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Holy shit Every time I think, it can t get worse, I m proven wrong I m a nervous wreck right nowSecrets Far too many secrets That s what Merq and Armise learn the hard way in the fourth book of the Borders War series Only if you ask the right questions, you ll get the respective answers Some secrets are revealed, some remain what they are, at least for the time being Not only do they have to fight against their enemies, on top of all that, there s an unknown force in the form of a genetic modification, they yet have to learn the specifics about and which is threatening their life.Again, Falling, One by One is full of mind blowing suspense, yet still there are also tender moments between Merq and Armise, where they try to get to know each other better that s still an issue after all these years and where Merq has time to come to terms with his feelings for Armise A short span of peace The calm before the storm, before all hell breaks loose And believe me, that s not for the faint of heart Well, fuck Do you guys remember when I said that book 3 was painful and heartbreaking and just plain gorgeous despite of all that Well, may I present you heartbreaking version 2.0.The heartbreak and frustration that this book caused me came from a different place than book 3 Here, Merq and Armise are slowly finding stability in each other, in the sense that they ground the other make no mistake, their love story is layered, complex, passionate, selfish and selfless at the same time It has ups and downs Where Merq struggles to communicate and open up about his feelings, Armise is like an open book that slays you whenever he puts himself out there for Merq Where Merq is blunt about questioning and their pasts and who they are and where they come from, Armise keeps being guarded, keeping things secret, thinking that he does it because he s protecting Merq And the thing is there is SO much happening So much.While their relationship is certainly a very important part this is a book about war, power, death, people fucking with people and people fucking people up This book deals with loss and pain It deals with betrayal and blind trust It deals with being a weapon for the war while at the same time being that one thing that keeps your loved one sane It s complex, and I love it.Questions that had been left unanswered were answered here, and my vision of Armise, Merq and their role here is clearer now But just as some questions got their answers, some questions are now dancing in my head I literally FEAR for what s to come.This installment ends with a cliffhanger, so make sure you have book 5 ready to start reading as soon as you re done with it. I ve said this once, but I ll say it againloudlyFUCK THIS SERIES IS AMAZING And Falling One by One is no exception deserving of every multi exclamation point and capitolised word I ll no doubt be bombarding this review with, because WOW I ve just finished the long awaited fourth offering from the exceptional Borders War saga and justJust WOW Once again I m left in awe of the totally mind blowing imagination, intricately plotted world building and incredible writing skills of S.A McAuley.I ve recently had the pleasure of re reading the first three newly revised and re edited versions A gripping, unputdownable marathon that only served to remind me just how powerful and affecting the ongoing storyline of this series has turned out to be Its focal point, the somewhat fucked up but inspired pairing off, of the emotionally stunted Merq Grayson and his mysterious, enigmatic counterpart, Armise Darcan Two opposing, genetically modified, hard core soldiers whose gritty enemies to lovers relationship has spanned almost two decades A torturous journey but one hell of a ride Oh man, Ms McAuley does NOT go easy on these two men Falling One by One begins exactly where Powerless left off, so you ll need to be up to speed with the machinations and plot twists that have fueled the series up to now, as this is definitely not a point in the story where you can just jump in and hope to pick things up as you go along Oh nothere are twists and turns galore and nothing or no one is who or what it seems Exciting, intriguing, mind blowing, violent, hard hitting, hot and dark in toneThe list goes on but there have also been moments of tenderness between Merq and Armise that have moved me greatly Emotion might not be something easily shown between them as a couple, but it s never far from the surface making this an emotionally satisfying read..Link to full review 4.5 starsNot gonna liethis book HURT I ve been waiting 3 books for answers But the answers I got in book 4 were twisted and fucked up and made me hurt for Merq and Armise They really were just pawns in a messed up war But, their own fight for their lives, for each other, for their loveUGHthis is where it hurt the most This book had the most emotional angst of the series to date I don t know that I was ready for it But I lapped it up word by word HOW WILL THIS END I don t want it to end Anyone who reads books numbering in the triple digits every year knows that sometimes a book and its characters stick with you And sometimes well, they don t It s the nature of this beastly addiction we have to fiction And it s what keeps us coming back for even when it feels like all our emotional boo boos are being marinated in lemon juice and our guts are being ripped out through