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Sammara hasn t had the best luck with love but when she meets Kyle and sparks fly When she learns he wants to share with the three other Rangers she decides to learnabout them What will happen when sparks fly and can these sexy men keep her from danger Fast paced read with plenty of drama and lots of steam I liked it. 3.5 Stars SPOILERS THROUGHOUT I liked this book It started out with a thorough and interesting plot I liked the characters and I was extremely intrigued.Sammara I liked her She was strong and independent, but not overly so to the point of stupidity She could survive by herself, but she could also admit that she wanted company However, there were many times throughout this book that I felt she was stupid and I rolled my eyes atthan a couple of her decisions She let some people take advantage of her and blindly listened to their excuses for why they were doing so This was an extremely annoying aspect of her character.Kyle I immediately liked his character I really enjoyed the way he and Sammara met and I adored their relationship Kyle had a personality that was compelling and I thought he was a really good, stand up guy.Dakota I don t personally feel like his character was flushed out enough All I really know about him is that he is the all American, country boy Besides that, I felt like he wasn t really given any personality I felt like he was one of the most underdeveloped characters.Ryan I felt like Ryan was the most developed out of the male characters There was a large portion of the book that was dedicated to his character development as well as his relationship development with Sammara Ryan started off as an asshole and we see a steady progression of his character Even with all the time spent developing his character though, I didn t connect with him He was an asshole to Sammara because he wanted to be, not because of any legitimate reason Briggs When the book first started, I was really interested in Briggs He was this enigma for the majority of the book and I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for him to show When he finally did, it was extremely anti climactic and nothing like I expected it to be Briggs and Sammara have sex minutes after meeting each other and it felt really cheap Sammara was immediately head over heels for Briggs and there was nothing in the book to show why she would be Their relationship felt insta lovey to the max and I hated it because their relationship had a lot of potential.What I Liked I liked the premise for this book and thought that it was unique I also liked the central message behind it I never really thought about how hard it is for veterans themselves when they come home and what the strain of being deployed does to a family This book showed me that and I thought the foundation of this book was really thought out and it resonated with me I think this quote summarizes it perfectly See, that s the thing about being deployed, said Kyle For you, home is frozen in your mind Everything remains the same But for the people you leave behind Life goes on Things change Feelings change This was the key message behind this book and it makes me really emotional to think about it.What I Didn t Like This book was entirely too long There were many scenes that could have been cut out and I had to force myself to push through them In fact, the last 50 pages or really had no impact on the story and honestly, it felt like the story was being dragged out just to be dragged out I like a thorough plot backstory, but there is such a thing as too thorough which this book certainly was.Overall, I enjoyed this book I think Krista Wolf is a great author and I really think she came up with a unique plot for this book I just think it could have been skimmed down by a hundred pages and it would have been better Or, instead of developing unnecessary plots, she could have developed some of the characters Like Briggs and Dakota and their relationships . Inconsistent but entertaining.No strong character, particularly a female character, has a rando they just met at a bar show up at their place without her telling him where she lived and reacts by having unprotected sex That isn t sexy or kismet it s creepy and should raise every flag possible It was almost enough to kill the entire book for me, as the lead was meant to be independent, confident woman with her life together but given the initial premise was wholly implausible four Special Ops guys openly putting out an ad for a shared girlfriend and not getting brought up charges and keeping their clearance I figured this wouldn t be a realistic view of a poly relationship.But while I as a reader can go with a plotinteresting that plausible, it has to be balanced by believable relationship dynamics, which is where threlaell short for me Everyone falls in love unrealistically fast and despite this