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~DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⚖ The Tradition ⚐ Jericho Brown S Daring New Book The Tradition Details The Normalization Of Evil And Its History At The Intersection Of The Past And The Personal Brown S Poetic Concerns Are Both Broad And Intimate, And At Their Very Core A Distillation Of The Incredibly Human What Is Safety Who Is This Nation Where Does Freedom Truly Lie Brown Makes Mythical Pastorals To Question The Terrors To Which We Ve Become Accustomed, And To Celebrate How We Survive Poems Of Fatherhood, Legacy, Blackness, Queerness, Worship, And Trauma Are Propelled Into Stunning Clarity By Brown S Mastery, And His Invention Of The Duplex A Combination Of The Sonnet, The Ghazal, And The Blues Testament To His Formal Skill The Tradition Is A Cutting And Necessary Collection, Relentless In Its Quest For Survival While Revelling In A Celebration Of Contradiction A varied collection about race and sexuality Wonderful language and structure. The Tradition is a stunning and poignant collection of poems that examine the ache, the grief, the sexuality, the music, and the language of the black body Be it man, woman, lover, or tormentor, these roles are exposed and explored with a sharp and slightly sardonic eye These poems challenge our collective amnesia and complacency with the horrors unleashed upon our communities and our very own bodies the ways in which we fight for autonomy and freedom, the ways in which we lie to ourselves to avoid confronting the violence inflicted by those who were supposed to keep us safe and loved Coupled with the incredible formal and stylistic variety on constant display, The Tradition is a simply a flawlessly written collection of elegiac and lyrical poems that will continually linger in my mind. I first encountered Jericho Brown on a recent episode of On Being, where he discussed his work, his life as a gay, black, HIV positive man, and how he dealt with honesty in his own work specifically around the subject of rape he talks about how he wrote around it until he just couldn t write until he dealt with it directly It s hard to claim favorites in this collection because what Jericho Brown does is speak truths, but they are painful and eviscerating at times What could we want from poetry So, favorites HeroRiddleForeday in the Morning you can hear this one on the On Being podcast linked above Dear Whiteness Poems that examine the personal and the political and how they impact upon each other particularly the political upon the individual Often filled with strongly negative judgments on the self, the poems combine poems of fatherhood, trauma, being gay and all its personal complications as well as the complications of being human and looking for safety and love Brown uses an interesting combination of forms, including sonnets and the ghazal, a form I especially admire and enjoy.These poems are both formally and emotionally interesting and powerful It s a volume I will read again it is too full to read only once. Many of the poems in the first half of this book focus on the political Most in the second dwell on the personal You might like one or the other or both For a sample poem, along with one from a book I read at the same time, American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin, you can go down this rabbit hole.. National Book Award for Poetry Longlist 2019 Brown s poetry has twists that make us think They start off in one direction and within a few short phrases move to weighty issues how the body is vulnerable to infection HIV , physical abuse, racism, and Recommend these lyrical compact poems. This book will turn you inside out. It s getting dificult for me to read poetry because I find a lot of it lingers in very middle of the road territory, which is how I felt this one was Jericho s writing is certainly pretty and I highlighted a lot of impactful lines, but I also found myself skimming some poems that I couldn t quite comprehend, and there wasn t a poem in this collection that I loved start to finish, even though great messages and introspection are sprinkled throughout I don t think this book is quite my taste in poetry, but it was still a nice collection about a black queer man that I enjoyed reading. The Tradition is the third collection of poems by Jericho Brown, an American, Louisiana born, prize winning poet For me it was the first experience with his deeply personal, intimate verses They are rooted in American culture and history, in which black bodies are abused and hated even by their owners Brown writes about the struggle to accept himself, as a black person, as a man, as a gay and about the dissonance between how he sees himself, how he thinks he should feel about himself and how others perceive him Fragility, vulnerability on the one hand and violence and brutality on the other permeate the pages of this collection His black body isn t only his and this cultural and historical concept of owning a body reminds me much of what I studied about collective trauma in my master s programme.As for violence, Brown often admits mistaking violence and abuse for love and desire Then there is Christian religion with its outdated notions of noble suffering, redemption and salvation which do not bring solace There is God, but he she does not comfort or forgive Brown s poems are essentially about discovering yourself, accepting yourself and finding peace with your and collective past They are a brave expression of black, male identity in the making, where old patterns don t fit any but the society is not ready yet to get rid of them Beautiful and painful.