our tear ducts.I first ran across the Borders War series back in June of 2013, when I read the blurb for One Breath, One Bullet and immediately 1 clicked it Post apocalyptic dystopia soldier assassins Yes, please Dominant Predator soon followed One Breath, One Bullet which was much shorter back then , which was followed by Powerless in March of 2014 And then for reasons, there was a long break before the release of Falling, One by One, but by the end of the third book, I already knew beyond any shadow of a reasonable doubt that I was hopelessly and irrevocably in love with Merq Grayson and Armise Darcan Honestly, having read the final words of the final book in the series already, I can t even type their names right now without getting teary eyed But don t let that intimidate you or anything The Borders War is, inarguably, one of the most sadistically plotted series I ve ever read From the moment Merq and Armise appear on the page in book one, the first thing that becomes evident is that theirs is going to be a love story unlike any you ve ever read before We talk quite a lot about the enemies to lovers trope in genre romance Some of us would even call it a staple favorite But this The difference between this and all those others is the difference between wading with emotional floaties into the shallow end of the angst pool and tossing yourself into the ocean slathered in chum and wearing a lead weighted lifejacket Merq and Armise are bitter enemies, adversaries working on the opposite sides of a political shitstorm Until they aren t They are drawn to each other in ways and for reasons that don t become clear for many thousands of words and heartbreaks to come, and every single word and every single heartbreak is so worth it.Where Powerless brings this series to its transitional arc in the tactical schemes of the remaining five countries that exist in this alternate world, Falling, One by One plunges us straight onto the battlefield of the emotional arc in this series This is the point in the storyline where the tables begin to turn, where the sides in this war have nothing to do with geography or politics and everything to do with protecting the line of demarcation surrounding Merq and Armise themselves where the only thing worth fighting for is each other There are so many secrets and lies, so many questions asked and unasked, so many evasions and non answers among the answers that every other paragraph feels like an Are you fucking kidding me here You should see my highlights and notes At one point I think I found religion The holy shits and Oh my Gods and Jesus Christs that s just how these books feel They make you want to cuss at them A lot And as you watch the tangled web of intrigues, betrayals, and deceptions begin to unravel, ever so methodically, you can t help but ask yourself how much these two men will have to go through apart and together before they find some measure of peace A peace that may only be found in death Though really, living and dying by the bullet becomes the least of their worries as the series progresses.There is a common enemy Merq and Armise must find and eliminate in order to broker for and secure a world governed of the people, by the people, and for the people And along the way, we watch Merq evolve as he begins to see how integral Armise Darcan is to not only his survival but to his very being We watch Merq as he begins his own steady immersion into a sea of regrets We watch him suffer We watch Armise persevere through Merq s willful obtuseness and blatant assheadedness yes, that s a word now We watch a crazy bastard who perverts science and technology in his grand scheme to rule the world do his best to tear Merq and Armise apart while he sits back and watches the world burn We watch as Merq wades through, and damn near drowns in, that regretful sea as the storyline wends its way into Strength of the Rising Sun, one of the single most epic emotional and psychological flagellations I ve ever experienced between the covers of a book And it was glorious And it was painful And it was a struggle to ask how much Armise could take before he finally decided Merq wasn t worth all the agony, because the fear was always this close to the surface that with every single moment Merq s head remained steadfastly up his butt, it was one moment of risk that Armise would give up and walk away I can t tell you a single damn thing about the final book in this series for fear of spoiling something that s happened along the way Even the tiniest of details feels like a significant cog in the machine that grinds our emotions between its greedy teeth Every single bit of Strength of the Rising Sun is gorgeous All the characters Simion, Naveed, Jegs, Exley, Chen, Manny, even Dakra whose role was significant even though his on page appearance was brief I could go on and on and on about the spectacle that is this superb cast of role players who are there to support and contrast our heroes Every one of them is integral to the telling of this story, every single one of them essential to bringing Merq and Armise to the ultimate and vital final bid to save the world And, most important of all, to try to save each other We watch as these two men men who have killed and killed again, who have hurt each other in myriad ways face their ultimate fear the kind of fear that would cripple weaker men and they do so with the courage and conviction of love as the blade