unfamiliar and untried relationship, it s all smooth sailing other than three little fights that are due to other things It is reasonable to expect a few stumbles and crossed wires as they figure out how to make everything work As for Sammara she shows hints of strength and character development only to be lost under the guys personalities and appearsas another tie holding the guys together than a equal member of the group They say when and how and she never presses for a say or even for answers IMy other big complaint is the sex scenes If you are going to feature anything other than cut away sex scenes, they kiss, then it s the next morning and it is implied sex has been had you should have a basic understanding of what you have your characters doing If you try anal without adequate lube and preparation, it is going to hurt and only in porn do you see a first timer be double penetrated So unless your characters have a super or preternatural ability, that is something your characters need to work up to and round the clock sex creates tenderness and over sensitivity issues, which ideally, is when the non sexual bonding is show through care and tenderness showing they are in a relationship not just sex.All that being said, this story had a good premise and some good characters I would have really like to see this as a limited series where each character had a focus, building the relationships to her and the group becomingcohesive, as the series progressed and sincerely hopes the author will revisit this story in some way or another be it a rewrite or pre sequels where we can really see Sammara and the guys fleshed out and grow. I ve read a few reverse harems now, and this one is the best of the bunch so far I think it goes without saying that you need to suspend disbelief a little with this trope for those not in the know, reverse harem is one female, three ormales, and they only have sex with her, not each other but there can bethan one man at a time , but if you do, you ll find them enjoyable when done right.Sammara meets Kyle, a hot Army Ranger, at a bar after her blind date doesn t show She s instantly attracted to him, but he s honest with her up front he and his three closest Ranger friends live in a mansion they pooled their money to buy, and they re looking for a wife To share Since their work has them all over the world at any given time, they are not able to cultivate a relationship like a normal person, so they agreed to find one open minded woman to share.Sammara, who runs an interior design business with her friend Dawn, is intrigued by the prospect She agrees to go to the lakeside house and meet the other three guys after she has sex with Kyle When she gets there, Dakota is friendly and warm, but Ryan is cold and wary He suspects she sinterested in the redecoration of the house than she is in being in a serious relationship with them Briggs is on a mission, nowhere to be seen.She imposes a one week no sex rule while she gets to know each one of them She allows kissing, which Kyle shamelessly takes advantage of because she didn t specify where , and they go on dates and do the things couples who are getting to know each other do Meanwhile, Sammara is also dealing with her business partner, who seems to be up to something.Once the week is over, Sammara is having sex with both Kyle and Dakota sometimes alone, sometimes with the both of them at the same time Ryan takes a lot longer to warm up to her, but eventually he comes around and sex with him is completely different.Briggs doesn t show up until much later in the book, because he apparently does special ops for the Rangers, and her sex with him is hottest of all they ve only just met before they re in the shower together Eventually, Sammara realises she loves the arrangement as much as the guys do, and they agree to make it permanent Yes, there is a scene at the end where she s with all four of them at once.What I did like is that the author made Sammara s relationship with each man different, and took the time to build something there If you don t like sex scenes with multiple partners, this book is not for you, but if you want to try a reverse harem, then this is a good one to kick off with. The dream of every woman that likes the idea of having strong men loving her, protecting her and of course, giving her the O s in bed wink In this book, you have four military men wanting one woman to share The idea seems crazy enough but the way they explained it kind of make sense.They are working most of the time, some deployed and some at the base but all of them working They can t find a woman, so far, that stays with them and doesn t leave them when they are away for way too long, so the solution seems to have one woman for the four of them, so at least one is at home with her at night when the others are away.The characters relationships were forming at a steady pace, even when the