every Last Resident There Is No Surviving This, Especially Not Once Miriam Catches The Eye Of War Himself But When The Massive And Terrifying Horseman Corners Miriam, He Calls Her His Wife, And Instead Of Killing Her, He Takes Her Back To His Camp Now Miriam Faces A Terrifying Future, One Where She Watches Her World Burn Town By Town, And The One Man Responsible For It All Is Her Seemingly Indestructible Husband But There S Another Side To Him, One That S Gentle And Loving And Dead Set On Winning Her Over, And She Might Not Be Strong Enough To Resist However, If There S One Thing Miriam Has Learned, It S That Love And War Cannot Coexist And So She Must Make The Ultimate Choice Surrender To War And Watch Humankind Fall, Or Sacrifice Everything And Stop Him I WANT TO READ THIS BOOK SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD Sorry for shouting. DNF at 36% I just couldn t do it any Everything about this story was not meshing with me I was skim reading way too early on, I found it cringe worthy, and the story just felt empty and lacked depth I tried continue reading it for War, but when I saw the progress I d made and that I wasn t even half way through the book, I just had to quit I couldn t do it Also I wasn t a fan of the whole New Palestine and Israel angle It didn t seem like enough research was put into it and it bordered offensive at times Didn t seem like the author was too aware of the Palestinian and Israeli conflict.Palestine is an occupied territory, which began when the state of Israel was established in 1948, because the Brits decided to create this mess Ever since then, the Palestinians have been unjustly targeted.Then this book comes along and tries to make it out as if the actual real life victims were the barbarians I m sure that wasn t the sole intention Or maybe it was Either way, it was poorly and falsely portrayed Pray for the world War is coming NEED.Where is the synopsis I have no idea what will happen in this book, and I couldn t be excited.I took a quiz to know which horsemen I am, and I end up being sometimes War and sometimes Death, so yeah I really want this one. How is your book hangover doing I m still thinking about this book.4.5 starsWAR, I m still speechless and amazed, but incredibly happy, it was EVERYTHING I hoped it would be.War, the second of the Four Horsemen, was deliciously dark, dangerous, swoony in a warlord kind of way, and very much everything I wanted him to be Again, it just shows how much I like these kind of heroes He was all kinds of FINE His determination, possessiveness, protectiveness and later on struggle made a beautiful man And I m going to come out, and say that I LOVED War even than Pestilence There I said it War had such tender sides, which were the stark opposite to his ruthless pursuit of his duties I loved how easy it was for him to accept Miriam for what she was, his wife, with a stubborn streak, there to make his life challenging.I was also impressed by Miriam, she was incredibly strong, but also as I mentioned above quite stubborn Brave, but lonely, and hardened by war, she was no damsel in distress Used to surviving on her own wits she was surprisingly resilient when it came to War and his duties She fought for a different outcome, even after multiple setbacks, she never gave up And sooner or later her soft heart chafed on War in wondrous ways My favorite part of the story.Both War and Miriam were lonely people Finding another person that would care about their well being was foreign to both of them And although Miriam was forced to be close to War, she didn t succumb to his charms immediately The change came over time Because even though War was never overbearing, he also was who he was nothing would change that inhuman, a warlord, and fixed on his duty as one of the Four Horsemen he was there to destroy mankind.There were parts of this book that left me raw, drained, and heartbroken It s always an eye opening experience to see the Four Horsemen in their elements I sometimes forget what they are which is inhuman They came to earth to do a job And that s what they ll do.One of the things I loved the most about this book was that WAR was located on a different continent It was perfect for the story, and delivered a fascinating background story And now, I can see how the cover fit the story beautifully kudos to the cover designer.As I said before, war on itself is never a topic that induces hearts and rainbows Following a horseman on his reign of terror is nothing to laugh at Because of it my heart was full but also heavy, but I wouldn t have wanted it any differently Can t wait for Famine s book ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.For book recommendations, follow me on Instagram As far as this apocalypse goes, I m ambivalent I mean, sure, we all expect to die soonish, but I think we are all expecting it to be the robots who kill us, not the four horsemen It s of a modern solution I mean four horsemen That s so old fashioned Why is this taking so long I haven t even had one robot offer me cake yet.If you loved the first book, Pestilence, like me, you will like this one too But, you will also feel like it s not as good, and you will think it s a bit too long and maybe a tad slow in the middle Then, you will want some cake Probably chocolate Served by a robot So, one of the best things about Pestilence was that he was so very inhuman He was learning to human from Sara But War has been human for a while before he meets Miriam in this book He s been humaning all over the place Maybe a little too much since he has been like a fucking machine Not machine like a robot I ve already established that A literal fucking machine He s been all about killing people and fucking bitches and everyone is already dead around himSo, yeah Not as innocent and other worldly as Pestilence was.But, their main missions were the same kill all humans They just had different techniques when it came to accomplishing the same goal.As long as they are enjoying their work that s all that really matters.War meets Miriam and decides she s his wife He takes her back to his war camp, but doesn t rape her He waits for her consent, even though he believes she was sent by God to be his wife And, I really gotta wonder if the fucking God of War can understand the concept of consent, what the hell is wrong with Chad at the frat house Passing out in your bed from drinking too much at the party is NOT consent Chad This is so wrong That is obviously not a Pringles can Not long enough Jilly knows a Pringles can when she sees one.So, this book is basically Miriam living and traveling in a war camp with occasional outings to massacre the next city She gets to know War and, for some reason, falls for him Stockholm Syndrome at its finest It s pretty much equal to finding the biggest, baddest guy in prison and becoming his bitch because he will protect you from the others Sure, you are getting ass raped, but he s also pretty sweet when he forces other inmates to give you their puddings during dinner or he ll shank them If that s not love, I don t know what is.Bring on Famine 2 minutes ago I finished Pestilence and I need this book NOW It was SOOO worth the wait Awesome book Have to say, after waiting so long for the book, I was in love with it even before I started it And now begins the wait for Famine THAT FREAKING COVER I want one