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There is no voice that I ve read as distinct and iconic as Ellroy s His LA of days past may or may not have existed I don t care I love being there and find it hard to leave This was nearly 600 pages and I wished it was twice that The best novel I ve read this year, hands down. .I met with both the extraordinary Joseph Knox and the legendary James Ellroy last Tuesday 28 May 2019 up in Manchester at what I now call the Mount Olympus Waterstones bookshop. [Download E-pub] ♂ This Storm ♷ From One Of The Great American Writers Of Our Time Los Angeles Times Book Reviewa Brilliant Historical Crime Novel, A Pulse Pounding, As It Happens Narrative That Unfolds In Los Angeles And Mexico In The Wake In Pearl HarborNew Year S Eve , War Has Been Declared And The Japanese Internment Is In Full Swing Los Angeles Is Gripped By War Fever And Racial Hatred Sergeant Dudley Smith Of The Los Angeles Police Department Is Now Army Captain Smith And A Budding War Profiteer He S Shacked Up With Claire De Haven In Baja, Mexico, And Spends His Time Sniffing Out Fifth Column Elements And Hunting Down A Missing Japanese Naval Attach Hideo Ashida Is Cashing LAPD Paychecks And Working In The Crime Lab, But He Knows He Can T Avoid Internment Forever Newly Arrived Navy Lieutenant Joan Conville Winds Up In Jail Accused Of Vehicular Homicide, But Captain William H Parker Squashes The Charges And Puts Her On Ashida S Team Elmer Jackson, Who Is Assigned To The Alien Squad And To Bodyguard Ashida, Begins To Develop An Obsession With Kay Lake, The Unconsummated Object Of Captain Parker S Desire Now, Conville And Ashida Become Obsessed With Finding The Identity Of A Body Discovered In A Mudslide It S A Murder Victim Linked To An Unsolved Gold Heist From , And They Want The Gold And Things Really Heat Up When Two Detectives Are Found Murdered In A Notorious Dope Fiend Hang Out While I liked the patter and the sharp dialogue, there are so very many characters strewn throughout that it was hard to care about any of them The author rapidly changes from scene to scene and character to character, challenging the reader to get to know any of them.I was okay with the seediness Just know that there are no heroes in this book Every last character is involved in something unsavory rounding up Japanese for internment camps, prostitution, drugs, dirty money, etc There are scandalous little asides to the sexual behaviors of movies stars of the time and evenscandalous bits about law enforcement and politicians.Everyone is dirty.This further challenged me when it came to caring about any of them It didn t help that every last one of them was imbued with the casual racism that was prevalent during them time.While I think the author did a masterful job of presenting a dark and dirty LA in one of the darkest and dirtiest times in the world s history, it doesn t make for pleasurable reading.It is, however, a masterful representation of a time and place best left in the past. This should have been could have been brilliant but sadly I think Ellroys L A Confidential days are far behind him Somewhere in this mess of words oh so many words there may be a really good story but this authors ego took over and all I could read see hear was look at me look at me..see what an erudite, cool and hip writer I am And when I say too many words there is no other way to describe this book They are used, overused, misused and they weigh on you They cover up and hide any glimpse of a coherent plot The first few pages of the book included the word gestalt over and over And over again As if the author just liked the way the word looked on paper so he decided to use it I read Perfidia, the start of what will be sadly another Ellroy quartet so I can t say I wasn t warned but hope springs eternal I haven t had to force myself to finish a book in years and at 581 pages it took a lot of force I wish I could find something positive to say about this book but no matter how hard I try nothing springs to mind I guess my gestalt is too unorganized Smiley face emoji. I ve loved much of what Ellroy wrote in his early days, and was dismayed at his over the top 60 s big picture paranoia.The second forties book is a mixed bag, but what tips it into parody is that he s stopped writing about real people some time ago.The characters and their intendants are just a swath of horrible tics and fetishes Shock and grotesqueries abound making everyone a Frankenstein creation wears very thin over such a long book.The plot is a hopeless mess that runs so tangled the reader just concedes and waits to be told the denouement. This Storm by James Elroy is classic noir fiction that transports readers into the turbulent world of World War II Los Angeles, a city gripped by war, pessimism, resignation, and moral ambiguity The sentence structure matches the mood with short sentences,.quick descriptions, and no nonsense conversations Note the tattoo It s there on the right forefinger thumb web It s an SQ circled by snakes Remember Tommy Glennon s tattoo stencil It s flat out just like that Readers are immersed in 1942 Los Angeles, the people, the blackouts, the contentious politics, the uncertainty, the fear, but mostly and the individual stories and the personal tragedies The characters are crude and rude, yet focused and straightforward The conversations are politically incorrect