heroine was not convinced if she should enter this kind of relationship full force, she at least gave it a shot Slowly but surely she went on learning about the men, one by one How they liked their coffee, their favorite meals, their quirks, etc, and they learned hers She didn t just jump into bed with the hot guys, this wasn t that kind of story and I loved that, even when she did sleep with one of them first smiles Could you blame her The plot was interesting enough to keep me hooked It wasn t just the relationship between them, it was her job, their jobs, their lives Like looking into a movie and picking things out from here and there that the reader was able to see read.The only thing I did not like much was the fact that one of the guys got less time in the book than the others I understood why it was done that way but I don t agree completely.I would recommend this book to those that love a good romance novel with multiple partners and military uniforms wink I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Sammara is beautiful, successful and unlucky in love, then she meets Kyle, a Army Ranger, looking for a special kind of girl..WANTED COMMUNITY GIRLFRIEND Four 4 Army Specialists seek one very amazing, very open minded woman for an exclusive relationship arrangement YOU are young, smart, sexy, incredible, and ready to be pampered, spoiled, and treated like an absolute princess WE are four strong warriors and best friends ready to love, share, and protect you on our sprawling lakehouse estate Get all the benefits of being a military wife without any of the heartache or loneliness NO DRAMA NO JEALOUSY NO CRAZINESS NO BULLSHIT Just imagine it four loving partners powerful and passionate sharing you equally, mind, body, and soul LOOKING FOR WIFE MATERIAL LONG TERM ONLY ALSO BETTER BE ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH US Sammara is intrigued but not convinced she is the girl Kyle is looking for He tempts her business side, with the prospect of renovating their Victorian lakeside mansion She falls in love with the house Meets two of her other prospective boyfriends Dakota the hot and massive all American farm boy, and Ryan, the dark and brooding bad boy Agrees to a week trial with an unlimited reno budget for the house She falls fast for Kyle and Dakota Ryan doesn t seem to like her and she isn t sure how to win him over If she can t, then her she will loose Kyle and Dakota She has yet to meet the elusive Briggs Jason She and Ryan come together when she is caught up in a blow back from something Briggs Jason is involved in Samara is convinced to stay It s hard to be a special forces girlfriend, epically when all her men are away Then she meets Briggs when he comes to her rescue He is everything she thought he would be andA fast paced and very steamy, m nage romance with no MM The story spans about a year You don t meet Jason Briggs until the second half of the story Not a insta love, but is an insta lust Samara s relationships with each man grows over time Her and Jason relationship does develop faster, but they have been learning about each other through the other men Jason very good at surveillance Each of the men have distinct personalities and are well defined Sammara is a strong and independent women who is not afraid to go toe to toe with any of her men I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Have added to my library A book I will read again. Great storylineI m not usually a fan of Military Men Army Rangers etc don t do much for me All I think about is the time they are away from home and I get all worked up I could never miss my husband for a long period of time So no, I feel no attraction towards them They are trained yes, wear uniforms, sure but the pro s don t outweigh the cons in my brain, so I fon t usually read military romances.In Quadruple Duty, 4 men have worked out the solution to the deployment problem 1 woman for all of them, to share Sammara, the FMC was flabbergasted at first, but after some consideration she decides to give it a go Overall, this was a pretty enjoyable book The poly aspect really worked in this situation The plot was great, romance, suspense, betrayal, all the ingredients to make this an amazing story are present The only thing I had and this is totally personal a tiny problem with problem might not be the best word for it, but bear with me, English isn t my native language is the fact that there wasn t really a time where they were all bonding together without taking their clothes off I really missed a deeper connection between the guys that wasn t based on their work experiences Sammara comes across as insatiable and it really irks me a little that the relationship between her and ALL the guys isn t explored on aemotional level instead of a mostly physical one Yes, there is some individual bonding with each of the guys, the guys do some binding of their own, but