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I remember being bored when I read this story as a child, and reading it again now, nothing has really changed for me The Snow Queen starts out interestingly enough, and the imagery throughout is good, but as for the actual storyline It is very long and discursive, and as in many fairy tales, the events seem very random, and the reader tends to lose the main thread It is the sort of story which could make a marvellous stage production, with all its imaginative possibilities, or a film or TV adaptation as indeed it has, many times over the years There are also many beautifully illustrated versions of the tale.The Snow Queen, orSnedronningen , by Hans Christian Andersen, is one of his longest original fairy tales, which was first published in 1844 At its core it is about the struggle between good and evil as experienced by two children, a girl, Gerda and her friend, a boy, Kay It is told in seven parts, or chapters 1 The Mirror and the Splinters2 A Little Boy and a Little Girl3 The Old Woman s Flower Garden4 A Prince and a Princess5 The Little Robber Girl6 The Lapp Woman and the Finn Woman7 What Happened at the Snow Queen s Palace and What Happened After ThatThe first part starts in Hans Christian Andersen s delightfully chatty way,Listen This is the beginning And when we get to the end we shall know than we do now The storyteller tells of an evil troll, calledThe Devil , who made a magic mirror which distorted the appearance of everything it reflected It would never reflect the good and beautiful aspects of people and things, but instead magnify their bad and ugly aspectsThe Devilthinks this is a great joke He is the headmaster at a school for demons, who all decide to carry the mirror into heaven with the idea of making fun of the angels and God, But,the mirror shook and grinned, and grinned and shookuntil eventually all the demons dropped it, and it broke intoa million billion splinters , some no bigger than a grain of sand.These glass splintersblew everywhere, getting into people s eyes, and making them see everything ugly and twisted Some splinters even got into people s hearts and that was awful, because their hearts became like blocks of ice The first part is quite a short chapter, explaining the underlying moral thread which is to run throughout the story The next chapter introduces the two characters, the little boy Kay, and the little girl Gerda They live next door to each other in a large city, in the garrets of buildings which have adjoining roofs They play among the window boxes there, which are full of herbs and roses It was easy to get from Gerda s to Kay s home, just by stepping over the gutters of each building The two become great friends.Kay s grandmother tells them stories about the Snow Queen, who is ruler over thesnow beessnowflakes that look like bees Just as bees have a queen, so do the snow bees So wherever the snowflakes clustered the most, there you would find the Snow Queen Looking out of his frosted window one winter s day, Kay sees the Snow Queen, who beckons to him to come with her Kay is frightened and draws back from the window The days pass and there is a thaw But one day in Spring, something happens,Oh What s that pain in my heart And oh What s that in my eyeEven though the child blinks and thinks it has gone, we can tell from their behaviour that one of the glass splinters from the evil troll,The Devils mirror has become lodged The child becomes cruel and aggressive, and the other cannot understand the change in their friend, who teased them,kicked the window box, and tore off the rose blooms , made fun of the kind grandmother, and did all sorts of horrid things Everything seemed distorted and ugly to this enchanted child now, and the only interesting and beautiful things, are the tiny snowflakes to be seen through a magnifying glass.While Kay and Gerda are playing with their sleds in the snow, the Snow Queen appears as a woman in a white fur coat, driving a curious white sleigh carriage The enchanted child is tempted to go back with the Snow Queen to their palace.If this is all beginning to sound familar to you, perhaps it reminds you of C.S Lewis The first part of this story, with the adjoining garrets and crossing over the rooftops, was very reminiscent of the first or prequel Narnia story,The Magician s NephewAt the beginning of that story, the Victorian children are neighbours in a similar type of building, and this aspect is crucial to the story s plot Then in a similar way, C.S Lewis clearly took his inspiration for the witchJadisQueen of Charn, who called herself theQueen of Narniafrom Hans Christian Andersen s Snow Queen The first meeting between Jadis and one of the children inThe Lion the Witch and the Wardrobeis almost a rerun of Hans Christian Andersen s idea.Just as C.S Lewis s stories are clearly moral allegories, this earlier story is also a tale of good and evil And all the subsequent story follows the child who is under the mirror s spell It involves an evil sorceress, a clever crow, a pair of doves, a Prince and a Princess, a frightening robber girl, and a captive reindeer There is aMirror of Reason , and a Chinese Puzzle There is a beautiful flower garden, an old Finnish woman and an old Lapp woman Throughout, the child is determined to rescue the friend, showing loyalty, great courage and tenacity Eventually the children s adventures are over and the enchantment is dispersed by the power of love Kay and Gerda make their way back to their home, tothe big city , where they