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3.5 starsThis book wasn t quite what I was expecting from the synopsis There was slightly romantic love in it Now considering that is the largest word on the cover it shouldn t really have shocked me I guess as a single woman I was expecting an ode to being on your own and surrounded by good friends Instead this book is a much nuanced look at the many varieties of love friendship love, romantic love and most importantly self love It s about navigating and negotiating life and dreams And this was what spoke most to me Friendship Love The collection of people whom you choose to ride the wave with the truth tellers, The heart menders, my people to live for Jess lives with Amber life is a little less scary knowing she is on my side Sean is a jester in a cashmere cardigan and a listening ear Marlowe She is perfect and I am a mess Jess picks up other friends on the way through her story Sometimes we don t see her best friends for a while but they are always there when needed and that s what true friendship is about We also get to find out about their lives and challenges too and even get some of the story from their points of view Romantic Love In a sexually charged game of cat and mouse, it can sometimes be hard to know when to stop running Charlie is the man from her recent break up and he remains a presence in Jess life even though she meets and dates other men Self Love For the first time I wanted something that was within me Jess has decided law is not her desired career path and that she wants to be a photographer but that s not a job you can just walk straight into either This story is about working out and following dreams, the trials and tribulations of working in the creative industry, balancing your needs with the needs of a partner and having good friends around to help you put your jigsaws together It is beautifully written and clever and definitely deserves a re read with less expectations Much like life deserves to be experienced rather than planned I was gifted my copy for the purposes of an honest review. A great contemporary read, fun, with characters that are easily identified with and you really connect with An entertaining and enjoyable story, well written and great pacingThanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion #Download á Love, and Other Things to Live For ã Jessica Wood Is An Aspiring Photographer Living In London She S Had Her Heart Broken, And Her Friends Have Pieced It Back Together AgainBut Across The Neon Lights Of Soho, In The Smell Of Alcohol And Cigarette Smoke, On Every Night Bus, In Every Song, Every Time She Tries To Forget She Remembers Him Now, In A Battle Between The Past And The Future, Choosing Between Having A Life And Making A Living, Finding Her Feet Or Spreading Her Wings, Jessica Must Ask Herself Who Is She Really Living For Love And Other Things To Live For Is An Ode To Modern Girls And Triumph Over Heartbreak, Perfect For Fans Of Holly Bourne And Dolly Alderton I voluntarily reviewed this book from the PublisherUnusual, full of depth, and with plenty of moments that will get you thinking, LOVE AND OTHER THINGS TO LIVE FOR by Louise Leverett is a unique story that will capture your heart and imagination.Three months after moving in with Charlie, the man that she loves, Jess finds herself single and back living with her friend Amber in their little flat in London Heartbroken and completely unsure about what she wants from life and love, Jess throws herself into finding out the answers with some unexpected developments along the way As Jess starts to figure out herself and her feelings, her best friends are there beside her every step of the way, and they have their own stuff to deal with too But can Jess move on from Charlie and be happy in her life Slow to start, LOVE AND OTHER THINGS TO LIVE FOR by Louise Leverett develops the background of Jess and her friendships really well and I enjoyed getting to know all of these characters personalities and lives Jess wants to be a photographer which isn t easy, she wants to forget about Charlie which is even harder, and she wants to be happy, whatever that means to her, and in this way this story is almost like a guide for modern women who are trying to figure out their futures in a world which bombards us with telling us what we should have, what we should want There are moments of sadness, self realisation, and friendship in its truest and most brilliant form, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading LOVE AND OTHER THINGS TO LIVE FOR by Louise Leverett a literary fiction novel with something for everyone to connect with and I highly recommend it. The protagonist in this book is Jess, a struggling photographer, heartbroken after separation from her boyfriend, she is trying to piece her life together with the help of an amazing group of friends I really liked Jess s friends, they are very believable but at the same time supportive and amusing personalities I have mixed opinion about Jess, I liked her character and her determination, but at the same time, her decisions didn t make sense to me sometimes, especially when it comes to men.The narrative of this novel sounds quite realistic, and I was engrossed in Jess s journey and her struggles I really liked that the plot was not just plodding along, telling the events of Jess s daily life, but the author threw in some interesting turns and different perspectives to shed light on all the events happening in the book It allowed to know about Jenny s friends and how they feel in different situations The topics discussed in this book were love, friendships, hard work, heartbreak, dreams, self growth, etc.I really liked the writing style of this novel, it would feel like chick lit story sometimes, but the author incorporated her little analyses of different life topics, that made the whole book richer and sophisticated The chapters felt quite long at times, but the story itself didn t leave me bored I really liked the ending of this book, it was unexpected but rounded up this story very nicely.So, to conclude, this was a very refreshing and indulgent book, filled with realistic, believable characters and difficult life choices, perfect for everyone who suffers after a breakup or anyone who struggles to accomplish their goals. This book is different to what I expected and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope my review will encourage you to grab yourself