FREE PDF ⚇ Decision Traps: The Ten Barriers to Decision-Making and How to Overcome Them ♌

I read this for a class, Managerial Decision Making, in my MBA program I find the concepts of Decision Traps very intriguing and believe that managers should be educated about these and that the concepts should be incorporated into the decision making process FREE PDF ⚔ Decision Traps: The Ten Barriers to Decision-Making and How to Overcome Them ☨ Two Experts In Business Management Show How To Avoid The Ten Common Pitfalls That Ensanre Decision Makers The Very Latest Research In The Fields Of Business And Psychology Has Been Distilled Into Practical Training Methods That Will Save Readers From Ever Making A Bad Decision Again A well focused book that primarily targets a business audience, but still contains useful summations and analogies on the principles of behavioral economics and cognitive science as they might apply anyone, as well as to managers and other business professionals I felt that the most powerful concepts where those that emphasized metadecision thinking about how decisions are made and having the discipline to seek information that might disconfirm your opinions. This book is back on my shelf after my 3rd re read Excellent book on how to recognize poor decision making, by others and especially by ourselves and what to do about it. Excellent leadership book Mesmo o livro tendo quase 30 anos de sua primeira edi o, suas ideias permanecem atuais at hoje Al m disso, as defini es, conceitos e ferramentas s o, ao mesmo tempo, simples e precisas. skimmed through Good overview of the decision making process Includes some basics from the critical thinking heuristics field and then tries to apply it specifically to making better decisions I thought the most valuable parts of the book related to making decisions in group settings This is an area where I think I need improvement so the book was worth my time The book is a quick read and is not very dense or technical.