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!READ PDF ♂ I Wanna Sext You Up (Lets Talk About Sext, #2) ☤ Warning Workplace Flirtation May Cause Side EffectsSuper Geek Physician Saam Sherazi, MD Is Clueless About Anything That Can T Be Learned From A Textbook Most People Assume He S An Intellectual A Hole With A God Complex, But Saam Doesn T Need A Sparkling Bedside Manner To Treat His Patients Besides, He D Rather Not Encourage The Countless Women Who Are Solely Attracted To The Two Little Letters At The End Of His Name Something That S Rubbed Him The Wrong Way Ever Since He Finished Med School But When Lorie Braddock Walks Into Saam S Office, He Finds Himself Wanting To Rub Her All Sorts Of RightAt Twenty Five, Former Beauty Queen Lorie Braddock Is Finally Living Life On Her Terms She S Moved To The Big City, Landed Her Dream Job, And Traded Her Titles And Tiaras For Power Suits And Promotions But While Lorie S Sprinting Up The Corporate Ladder, Her Dating Life Is Guided By One Simple Rule Don T Dip Your Pen In The Company Ink Until Dr Saam Sherazi Starts Invading Her Thoughts And Steaming Up Her Phone With The Kind Of Sexting That Makes Her Want To Rewrite All Her RulesEvie Clarie S Red Hot Romances Can Be Enjoyed Together Or Separately LET S TALK ABOUT SEXT I WANNA SEXT YOU UPThis Ebook Includes An Excerpt From Another Loveswept Title Lorie Braddock is all about job and career, and she doesn t have time for men As a drug rep for a cutting edge insulin product, she calls on Dr Saam Sherazi, a handsome, infuriating young physician who s all business and impossible to read When they both lower their defenses and act on their mutual attraction, Lorie has serious concerns that their relationship will jeopardize both of their professional lives.After reading the first book in this series by this author I was impressed, but with this one she goes on my list of must read authors because this book is even better than the last Saam and Lorie are vivid, endearing, believable characters, and their conflict is refreshingly authentic rather than contrived They easily won me over early on, and I read their story in one sitting, eager to see how things would work out Lorie is a strong, smart professional woman, and her care and compassion for others is admirable And Saam, bless his heart, is geeky and socially awkward, and all the endearing for it With delicious chemistry, lots of tugs at the heartstrings and humor sprinkled throughout, this one easily kept me glued to the page as I devoured Saam and Lorie s story If you re like me and love finding new authors, you ll definitely want to give this one a read It s heartfelt, evocative, funny, fantastic and guaranteed to please I read an early edition of this book freely and voluntarily, having made no commitment to provide feedback and receiving no compensation of any kind from any source. Rating 2.5 5 Stars Title I Wanna Sext You UpAuthor s Evie ClaireCharacter s Lorie Braddock Blonde Saam Sherazi Blue EyedSetting Atlanta GeorgiaTag s Romance, ContemporaryContent Rating PG 13POV Third PersonSmexy Level SubtleFavorite Quote s N AOverall Opinion I Wanna Sext You Up was a cute read but wasn t up to my taste The plot just seem mediocre, the relationship between Lorie and Saam lacked real chemistry and overall this a dull read, in my opinion anyway Whenever I find myself skimming through chapters I know then the book is not the right fit for me Despite my lack of interest in the read, the story seems promising and so some readers may find it enjoyable Sadly this read just wasn t my cup and tea but will highly encourage others romance readers to give it a chance. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads, so here is my review.Lorie Braddock is a former beauty queen trying to make her way as a drug sales rep She has to talk to doctors about the company she works for and the drug they make Sometimes it helps if the doctor will write a prescription or two This will help Lorie look good to her boss and maybe help her team in the long run.Dr Saam Sherazi is fresh out of medical school and is focused on one thing, doing his job and doing it well He wants to start doing research on juvenal diabetes If he can get money to help with the research, it would make things so much better He doesn t let all the drug sales reps into his office, they only waste his time Only Lorie pushes her way in with his favorite latte There is sizzling chemistry between them that neither can deny When they end up at a diabetes camp together, the sizzle turns into a full blown fire But when the weekend is over, Lorie begins to thing her job may be in jeopardy Can Saam and Lorie make a relationship work in secret Will Lorie lose her job if her boss finds out Will Saam ends things because he isn t going to try to convince her they belong together I really liked this story and found that I couldn t put it down once I started reading it The way Saam was with Lorie was almost perfect This is the second book in this series and I can t wait to see what the next one is about. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review I chose this book because of the cute title I was prepared for something light and flirty with lots of texting But this book was a very serious story I don t feel like this lighthearted title belongs on this story For me, the story felt weighted down There was a lot of focus on the dr s abruptness and lack of social awareness but it felt like that was thrown at me, not shown to me Neither character was relatable and there were several things that felt tossed ion as an after thought The ending was abrupt and just not satisfying This book was definitely not for me and I can t see myself seeking out other books by this author. I m not entirely sure what I didn t love about this book but it didn t quite work for me Part of the problem is that the blurb, title, and cover all implied I d be getting a lighthearted, fun, sexy romp of a book But the actual story was quite a bit complicated than that and while I wholeheartedly enjoy complicated, plot driven stories, I think there was a real disconnect here between the story that was marketed vs the story that was actually written I also found the characters to be a little one dimensional and cliched There were issues with the pacing and there was a whole lot of telling vs showing Overall, the premise was very good, I just wish the author delved into the complexities of a woman in the position Lorie found herself in, having to create serious boundaries between her professional and personal lives, when the two became a little to intertwined But because there was also the lighthearted sexting aspect, it kind of took away from the serious aspects of the plot and didn t leave much room, if any, for character development I think my real problem with this book is that it couldn t decide what it wanted to be a sexy, fluffy, romp of a romance or a serious, topical, issue oriented one And sadly, it did neither one all that well Arc received from publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Es el primer libro que leo de esta autora Lo que m s me llam la atenci n es el ritmo desigual del relato te aburre y te engancha, te aburre y te engancha Sin duda lo mejor fue cuando intercambiaron celulares sin querer.El final con el pasaje de avi n y el mensaje de texto me pareci confuso, poco satisfactorio y apurado Fuera de esas cosas, estuvo bien. This title is the silliest, and doesn t really indicate much at all about the book, which is really cute kind of hot Lorrie and Saam are just trying to figure stuff out and have some set backs along the way Secret relationship stories are always kind of fun and angsty and this one isn t without either of those I also loved the focus on the medical field here It was definitely a story I hadn t read before I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is the second book in the series, but I read it as a standalone with no problem I didn t really think that the sexting was the main focus of the story, in fact it came rather out of left field for me but I did think that the romance itself had merit I am not entirely convinced that Saam would have taken that direction professionally at the end, but there was some logic in his choice It certainly resolved the professional ethics questions that he and most particularly Lori suffered with throughout Her behaviour was possibly the most difficult to understand, in spite of the fact that Saam is the socially awkward one I fear that I didn t really get a handle on either of them as people, which meant that I had less investment than I might have done Funnily enough Liza is the one who I could describe most closely I have to confess that the issue of medical sales is one which I found interesting, and a good reminder of how big business has far influence on our lives than we would like to imagine 3 starsFirst things, this book made me look at pharmaceutical sales in a whole different and not so good way The characters were ok, I like the dr He seemed to be what doctors should be like in real life Lorie, was a little harder to like as the story progressed.