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After thinking on this one overnight, I do believe the less I say here the better for you, future reader I would recommend throwing caution to the wind and just diving in when you re in need of a dark and gritty psychological thriller At times, the plot gave off a similar vibe to JP Delaney s Believe Me, yet I feel that this novel focuses on the drama and slow building disintegration of the character s relationships, which gave a feeling of creeping dread until the explosive final page I ll end here, but if you are interested in a suspenseful novel that isn t hinged on solving a mystery, put this on your summer TBRThanks to the publisher for providing my review copy via NetGalley. WOW this is an EPIC read for the psychological thriller genre I have never experienced a plot LIKE this The summary of this book doesn t even remotely come close to giving the book justice This was sexual, HOT, and psychological manipulation at it s finest This book was initially a little hard for me to get into and was a bit slow I was thinking ok these characters are crazy and this book is boring But, MAN was I completely wrong Layne Fargo you re a psychological thriller GOD.ONE of my top favorites for 2019 What a stellar debut that you don t want to miss I can t wait to see what Fargo has up her dark sleeve next Dark, sexy, hot, sexy did I say sexy What a book 4.5 stars.Thank you so much to Gallery Scout Press and Netgalley for the arc in exchange for an honest review. Wowza Sensual, enthralling, edgy Okay, there was definitely something about LAYNE FARGO S writing style that totally sucked me in The narrative was so seductive that I was totally entranced with what I was reading and could not put this book down I am actually quite surprised with how much I enjoyed this book because I don t normally do too well with some of the content that this book had to offer but I was just as obsessed with finding out what was going on here as these characters were And that is all I m going to say about that LOL TEMPER by LAYNE FARGO is a riveting, suspenseful, brisk, and dark psychological thriller that was absolutely unputdownable It s a storyline that appears to be the same old, same old but let me tell you there isn t anything even remotely similar here to anything that I have ever read before Once I started reading it I was hooked and so absorbed in this juicy storyline that I was flipping those pages as fast as I possibly could LAYNE FARGO delivers quite the impressive, clever, tension filled and well written read here that is told in short alternating chapters between the perspectives of our two main characters, Kira and Joanna The author excels in holding you in its grasp with all the character manipulation and foreboding going on here I was super curious every step of the way and these characters definitely made this quite the entertaining and immersive read for me Norma s Stats Cover The cover of this book is just as sensual as the book It has this velvety soft feel to it that is absolutely irresistible I was a little proud carrying around this book LOL Title Clever, suspenseful, intriguing and a fabulous representation to storyline I love the title of this book So good Writing Prose Well written, seductive, steamy, captivating, alluring, enthralling, and readable.Plot Clever, intriguing, dark, intense, seductive, alluring, steamy, suspenseful, riveting, fast paced, absorbing, enjoyable and entertaining An absolutely fabulous storyline There is a little bit of explicit sexual content as well as some profanity Ending A fabulous and explosive resolution that was a little bit expected but still left me feeling elated and totally satiated Loved it Overall 4.5 Stars It was such an irresistible, enjoyable, fun and entertaining book to read I thoroughly enjoyed the reading experience Would definitely recommend Thank you so much to Simon Schuster Canada and Layne Fargo for my complimentary copy It was quite the memorable reading experience Review can also be found on our Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading book blog WOWThis book is a monumental achievement in the dark psychological genre I have never read a book with even the slightest of plot similarities to this one Honestly, the description does not do this book justice but I can understand why That is because you cannot possibly describe the foreboding atmosphere and psychological manipulation created in this story.This book moves at an unhurried pace as it slowly and methodically envelops the reader in it s shadows and it is devine Layne Fargo is an exceptional writer that has produced an edgy, compelling and sumptuously sensual narrative If this weren t her debut novel I would immediately start on another of her works.Sure to be among my 2019 favs.I cannot conclude this review without mentioning the cover of this book Digital pictures come nowhere near capturing this image It s like having an acid trip while walking through a carnival house of mirrors.Even the paper the cover is printed on is sublime I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway All opinions are my own. I think my skin was crawling with tension throughout this dark, dry tale Two women, both ambitious, both attracted to a sadistic, domineering actor, both driven beyond their boundaries and both on a collision course of destruction.Twisted, brutal emotionally for the characters and filled with deceit and manipulation, there wasn t really a developed character that I liked, but I give kudos to Layne Fargo who wrote in bold strokes to bring forth a tale one will not soon forget.TEMPER by Layne Fargo had me unsettled throughout and after struggling to get through the first half of the book, it opens up into a full throttle, jagged edged thriller that made my head spin, a total love