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READ PDF ç The Sleep Tight Motel ë A Woman On The Run Finds Refuge In A Motel At The Edge Of The Woods, With Plenty Of Vacancies Check In For The Night With New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa UngerEve Has A Fake ID, A, And A Violent Lover Receding In The Rearview Mirror He Ll Never Find Her At The Isolated Motel, And Its Kindly Manager Is Happy To Ease Her Fears But If Eve Is The Only Guest, Whom Does She Keep Hearing On The Other Side Of The Wall Eve Won T Get A Good Night S Rest Until She Finds Out Lisa Unger S The Sleep Tight Motel Is Part Of Dark Corners , A Collection Of Seven Heart Stopping Short Stories By Bestselling Authors Who Give You So Many New Reasons To Be Afraid Each Story Can Be Read In A Single Sitting Or, If You Have The Nerve, You Can Listen All By Yourself In The Dark Lisa Unger never disappoints me The Sleep Tight Motel is my favorite story in the Dark Corners Collection fromAudible The Collection gathers seven dark, emotional tales from bestselling authors The stories aren t really horror in the true sense, butlike dark looks into human nature and behavior Most of the tales in the collection are dark and psychological, but not really scary This story and Oak Avenue by Brandi Reeds is actuallytypical horror mixed with cautionary tale Loved it Eve is on the run She has escaped her violent, criminal loverbut her ordeal has her on edge and exhausted Her ex is following her.threatening her.coming after her But she can t run any She has to rest Stopping at an isolated motel, Eve is scared but the friendly manager calms her, telling her she is safe But he knows something Eve doesn t The Sleep Tight Motel is the second story in the Dark Corners Collection I listened to the audio book version The audio, narrated by Amy Landon, is just over 1.5 hours Landon reads at a nice pace, building suspense All in all, a great story I wasn t too surprised at the ending.but the suspense and creepy feel of the tale was entertaining.Lisa Unger is the author of several books including The Red Hunter and Beautiful Lies. I loved the motel, Drew and the ending a lot Enjoyable short story from theDark Corners series about a girl Eve Brown with a fake ID, stolen money, and a gun who is on the run with an abusive ex following her and sending her threatening texts She needs a break from driving for so long, so when she sees an isolated motel near the woods called The Sleep Tight Motel she stops for some rest She is told by the owner that she is the only guest staying at the motel So why, during her sleep, is she awakened by screams and noises from the next room This was a very fast and easy to read story 48 pages The characters were interesting I liked the atmosphere of the hotel with the fog rolling in from the woods I also enjoyed the twist at the end, but by that point in the story I sort of saw it coming.This was an entertaining read right in time for Halloween. Thrilled to be part of DARK CORNERS, a collection of chilling stories from fave authors Jennifer McMahon, Joyce Carol Oates, Adam Haslett andWe all love to be afraid of the dark don t we These are some super spooky tales just in time for Halloween Hope you enjoy THE SLEEP TIGHT MOTEL