Sammara remains an outsider in those moments For me, a group isthan the sum of its individuals, something that I don t feel after this book is finished But, there s still the next book to see if that angle will be explored. She can have her cakes and eat them, too Sammara s life changed when she ended up meeting someone else at a bar besides her intended date She gets swept up into the arms of not just one but four Army Specialists whose lifestyle and availability as boyfriends just made pure sense for them to look for a single girlfriend unit who could be there for all of them And they think they might have found just found one.When Kyle connects with Sammara on her no show date, he does not waste any time He lays it all on the line for her, and introduces her to twoof his group of brothers in arms soldiers sharing their gorgeous lakefront Victorian house A one week trial period to become acquainted with them and the restoration of the house is all that Sammara demands, once she decides to go for it She is thrilled to be given carte blanche to use her interior design expertise in order to entirely renovate and decorate their whole amazing house to her heart s content and turn it into a place they can call their home The only thing is, Sammara has to decide sooner than later if this is what she was waiting for, an invitation to be a part of this very unconventional arrangement to become a unit with these four potential boyfriends, with their secretive and unscheduled deployments and all Enjoyable storyline and characters Liked how things worked out with regards to Sammara s business partner as ell as her bonding time with Ryan. (Read Book) ñ Quadruple Duty Ý NeededCommunity Girlfriend ForArmy Ranger Specialists At Incredible Lakehouse Estate Wife Material Long Term Only The Ad Was Ridiculous Beyond Ridiculous Yet For Sammara Madsen, Bored In Life And Unlucky In Love The Concept Made Her Stomach Do A Sexy Barrel Roll After A Chance Encounter With A Gorgeous Soldier Reveals The Opportunity Of A Lifetime, Sammara Goes Along Out Of Simple Curiosity Yet When She Falls In Love With The Beautiful Mansion As Well As The Three Other Handsome Rangers Who Live There The Idea Of Being Shared Between Them As Their Girlfriend Doesn T Seem So Outrageous Any Kyle Is The Charming, Sculpted Epitome Of The Perfect Man Dakota, The Beautiful Giant And Quintessential Country Boy Ryan Is The Brooding, Motorcycle Riding Bad Boy Who Shares Sammara S Lonely Past, And Briggs Is The Mysterious Alpha Mercenary, Dark And Enigmatic, With Wounds Only A Lover Could Heal Yet Satisfying The Physical And Emotional Needs Of Four Strapping, Powerful Soldiers Is Not Without Its Share Of Problems Sammara Is Plagued By The Woes Of Her Dying Business And The Four Brothers In Arms Have A Puzzling Secret All Their Own One That Could Easily Put Them And Their Eager New Girlfriend In Mortal Danger Four Army Rangers Sharing The Same Woman, Mind, Body, And Soul The Ultimate Fantasy Becomes Heart Pounding Reality As Sammara Is Taken Into Each Of Their Beds And Hearts One By One, Two On One And Can Sammara Succeed In Fulfilling Her Role To Each Of Her Beautiful New Boyfriends That Of Friend, Lover, And So Much Or Will Sinister Unknown Forces Crush Their BuddingWay Relationship Before It Can Even Begin QUADRUPLE DUTY Is A Sexy, Stand Alone Reverse Harem Military Romance Filled With Humor, Drama, Pulse Pounding Excitement, And Enormous Amounts Of Love It Also Contains Sizzling Hot MFMMM Menage Sex, In Single And Multiple Partner Scenes So Molten They Re Bound To Melt Your Kindle HEA Guaranteed Life in a painted lady Started 30 August 2018 Finished 5 September 2018.Title Life in a painted lady.A unique RH novel one woman four young but not so young military officers Your typical breakdown of four close friends Who are still serving our country, while unraveling a puzzle of their own You have the geek, a couple of general do anything that needs to be done one who can hack yet wasn t in anyone s sight, and the inevitable teddy bear Lest I forget, the stereotypical blonde This time with a brain, who s going to be their girlfriend Ryan, I understand, even though he s just a character in a book His parents abandoned him Drugs were muchimportant than their kid It s harsh to learn how they d rather get high than raise kid s He eventually joined the Army, and continuously pushed himself until he was amongst the best at what he did Okay, in the story, he reconciled with his father and siblings It ll probably work for him, and even though it s a fictional story, I wish him luck Okay she remembered her lessons, except they were incomplete You pick up a gun, you never fire it in the air That wastes rounds, you shoot the target and be done with it Why do authors write about stuff that can cost people their lives It might make for a good story line, except that it bears little resemblance to real life.