hate read for me I found myself wondering How far would you go to achieve your personal dreams Would you forsake your very soul I received a complimentary ARC edition from Gallery Scout Press Publisher Gallery Scout Press July 2, 2019 Publication Date July 2, 2019Genre Psychological ThrillerPrint Length 352 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Book News, follow Temper is a very quick read, that you should totally go in blind You know I enjoy blubbering about the synopsis, but this time you need to just know that it s a distant relative to ML Rio s If We Were Villains Kira is a struggling actor, and her personal life is just as crazy as her trying to break into the theater world Kira auditions for a role and meets director Malcolm Mercer Malcolm has a reputation for being extremely cruel to his actors, and also has a personal reputation for being a womanizer Kira believes she can overcome Malcolm s advances and make her new gig the best part she s ever had The theatre s co founder, Joanna Cuyler is not impressed by Kira and her acting ability She believes that Kira is using her sexuality to advance her career and is lacking in the drive and talent department Will Kira be able to make this part the best job she s ever had Will her own insecurities get the best of her Temper is definitely a story that I wasn t expecting It s not as suspense driven as I thought it would be, but it s definitely a good character study We really dive into themes of sexuality, power, and manipulation and the story is a juicy quick read for you to enjoy I really loved how the author handled sexuality and orientation in this story, and I d like to read novels that follow this nonchalance about it I wish it had of a thriller element to the story, but it really should be looked at as a drama If you go into Temper knowing that, you ll definitely enjoy it It seems incongruous that a book can be this good when all the characters are this unlikable well, maybe with one exception But when I had several chapters to go at the time we left for a three day vacation with friends at the Marblehead area of Lake Erie, I stuffed my Kindle in my suitcase I would, I vowed, make time to finish it And I did the very first night.Short chapters that shift among character perspectives helped hold my attention on every single page But it was the characters, all of whom I would classify as seriously screwed up, that really reeled me in Even though I was certain how the book would end and I was right the way the story and characters evolved for better or worse made me wish I could have holed up and read the whole thing in one setting.Kira Rascher, an aging actress who s been hoping for a juicy role for years for whatever reason, Cassie from A Chorus Line came to mind , finally gets her wish as notoriously nitpicky director Malcolm Mercer chooses her for the lead in Temper The play is the latest venture at the theater founded by Joanna Cuyler, who doesn t think Kira is right for the part Malcolm s relationship with Joanna is complicated, to say the least they live together but, despite Joanna s wishful thinking, are a platonic couple.Kira, too, has a complicated relationship think friends with benefits with her apartment mate, Spence, who makes a living staging realistic, but accident free, fight scenes for theatrical productions For the two person cast of Temper, he s staging the final scenes between Trent and Mara, the characters played by Malcom and Kira As rehearsals begin, Malcolm lives up to his take no prisoners reputation, challenging everyone involved in the production to their near breaking points He sets his most psychologically destructive sights on Kira, who knows exactly what he s doing but is sure she can out psych him and deliver the performance of her life.But can she Aye, there s the rub In fact, given this mixed up bunch, whether there will be any survivors at curtain call is anyone s guess Thoroughly engrossing and fast paced with no shortage of graphic sexual situations and explicit language, I note for those who eschew such things Thanks to the publisher, via NetGalley, for allowing me to read and review an advance copy. Yes, Yes, Yes Here is my official blurb What I loved MOST is that you have to read every single word or you will miss a plot twist And that forces you to leave your own world behind, which is why we read books.Temper is raw, ingenious and utterly fearless I devoured every word as the story bent and twisted in ways I did not see coming Layne Fargo delivers psychological suspense at its very best without tricks or misdirections, just brilliant story telling and profoundly astute observations about human emotions and relationships Temper is the real deal. (Pdf) ä Temper ⚡ For Fans Of The High Stakes Tension Of The New York Times Bestsellers Luckiest Girl Alive And The Lying Game, A Razor Sharp Page Turner About Female Ambition And What Happens When Fake Violence Draws Real Blood After Years Of Struggling In The Chicago Theater Scene, Ambitious Actress Kira Rascher Finally Lands The Role Of A Lifetime The Catch Starring In Temper Means Working With Malcolm Mercer, A Mercurial Director Who S Known For Pushing His Performers Past Their Limits Onstage And OffKira S Convinced She Can Handle Malcolm, But The Theater S Cofounder Joanna Cuyler Is Another Story Joanna Sees Kira As A Threat To Her Own Thwarted Artistic Aspirations, Her Twisted Relationship With Malcolm, And The Shocking Secret She S Keeping About The Upcoming Production But As Opening Night Draws Near, Kira And Joanna Both Start To Realize That Malcolm S Dangerous Extremes Are Nothing Compared To What They Re Capable Of Themselves An Edgy, Addictive, And Fiendishly Clever Tale Of Ambition, Deceit, And Power, Temper Is A Timely, Heart In Your Throat Psychological Thriller That Will Leave You Breathless