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I started reading this book ages ago but had to return it to the library or risk having my card revoked In order to finish it I had to borrow it again a few weeks later when I got a chance and so I feel as though I ve lost some of my reviewing power in the process What I know is that I liked it This is a book by a writer and a mother, rather than a teacher with a classroom It s about the desire to preserve the natural imagination her son has even in the face of 6th grade adversity, during a school year where he was fragile and not as appreciated in the classroom as he was at home Of course the story of her son and his imagination spans many years beginning with the first sparks of his interest in independent reading and ending well beyond the 6th grade year.And I love the stories of the summer workshops The glimpses into their activities The descriptions of the books they read and the discussions they have Kephart arranges a book club writing group for her son and some of his peers in the summers and it sounds like a dream It reminded me a little of Marci s children and their attempts at adapting a Magic Tree House story into a play last summer with their pal Juliet.When the story ends Jeremy is 14 and is experimenting with film and animation Throughout the book, I am struck by how willing he is to try things How focused he is on various writing, drawing, screenwriting, spy story ventures Most kids would be interested for about 30 seconds and as soon as the parent invests in the various tools to bring the young man s ideas to light, he would decide that he s interested in baseball or dinosaurs But not this kiddo He s solitary is it because he s an only and driven Focused than most adults and dedicated to the various crafts he undertakes.Kephart makes me want to be a parent, when so often stories of parenting push me in the other direction She makes me believe that one can make life and learning and story and creativity really sing in the midst of the busyness of day to day life I might need to invest a copy for myself and reread this one again soon. [[ Free E-pub ]] ⇨ Seeing Past Z: Nurturing the Imagination in a Fast-Forward World ⇨ Kids Today Seem To Be Under Competitive Pressure Than Ever, While Studies Show That Reading, Writing, And The Arts In Schools Are Suffering Is There Any Place For Imagination In Kids Lives Any In A Dog Eat Dog World, Why Dream Things That Aren T There In Gorgeous Prose And Through Personal Stories, Beth Kephart Resoundingly Affirms The Imagination As The Heart Of Our Ability To Empathize With Others, To Appreciate The World, And To Envision Possibilities For The Future The Star Of Her Story Is Once Again Her Son, Jeremy As In Her National Book Award Nominated A Slant Of Sun , Now Fourteen Years Old A Child Who At First Resists Storytelling, Preferring Objective And Orderly Pursuits, But Later Leads A Neighborhood Book Club Writing Group And Aspires To Follow Steven Spielberg Into MoviemakingEmbedded In The Text And Appendices Are Examples Of How To Inspire Children To Read, Write, And Dream Seeing Past Z Nurturing the Imagination in a Fast Forward World by Beth Kephart could be considered a case study for the power of imagination The imagination is an important part of brain function, for creativity lives inside Creativity adds to culture and is vital to society In a global world filled with competition, exercising the imagination can be forgotten Yet it is a necessary part of life especially for children Kephart builds a case, example by example throughout the book, for the importance of time for imagination in children s lives Children as well as adults need time to themselves to support a healthy lifestyle Kephart also offers suggestions to help others be able to assist children in exercising this important muscle A truly inspiring book. Not what I expected, but still worthwhile I had expected a practical book with examples and advice on fostering strong imagination in children What I got instead was of a memoir of the author s time with her son, teaching him how to appreciate the written word in all its forms There are good ideas in here, and the appendix gives some practical ideas on how to encourage critical reading and writing in middle schoolers through high schoolers.Anyway, a good read. I am only about 20 pages in and am remembering now why I love Beth Kephart s writing so much I loved A Slant of Sun and Into the Tangle of Friendship ask me about that one Beth is a neighbor and the daughter of a member of our church I am relishing the messages in this book already The closing sentence of each of the first few chapters carry great weight More later as I continue reading. Kephart, author of an award winning memoir trilogy and the National Book Award nominee, A Slant of Sun also starring Jeremy , is no typical mother And Seeing Past Z is no routine child rearing book What distinguishes it from all the other how to books on the shelf is its gorgeous depiction of the relationship between a mother and child My favorite memoirist continues her story of mothering her unique son, this time in seeing past z, helping him to develop his imagination Includes lesson plans that she used with him his friends for four different levels. Amazing book Worth the read for parents and literature buffs It is the incredible tale of one woman s fight to raise her son with imagination and a love of reading rather than cave into our competitive crazed, consumer driven society. I loved this book Kephart writes beautifully, and it was lovely to read about Jeremy again so much older and grown up in these stories, and just as delightful as he was as a young child in Kephart s earlier memoir, A Slant of Sun. Excellent premise but a bit of a disappointing execution Nonetheless, an important read for parents and teachers interested in cultivating curious readers.