find that everything is just the same, except that they themselves have grown through their experiences At the end, the grandmother reads a passage from the Bible,Except ye become as little children, ye shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven , and Kay and Gerda realise that they were saved by their goodness and innocence They will always remain children at heart.This story was originally included in the same book of fairy stories asThe Nightingalewhich was a tribrute to Jenny Lind But in the meantime, Jenny Lind had spurned Hans Christian Andersen s affections The author subsequently and rather unfairly modelled the Snow Queen on what he saw as her icy manner towards him The Snow Queen is a story of high fantasy, and usually included in most anthologies including works by Hans Christian Andersen it is considered one of his greatest stories However it does not really capture my imagination I am extremely glad though, that he inadvertently provided the inspiration for part of C.S Lewis s Narnia Chronicles, which I do enjoy enormously I can t give her any power than she has within her Don t you feel how strong that is Humans and beasts are at her service as she makes her way through the wide world on her two bare feet But she must not learn of her power from us view spoiler It comes from the innocence of her dear child s heart If she can t find her own way into the palace and free little Kay by herself, there s nothing we can do to help hide spoiler view spoiler hide spoiler #FREE PDF Ï Snedronningen ¹ Snedronningen HC Andersen Frste Historie, Der Handler Om Spejlet Og Stumperne Se S Nu Begynder Vi Nr Vi Er Ved Enden Af Historien, Ved Vi Mere, End Vi Nu Ved, For Det Var En Ond Trold Det Var En Af Snedronningen Fortalt Af Dronning Margrethe II Snedronningen Dcoupage Og Fortlling Dronning Margrethe II SnedronningenRussisk Tegnefilm M Dansk Snedronningen Er En Russisk Tegnefilm Fra , Der Efter Sigende Skulle Have Haft Biografpremiere I Danmark IPolitiken,Denne Version Med Stemmer Af Ove Sproge, Anne MarieSnedronningen De Eventyrforbarn SurMusicDcouvrez Snedronningen De Eventyrforbarn SurMusic Coutez De La Musique En Streaming Sans Publicit Ou Achetez Des CDs Et MP Maintenant SurSnedronningen De Allan Hier Sren Christensen MarianneDcouvrez Snedronningen De Allan Hier Sren Christensen Marianne Dollerup SurMusic Coutez De La Musique En Streaming Sans Publicit Ou Achetez Des CDs Et Snedronningen Lsning, Analyse Og Resume Snedronningen Er Et Eventyr Om Brnene, Kay Og Gerda, Der Sendes Ud P Et Af Livets Store Rejser En Dannelsesrejse Fra Barn Til Voksen Snedronningen Symboliserer Denne Overgangsfase, Hvor Brnene Udfordres P Deres Tro Og Personlige Styrker Actu Un Blabla Est N Sur Le Forum CommunautSnedronningen MPjuin C Est Cool Le Fonctionnement De Reddit Quand Mme Tellement Mieux Foutu Que Jvc Angivore MPjuin Reddit Le But Du Site C EstSnedronningenTivoli De Helt Store Flelser Er I Spil Til Nyfortolkningen Af HC Andersens Klassiske Eventyr Snedronningen Venskab Og Mod, Krlighed Og Uskyld Og En Snert Af Djvelskab Snedronningen Wikipedia, Den Frie Encyklopdi Dette Er En Artikel Med En Flertydig Titel Det Vil Sige En Artikel, Der Alt Efter Betydning Henviser Til Andre Artikler Med Det Egentlige Indhold Snedronningen DET KGL TEATER Tidligere Kongelig Solodanser Kenneth Greve Gster Kbenhavn Som Balletmester For Den Finske Nationalballet Med En Familieforestilling Fuld Af Sne, Underjordiske Vsener Og Magi This was one of my favorite stories as a very young child.I hadn t re read this short tale in many many years My thoughts upon rereading Well, it s sentimental than I remembered, and the tone, especially at the beginning, is almost verging on patronizing in the way it addresses the presumably young reader listener As a child, I don t think I picked up on that at all It s also overtly Christian religious than I remembered I ve noticed that about a good number of the 19th century children s tales that I ve re read, George MacDonald for example, and Howard Pyle I think as a kid I just tuned that stuff out, but took it for granted.The imagery still so beautiful The shards of glass, the snowflakes, the roses This is why the story has endured so long It is simply gorgeous As a child, I perceived Andersen s Snow Queen as the same character as Jadis, the White Witch, in CS Lewis The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe As an adult, well, yeah, it is definitely the same character Lewis took her, whole cloth, and her sleigh too.Vivid memory this story was the first time I d ever heard of Lapland, and it seemed like such a fantastic land Interesting to realize that this portrayal of northern Finland was probably much realistic contemporary if remote to children reading the story when it was first published, and people there still did depend on reindeer and travel by sleighThe robber girl How on earth did I ever forget about her Her practical and self interested, but not quite bad character is simply amazing.I ve seen modern criticism of The Snow Queen accusing it of being an apologist tale for domestic abuse, encouraging women to pursue relationships with men who mistreat them It is possible to read the Snow Queen as the homewrecker, and Gerda as the good wife who must faithfully pursue her errant husband, represented by Kay, but I don t think Andersen intended that, or that the story actually is that I think it s likely that Andersen intended another possible reading that of a Christian allegory, where both Gerda and Kay are, at times, led astray and forget what