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I've seen Philip speak before and it changed the trajectory of my business life. Philip insisted to only accept complete honesty from business partners, and in exchange you need to give completed honesty.

That suggestion allowed me to get rid of some emotional baggage and end a long term business relationship with a partner who was lying to me and holding me back.

A year after seeing Philip speak, after insisting on complete honesty, my business partner ended up betrayed me and cut me off from our income streams.

After that happened, I was able to recover, rebuild and achieve 10X success in my own vs in the partnership.

I saw Philip again in 2018 and brought One Last Talk home. My wife, who has never read a nonfiction book in her life, picked this up randomly and could not put it down.

For some reason she was drawn to this book, and it really touched her. She started developing very healthy and productive habits after reading this book.

She was able to work through some really heavy emotional issues due to health issues that she's been struggling with over the last 5 years.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an impactful and life altering experience.

I've since been able to meet Philip's family, he, his wife and kids are all awesome people. Though I really enjoyed the overall message, this book was very repetitive. Many of the chapters seemed identical. The stories were enjoyable and I liked that they were included! Instead of a book review, I want to share what reading this book gave me. Something tangible. Something it can give you. My own ONE LAST TALK...

From the ages of 17 to 22 I prostituted myself to older men. I charged them money to dominate me and let me perform oral sex on them. I felt like I mattered when I did this for them, like their validation of me and what I was doing was the love I never got as a child.
I felt something…

Growing up I was never allowed to feel or express my emotions. I was a very sad and angry child because my parents neglected me. I tried any which way I could to get their attention and all that got me in return was them yelling at me or sending me to my room. How I felt and acted out was my fault and it was up to me to fix it.

I hated it. I hated myself so much because all I heard was how I continuously put a strain on the family by acting like a “spoiled brat”.

My dad was never at my birthday parties. Or school events. My mom once told me to “go fuck yourself” when I asked her for help on my math homework.

At a certain age I stopped asking my parents to support me at these events because I knew they had more important things to do. Dad had to work so he could put a million dollar roof over my head and mom had to figure out a way to cope with the pain that dad inflicted on her.

Asking them to attend one of my soccer games or dance performances seemed like a burden. These were silly things, sports and social activities. I started to see things as they did, even though I still felt the way my friends did. Deep down I wanted them to want to go to all of them, not just show up and be looking at their watch the whole time, or talking business on the phone, like my dad.

What I’m trying to say is that I never felt worthy of my parents’ love because they liked to pick and choose when they loved me. If I felt angry or sad they rejected me. I became too much for them. And if I was happy or excited I never wanted to share it with them because I feared what they would think. I was deeply afraid that they would judge me for acting my age.

Instead, I started to act their age and treat others the way they treated me. At friends’ birthday parties I was the kid that was too selfconscious to dance and run around with everyone else. When I entered my first serious relationship in high school, I became possessive, jealous, and an asshole. I cared a lot about my then girlfriend but I was ashamed and afraid to own up to that feeling. I feared that she would reject it the way my parents rejected me.

I grew up fast and sloppy.

I grew up thinking that love was unavailable for someone like me.

I grew up amidst a web of secrets and lies.

I found cigarette butts in mom’s toilet even though I’d never seen her smoke a cigarette in my life. I saw my father and a strange woman’s silhouette through the curtain in my bedroom and heard them yell at each other for a half hour. I still don’t know who that woman was. My sister was sent to boarding school around the age of thirteen for something I’m still in the dark about. And sometimes I had to bribe my brother just so he would spend time with me.

I was about as emotionally isolated as a child can be.

And as I grew up, the issues I faced became more and more serious.

First it was drugs and alcohol, to which I said yes almost all of the time. Something to numb the pain, you know?

Second was the complexity of an intimate, monogamous relationship with another person. I didn’t know how to navigate that, so I took from what my parents showed me. If I was upset at her, I avoided physical touch and words of affection. This was how I communicated to her that I was upset. If she hurt me, I made sure to let her know how much she had hurt me, and then proceeded to hurt her twice as much. I cheated on her a number of times, one of them with her best friend, and one of them with a stranger I met through Craigslist.

That was the first time I ever made another man orgasm.

Third, and worst of all, was learning how to be alone—which I am still working on to this day. In high school I learned that I could masturbate on camera for men all around the world. They really liked young boys and I really needed the attention. I probably did this for over one hundred men in the span of four years.

After high school I moved to Southern California to go to college. I made a couple of friends and enjoyed my classes, but when I wasn’t doing that, I fell back on my old habit, only this time I actually met with men instead of doing it all virtually. I searched the personals ads on Craigslist three or four times a week and met with over twenty men in one year, some of them more than once. And I didn’t use protection with a single one.

Then I dropped out of college and moved to Austin. I thought the worst was behind me, but it was only just beginning.

Since moving to Austin I have met with just as many men—if not more. I didn’t use protection with any of them, either. I met and fell in love with two different women and cheated on both of them. I developed addictions to weed and psychedelics at times. I did everything I could to avoid feeling my pain.

But when my most recent relationship ended—the third woman I ever cheated on—I started to feel my emotions differently than I was used to. I knew what mistaken expressions of hurt looked like and where those led me. I was aware that if I repeated the same pattern, I would find myself here again in no time, only the pain would be greater, like it is now.

It took me three months to tell her the truth and break her heart. It took me writing a 70,000 word memoir about my pain to build up enough courage. To rid myself of the shame I have carried my whole life. To work against the voice in my head that wakes me up every morning to tell me that because of the decisions I have made, I am not loved, nor am I worthy of love.

For twentythree years I’ve been chasing my parents’ validation and support. For twentythree years I haven’t gotten it.

When I told my dad I wanted to pursue writing and poker as careers, he made fun of me for it. When I bragged to my mom about a $1,500 dollar scholarship I won for something I wrote in thirty minutes, she changed the subject. When I dropped out of college and told my dad after the fact, all he had to say was: “Well you did it already! What the hell do you want me to say?”

Anytime I experience anger or sadness, it is compounded by this twentythree year pursuit. I am reminded of all that I never got as a child. I am reminded of all the women I’ve hurt because of pain I had yet to process. I am thrown back to age three and that king sized bed I slept on with my parents, as I rolled around in between them, fighting to get their attention, the two of them busy ignoring each other because of pain THEY had yet to process, because they were emotionally unavailable even to themselves.

Today I am still a very angry and sad person. I haven’t come to terms with the fact that these were the cards I was dealt. I resent my parents for a lot of the decisions they made. I resent myself for the same.

But I am also many other things.

I am a leader at my job. I am a friend to men and women in my life. I am someone who no longer wants to live in fear.

And because of that, because I’ve been tied down by shame for so long, I wrote it all down and decided to share it with the world. I turned my pain into meaning for all of the other neglected men and women that don’t feel worthy of love either.

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