a copy Many thanks to Nina Douglas HQ Stories for inviting me to take part and read this brilliant book.When I saw the book cover, the colours jumped at me straight away and I was requesting to take part and read the book, as I just knew I would enjoy it This story follows the ups and downs of Jess who feels she has reached adulthood and is still lacking directing, throughout we follow her on off relationship with Charlie whilst she is attempting to carve her own successful career.I felt that this story highlights how everyone constantly seeks approval from their peers and those they come into contact with on a daily basis, whilst constantly comparing themselves and their achievements I found this an engrossing read that covers mental health and the constant pressures of today s society.Jess has a friendship group that she has been part of for many years and they play a huge part in this story as they are a significant part of her life The impacts and pressures of the current world around us are portrayed well and make you stop and think about the differences between our friendships in our younger years compared to our children s experiences with friendships as the world and pressures around them keep changing.From the beginning I was routing for Jess to commit to her dream and prove to herself she could do it and that she had nothing to prove to anyone else A brilliant book that I enjoyed and is so relevant and insightful into today s ever changing society. For such a good title and premise, it was poorly written and the plot languished There are some good ideas here, but overall, they were underdeveloped and I think the book needed to be worked through a bit before being published I picked it up because I, like the main character, recently left my corporate career path to pursue creative endeavours, so I thought it would be a fun and encouraging read But in the end, the characters were unrelatable and the story was clich without being well written enough to get away with it. I really enjoyed this book Full review is on my blog Tishylou.blogspot.com This is the debut novel by Louise Leverett and I do have to say I am impressed, it wasn t exactly my kind of reading but I have to give credit where credit s due and say that this has a real quality about it that I had not expected Going by the blurb, I had unoriginally thought that this would be a fun chic lit come coming of age story, but it is a journey of self discovery and shows just how important true friends can be.The main character Jess is in the midst of a life breakdown, a promising, aspiring photographer she is living in the lights and smoke of London on the outside Jess has it all, but inside she is screaming and a dishevelled crying mess who after having her heart broken she has taken to the path of self destruction as she tries to make sense of her life and find her way to her won happiness I will admit that I am in two frames of mind about this, on one hand it is a fascinating look into the life of a twenty something women living the high life in London, a woman who goes as on a self destructive journey which ends in self discovery And one the other hand, I couldn t relate to Jess or the story, I felt that there was something essential missing from it That missing item was relatability, I am a reader that likes to relate in some way to the character s and if I can t like I couldn t here then it does ruin the whole story Which is a shame as, there is a lot of real depth and heart in this But, even though the story didn t quite work for me, it will for many, many other readers out there It s not a light read, there is a real heavy feel to it especially as Jess goes on her self destructive moments Recommanded for those who like the edgier, thought provoking stories. One wouldn t be wrong for thinking, just purely based on the playful and colourful title and cover, that this is a spirited and funny story about life and love It is so much It s literary fiction, it s a work of great depth even though it purports to glide glibly across the surface of emotions, relationships and the meaning of life.It s the story of Jessica as she navigates her discovery of self, after the collapse of her romantic relationship throws her into a self destructive spin The blurb describes how she searches for him in every smoke filled room, in the bottom of every glass and between every sheet I don t think she is I think, without actually realising it, that she is searching for and has always been looking for herself.Whilst reading the voice of the twentysomething of the 21st century I realise just how lucky I was to have lived my younger years in a time before the digital age In a time where human connection was the first priority in building relationships, and especially in romantic relationships Actual face to face interaction, talking, handwritten cards and letters, phone calls on telephones that don t pre warn you of the presence on the other end In a way it must sound incredibly intimate, scary and dangerous to younger generations or bold, brassy and old fashioned.I m not sure if I would want to be a young person, or older one for that matter, who has to try and find someone to love in a world of digital devices, apps and images A world of catfish, photoshopped images and enhanced bios Is there any truth left at all in a century driven by technology, where the human touch is being slowly eradicated by industrial development and robotics In an era where the masses thrive off social media and are influenced by false facts and manipulated by monopolised media outlets.All of that may seem incredibly deep, but then so is this book in my opinion It s literary fiction, women s fiction and it is contemporary fiction Jessica is all of us, Jessica could be Jeff and would still be all of us, because her insights and experiences aren t exclusive At the same time her very personal experience speaks volumes about the struggles women have living in a patriarchal society Expected to bow down to the whims of others in our career, life, relationships and families.This story asks readers to take a step back and slowly cover the image of everyone close to them until nothing remains but the person holding these pages and reading the words Who is it that remains Who are we living for The answer must be for ourselves, the rest and the others should always be secondary Is that selfishness or self preservation Either way it s food for thought I received a courtesy copy