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Alpha hero seems to hold all the cards in this one he s got the earring heroine is looking for, he s got her geologist cousin over a barrel, he s rich and powerful But the reader is reminded that like all earthy treasures and social position, it can come crashing down at any moment Hero knows just how tenuous his position is in the tech world and he really can t believe how much faith the heroine has in her family and in love, etc He has felt the fickleness of fate from an early age, which is why he s so hostile and un trusting These two are opposites in their approach to the world, and it really worked for this story The hero had good reasons for his bad behavior which wasn t that bad a lot of trust issues and heroine kept her ideals even when her family was on the brink of losing everything Heroine really did believe in love and loyalty and she proved it Hero does rescue her family but he does it out of finer feelings that he grew into because of the heroine.Just a nice story Ivy has an excellent spoiler review. Boring book The family theme was prominent and the romance suffered They were talking nonstop about a pair of earrings and I couldn t care less. Rating 4.5I enjoyed this couple and there interaction as well as dialogue Gisella was trying to retrieve an earring of her grandmothers one from a pair She s at an auction to purchase it and finds that tech billionaire Kaine Michaels purchase it plus everything in the house Instant attraction between the two Kaine is using the earring to blackmail Gisella Gisella s cousin faked some mining papers that involved Kaine s business and now his reputation is on the line So Gisella and he will play lovers to pacify and reassure the nervous investors that all is well because they are a couple and no problems exist between the family and he.Gisella has had a loving and family oriented upbringing Kaine has never had the love a family or really knows nothing of love Two strong and beautiful characters who have some major chemistry and beautiful loves scenes It was wonderfull to watch their relationship unfold and fall head over heels in love with each other I would have given this a 5 star but felt that a little too much info and dialogue was decicated about the earring and history. Began with 2 stars, developed in to 3 in the middle and finished with 4. ( Free Kindle ) ♞ A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire ♏ He Ll Make Her Pay Until He Learns Of Her Innocence Self Made Billionaire Kaine Michaels Has Just Given Gisella Drummond, Daughter Of One Of New York S Most Influential Dynasties, A Shocking Ultimatum Use Her Spotless Reputation To Save His Own Or He Ll Ruin Her Family For Betraying Him Kaine Knows Gisella Wants Him, And He Knows How Much Pleasure He Can Give Her But Uncovering Sweet Gisella S Virginity Makes Kaine Want Her For So Much Than Revenge 4.5 Stars What a sweet love story I will writewhen I reread it.Safety CelibateNo CheatingNo OW OM Drama I quite liked this revenge story and loved the MCs Kaine and Gisella They had awesome chemistry I enjoyed the banter and flirty innuendos between them.There s a parallel story going on between Gisella and Kaine and her cousin Rozalia Rozi and Victor Rohan Innocent s Nine Month ScandalI read both books one after the other and although romance in the two books was interspersed with lot of family stuff on the girls side and too much focus on a pair of vintage earrings, both heroes Kaine and Victor, managed to stand out and hold their own I liked Kaine a littlethough He is a self made tech billionaire, who could be really cold and ruthless when he wanted something especially revenge Part of it was because he a loner, raised in foster homes since he was five, but spenttime in juvenile detention than foster homes And, part was him once mistaking sexual infatuation as love that cost him an engagement ring, huge chunk of money and some company secrets So he doesn t trust anyone.Gisella belongs to a rich and influential dynasty of goldsmiths in New York She is an only child Her parents divorced when she was thirteen Her father remarried and was busy with his new family As her mother was a career academic, she grew up in Rozi s house Their mothers were half sisters Rozi s mother was very homely and dedicated to her husband and four children Although they lived from paycheck to paycheck, unlike Gisella s parents who were very rich, they were very loving and warm and Gisella got all her family love from them She loved her parents too and held no grudge against them for not giving her their time.She and Rozi were inseparable Both were of the same age and the only goldsmiths in their generation They worked at the family jewelry store in New York called Barsi on Fifth, which was inherited by their uncle, their mothers only brother They both interned under him and when they were ready to go on their own, he d got each girl to make a ring for the other to suit the wearer s personality and both loved and treasured the ring.They ve been searching for a pair of earrings once owned by their beloved grandmother, Ezti, given to her by her first love, but bad circumstances forced her to sell them Eszti, had fallen in love with a fellow student, Istvan, when she was at uni in Hungary He was part of the student demonstrations during those days He d asked her to marry him and had given her the earrings as an engagement present, but when the demonstrations turned violent he urged her to sell one earring and go to New York promising to follow her, but died before he could follow her and she found herself alone, pregnant and unwed After Gisella s mother was born, Eszti, broke and desperate, decided to sell the second earring, but the goldsmith, a kind, older man offered to marry her They sold the second earring and started Barsi on the Fifth Hearing the story from their GM who had tears when she spoke about the earrings, the two girls are desperate to find the earrings and give it back to her.Now, Gisella discovers that the earring sold in NY was on auction at an estate She goes there to bid for it, but to her dismay she finds the auction has been called off as the entire estate and its contents was bought by Kaine Michaels She catches up with him at the house when he s