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~FREE PDF ♓ What Extraordinary People Know ♶ What S The Secret To Extraordinary Being Stuck In Mediocrity Sucks It S Easy To Identify The Symptoms Of This Disease In Your Life Are You Chronically Bored Do You Wake Up Knowing Today Is Going To Suck Are You Constantly Fighting Off Feelings Of Emptiness, Exhaustion, And Knowing You Re Wasting Your Life Well, Eff That Every Moment Of Every Day, You Can Choose To Be Extraordinary You Can Choose To Become Someone You Re Incredibly Proud To Be, Who Accomplishes Amazing Goals And Achieves Greatness What Extraordinary People Know Guides You Through How To Be Free Of The Mediocrity Trap Starting With The Inspiration, Tools, And Kick In The Ass You Need To Get Your Life Going In High Gear From Behavioral Change And Personal Growth Expert Anthony Moore As Someone Who Took His Own Life From Ordinary To Extraordinary, Moore Has Created A Three Step Path To Breaking Free Of Mediocrity And Becoming The Hero Of Your Own LifeAre You Ready To Win Game changer This is a quick, fast yet substantial debut from my friend Anthony Moore An inspiration to kick ass in all areas of life. While I don t think there s anything wrong with people who want to be average, I m sure others might be inspired by this book I think I was just the wrong audience for this one. I was looking forward to this book when it came in I just like books that give me new ideas and push me a little firther There was way us vs them mentality that I couldn t get past It s a very one sided one opinion book about what this one guy thinks produces success He sells it like you buying reading the book makes you different from this imaginary large number of people who are living a mediocre life Too much comparison on other people Twyla Tharp s book, The Creative Habit is much my thing or the 7 habits of highly effective people Those books focus on routine, your goals, and how to grow as a person Not how to be better than everyone else.