and exceedingly real The story begins when an unusually intense rain and the resulting mud slides unearth a body in Griffith Park Let s go We ve got mud slides in Griffith Park They ve dislodged a body by the golf course Characters pull readers into the narrative, almost talking directly to them, allowing them to eavesdrop on conversations and thoughts, throwing them into turmoil in the midst of regular life in L.A Every detail reinforces the time This Storm is filled with war, domestic spies, counter intelligence, and political misdeeds I received a copy of This Storm from James Elroy and Random House Publishing It is a wild ride from the first page to the last I recommend that you plan your time carefully because once you start This Storm you will not put it down until the end. 4.5 This Storm is the second installment of the Second L.A Quartet, following Perfidia 1941 1942 To paraphrase James Ellroy, it is long, long, looooooong, at 600 pages It s pointless reading This Storm or for that matter Perfidia unless you have read the First L.A Quartet The Black Dahlia , The Big Nowhere , L.A Confidential and White Jazz 1946 1958 or for that matter The Underworld U.S.A Trilogy 1958 1972 American Tabloid , The Cold Six Thousand and Blood s a Rover Ideally readers might wait for Ellroy to complete the third and fourth Second L.A Quartet novels and then read the First Quartet and the Underworld Trilogy However you eventually tackle this masterwork, do read it If anything, This Storm is even better than Perfidia and at the very least is consistantly good and for such a massive undertaking, that is no mean feat.Local jazzcats made him They sniffed grief and gave him dat wiiiiiiiiiiiide berth He magnetized resentment He percolated fear and hate Elmer walked the strip He felt underdressed His squarejohn suit clashed with the full drape zoots Lots of cats and kittens, lots of saucy dash Coloreds, beaners, whites The Dark Continent jumps tonight Highly recommended, if you can tolerate the hip hep alliteration. Elroy has fallen in love with his style at the expense of narrative and coherence, to say nothing of economy That style combines overly mannered fastidiousness and arcane usages with manic bebop hipster wooo wooo This one connects an old gold robbery with war frenzy even as Nazis and Stalinists combine to prepare for the post war world using said gold The plot is impenetrable and incomprehensible with incredible levels of violence albeit recounted in micro detail because no one knows what s going on As a character says near the drawn out ending, This deal has never made sense, and it never will There s too much to it, and it goes back too far Yup Also Orson Welles wasn t fat in 1941, the year of Citizen Kane. I met James Ellroy when purchasing this book at a book signing I was nervous, having heard plenty of stories about his uncouth behavior in public But he was actually quite nice and gracious with his time It seems to me that once he rides out his initial wave of anxiety and gets comfortable in a situation, he s fine Both of us being Lutheran, we joked about the great Martin Luther he of course appreciating Luther s vulgarity towards the Pope.Ellroy makes it clear that he lives in the past He lives a monastic existence of no TV or much external stimuli, save books For him, human history ended in 1972 and World War II is forever going on Don t ask his opinions on Donald Trump and modern politics.All that to say, it is tempting to look at This Storm, which traffics at length in fifth column and saboteur plots, as a screed on current events But that s not Ellroy and it never will be For good and for ill Ellroy is less concerned about what s going on in the present than how the past impacted America.To this extent, he does a decent job His characters frequently mingle with aspiring fascists and Nazi sympathizers Ellroy s books are basically about the horrors you see once you lift the curtain from the American facade and nowhere in our cultural history has that stage beenbeautifully dressed than WWII There are no heroes here everyone s an enemy and everyone s out to screw each other, both in a sexual and non sexual way It s typical Ellroy.But that s also the driving problem with the book I ve read this story so many times, especially in the Underworld USA trilogy Ellroy seems to be trying to fuse that with his LA Quartet with these books But they read like an author who has run out of creative ways to tell this story Bringing back all the old favorites makes the book feel uninspired, unlike say Perfidia, which introduced us to the great Hideo Ashida and gave the anti Japanese sentiment of immediate post Pearl Harbor LA feel real and earned It s impossible to latch onto any of the characters or care much about their circumstances, especially the implacable Dudley Smith, Ellroy s personal Randall Flagg This book isof a mess than most of his and the deeper it goes, the less interested I was.Also, I was disappointed at how poorly Ellroy covered wartime LA Maybe this felt under done because so much of the book was focused in Mexico as well but LA is usually a staple in his books and with few exceptions, this felt like the characters were scampering around in a studio backlot designed to simulate LA.The brilliant dialogue is still there and if it were my first Ellroy, I d see it as a novelty But now eh I was just glad to finish it.