telling the auction official to put everything in storage and takes only the earring with him She offers to buy it from him, but he refuses She was surprised by his frosty treatment towards her She was a classic beauty and attracted men like honey wherever she went, but had never been vain about it Moreover, despite his frostiness, he managed to stoke sexual awareness between them making her intensely aware of him, which also never happened before to her.After her parents divorce, she and Rozi made a pact that they would not have sex with anyone until they were in love with the man And, she hadn t met any man who tempted her to break her promise until meeting Kaine.When he kisses her, she melts into a puddle and regrets the loss when he pulls back He then tells her he d lock the door and take everything she s offering but will never sell the earring to her He had a beef with her cousin, Benny and to get his attention, he bought the whole estate to get possession of the earring He leaves after telling her to pass on the message to her cousin leaving her feeling foolish, trampled and discarded A week later Rozi tells her that Istvan s grand nephew who lives in Hungary is in possession of the other earring and is planning to buy the matching earring from Kaine She tells Gisella to go to Hungary and buy the earring from Victor and get to know that side of her family In the meantime she ll go to California where Kaine lives and make another attempt to buy back the earring before he sells to Victor Rozi was pretty but she never drew so many men like Gisella did and they had never been rivals for any man, but for the first time in her life Gisella felt oddly threatened by her cousin approaching Kaine However, after his treatment of her, she had made up her mind never to see him again and so agrees to go to Hungary, but Kaine rebuffs Rozi s request to meet him saying You re not the cousin I want to meet Gisella sends Rozi to Hungary and goes to California herself and gatecrashes the party Kaine threw for his employees.Kaine finally tells her Benny had certified mining samples he d sold to Kaine as rare gems, but they turned out to be duds As Barsi on the fifth is highly reputed, the entire investors consortium is blaming Kaine for the fraud An investigation is on, his calls to investors and associates are not being returned and if Benny doesn t show up and clear Kaine s name, along with his reputation he stands to lose a huge amount of money Gisella is confident her cousin wouldn t do such a thing and wouldn t put their family s reputation at stake either, but neither she nor anyone in the family even his father her uncle has heard from him.Kaine wants to rebuild his image and for that he wants her to pose as his latest and smitten lover so that if he s accused of the fraud he wants the message to go out that he was firmly in bed with Barsi family He blackmails her by telling her what he could do to each member of her large family When it came to her beloved family, Gisella would do anything for them and so agrees, but tells Kaine she won t sleep with him Although, Kaine is confident that would change, he doesn t push her.Living with Kaine and hanging out at various places so that they were seen together in public as Kaine wanted and taking him to meet her parents, grandmother and other family members, Gisella is finding it extremely difficult not to succumb to the sexual heat between the two of them Eventually, she gives up the fight However, after their first time together when Kaine discovers she s a virgin he gets angry and asks her if she was holding out for marriage She gets upset and is all set to leave him, but then Rozi calls from Hungary to say she s arrested.Kaine immediately arranges for his lawyer in Hungary to go help Rozi and also arranges for the jet to fly him and Gisella to Hungary In the few hours they were waiting for the plane to be ready he comforts a distraught Gisella with unexpected tenderness Before they can board the flight, Rozi calls to say she s released and it s not required for them to go to Hungary Gisella is however completely over by how Kaine stepped up during a potential disaster and his tenderness Things change for them thereafter, their fake relationship was gettingpersonal and romantic with them doing stuff like going to the beach to watch the sunrise, etc view spoiler However, Benny appears and rains on their parade admitting he did wrong, because he trusted someone and an angry Kaine lets Gisella leave with Benny Things go bad for the family s business and it s about to fold, but the family sticks together Gisella is without a job Eventually, things goes so bad that she goes to pawn the ring Rozi had made for her That s when Kaine who s been miserable without her comes to her, buy backs the ring for her and bails out the family The epilogue is sweet with Gisella having opened her own Barsi at the Bay and making Kaine very happy when she tells him why she can t have champagne hide spoiler Gisella Drummond an her cousin Rozalia are looking for a pair of old valuble earrings that once belong to there grandmother They want to retrieve them for before she dies.Kaine Michaels is a self made billionaire in the Tech industry But Benny Giselle s other cousin has defruaded him So he wants to get even He somehow fines out about the earrings which over ther years have been seperated He gets the one earring at an anction and there he meets Giselle.Kaine blackmails Gisella into pretending to be is girlfriend she moves in with him and they eventually start having sex Kaine is shocked to learn that Gisella is a Virgin They beging to fall in love but Kaine trust no one However all is made well and they get there HEA The story was just not exciting enough for me. My first read of the year was just perfect Kaine and Gisella were the centre of the story but surrounded by mystery and exciting worldwide hunt for two earrings Dani Collins imaginative storytelling was exciting and emotional and suspenseful all at once I loved Gisella and the character that she was and I loved she was so.honedt as bout what she wanted The family theme was present all the way and Rozi s story was sufficiently layered into the connected story and I couldn t put it down Another journey of perfection. Silly and boring