that balances them and vanquishes any and everything else.Intrigue, betrayal, secrets, lies, terror, horror, agony and love The greatest of these is the love that grows between Merq and Armise even though there are times they d still like to kill each other along the way That love and the hope it offers is the one bright point of light in the darkness of this violent and unforgiving alt universe S.A McAuley has crafted Please trust me when I tell you that every single thing I ve said to this point is in no way meant to steer you away from reading the Borders War series But I d be lying if I said it didn t ruin my head just a little in the end I ve lost count of how many times I ve read and reread the final three chapters of Strength of the Rising Sun Nor can I tell you how many times I ve had to unsuccessfully blink back tears while writing this review That, fellow readers, is phenomenal storytelling That is what reading is all about Having your heart shredded and put back together over and over again It was so fucking worth it.I love the end of this series beyond all reason But, let s be real, I also hate it just a little bit too, in only the best possible way the way a book makes you feel everything you never want to feel again but also the way a book makes you want to read an entire series over again because you re insane or a masochist or something So grab the tissues, your liquor of choice, and a friend Buddy read this series I did And I m convinced it s the only way I made it through without vomiting my heart out all over my Kindle.Reviewed by Lisa for The Novel Approachhttp www.thenovelapproachreviews.co I actually did a bad thing I m writing this review after I finished the next book And my geriatric mind can t seem to remember specific details per se, except that Falling, One by One felt a bit lack luster to me The main reason is that I ve grown kind of tired with the plot the Revolution, Ahriman, the politics, etc All I really cared about was Merq and Armise, but this particular installment was very plotty and with a healthy heaping of extra thrown in that detracted from the romance I was looking for Overall, it was good Just didn t light me on fire. I don t give up on this series thanks to the characters and the plot considered as intrigue one, because as science fiction story this series is a hopeless case, full of inconsistencies. This book was another awesome addition to this series There was so much going on in this story just wow I have no words for how much I loved this book We find out so much about Merq and Armise in this and the other characters in this world Merq and Armise work together against a enemy while at the same time find out so much about each other You get action, violence and angst in this book along with the caring and feelings between these two gritty alpha characters I love the way these two men are together and how protective they are of each other With every book in this series you find out so much about this world which made me love it and Then there was the children that had been genetically modified who Merq and Armise fight to protect I felt so bad for them and of course you get the evil man behind everything that you just can t help wishing someone would stop him.With every book in this series you get so much pain and violence from this war but you also get these two men fighting to protect and stop what is happening So I will leave this review with I 100% loved this book and would definitely recommend this series I received this book free in exchange for an honest review from Inked Rainbow Reads. Jesus fucking christ A lot of shit happens in this one Things really pick up and honestly, Ahriman needs to die a slow and painful death Armise and Merq are, as always, amazing together And there are truths that come to light that are surprising and been a LONG time coming Some of the things we learn had me going whattttt seriously we would know so much if we got Armise s POV too lol I can t say much without giving stuff away, but the fight against the Opposition and Ahriman specifically escalates in this, and for the most part it doesn t go well for them But I m hopeful that their love will be the one thing Ahriman didn t and cannot account for Ahh On to the next book because it s driving me crazy wanting to know what happens next So good `DOWNLOAD EPUB ⇲ Falling, One by One (The Borders War, #4) ⇮ Whether Armise Lived Or Died Was Never Supposed To Matter To MerqAs The Fight For The Kids Of The Jacquerie Begins And The War Between Opposition And Revolution Heightens, Merq Discovers That He May Not Have As Much Control Over His Actions As He Thought He Did Further Complicating Their Tangled Relationship, Armise May Be Just As CompromisedDesperate To Learn The Truth, Merq And Armise Put Themselves Directly In The Path Of A Powerful Enemy They Ve Spent Fifteen Years Of Their Lives On The Knife S Edge Of Trust And Loyalty What They Learn About Each Other S Pasts And What It Means For Their Future Will Bring Them Together Or Definitively Tear Them ApartMerq S Life Has Always Been At Risk One Bullet Away From Death In Sacrifice Of His Mission As His Focus Begins To Shift, Merq May Be Too Late To Understand What, And Who, Is Most Important In His Life Reader Advisory This Book Contains Scenes Of Graphic Violence, Forced Genetic Modification, Genetic Experimentation, Genetic Experimentation On Children, Mentions Of Suicide, And Torture