is right Kay due to the shard of glass Gerda due to the witch s enchantment , but eventually find their way back to the Faith redemption and live in innocence and purity However, I personally like the simplest and most direct reading that the story is what it says it is, a narrative of bravery and friendship That the enchantment on Kay is real, and not his fault, and that Gerda s dedication to her quest, and her achievement, is admirable I think that one of Andersen s main intentions here is, clearly, to show women as brave, capable, and self sufficient Throughout the story, they keep appearing First, of course, there s Gerda and her quest to rescue her friend But there s also the childrens grandmothers, who are vivid characters than the childrens parents the witch, who keeps her cottage all on her own the princess, who had no intention of marrying until she met a man who appreciated her intellect the knife wielding bandit girl, whose mother seems to be the leader of the robbers the Lapp woman, who gives Gerda help directions on her quest, to meet a Finnish wise woman Of course, the Snow Queen herself wields her power aloneThe biggest takeaway I believe I had from this story, though, is from the very beginning The imp s twisted mirror which shows everything as ugly and rotten, and its shard of glass that, in someone s eye does the same, took hold for me in the idea that the world is the world, but that how we look at it can be an option We can focus on the mean and the corrupt in all things or we can look for the beauty and the redeeming qualities of the world It is up to us We don t have to see everything as boiled spinach Many thanks to NetGalley and Pushkin for the opportunity to revisit this tale As always, my opinions are solely my own Of course, differences in editions of a classic tale like this largely come down to the illustrations So far, it looks like Japan has a couple of previews of the images from this edition, while other sites don t This is my favorite fairy tale, hands down If I m honest, I m such a huge fan of snow and cold weather The idea of snow becoming personified makes a lot of sense, because winter does seem to have a life of its own I love in Texas, and we don t get much winter, but I grew up with it I miss it so much Reading this book makes me long for a good winter.Along with the evocative imagery of winter, there is a very emotional and spiritual love story Kay and Gerda share a strong emotional bond, but that bond is damaged by Kay s infection with the slivers from the shattered evil mirror His eye and his heart are pricked, and it changes the way he sees the world, and makes his loving heart grow cold towards poor Gerda But Gerda doesn t give up on him When the Snow Queen steals away Kay, she goes searching for him, going on quite an odyssey and meeting some very unusual people along the way But she never gives up on him.The lesson of sacrificial love never gets old That kind of love can melt the fiercest frozen heart and claim back those who are lost I loved rereading this, and the illustrations I had in my version was a lovely adjunct If one has not ever read this book, I highly recommend it It s available as a free ebook as part of Hans Christian Andersen s Fairy Tale collection. This was a nice story I hope to listen to it again in one sitting I think I may have lost some of the story with all of the stopping and starting I did.I still don t feel compelled to watch Frozen after listening to this story. 3.5 StarsThe Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen was a beautiful story I listened to this one on audio while wrapping Christmas presents in front of the fire What great company this little book was Lo he le do en otra edici n, una que acaba de publicar la editorial Edelvives y que no sale en goodreads Debo decir que lo he amado No conoc a la verdadera historia de La reina de las nieves y ha sido fascinante conocerla, y m s en una edici n tan preciosa como he tenido la oportunidad Un cuento m gico que todos deber ais leer, y sin duda, imprescindible para los m s peque os de la casa. 3 stars I picked upThe Snow Queen because I m trying to fit in a few Christmas reads and I got it free from audible The narration was good, but the story was just okay for me I know a lot of people love this story and read it as children this was my first read through It was only about an hour to listen I liked it, but compared to my last holiday audible listen it just missed the mark for me. This is a favourite winter read of my favourite childhood fairy tale The story starts with Kay and Gerda pressing hot pennies against the ice on the inside of their windows to see out and there s a full page illustration of this There is a double page illustration of the snow queen taking Kay away, the sledge pulled by a dapple grey horse accompanied by ice chickens and the world below looking like a scene from a Bruegel painting The chapter of the little robber girl is accompanied by a beautiful picture of Gerda escaping on the reindeer, a part of the story I am always thankful that the poor reindeer escapes At the end of the story there is a scene which captured my imagination as a child, the planks that bridge between Kay and Gerda s attic bedrooms with their window boxes of roses, what child wouldn t love one of these to their friend s house I would be very surprised if there were a nicer version of this story Nicky Raven s retelling is superb and Vladyslav Yerko s illustrations are breath taking, so detailed, inventive, magical and perfect for this story.