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Interesting concept but I was slightly disappointed This book is basically just a collection of exercises to learn how to pay attention However, a lot of the excercises are very art oriented and some are just plain odd Talk to a rock Smell flowers Write inventory Surely there are other ways how to learn to pay attention withou looking or feeling like a crazy person I also thought book of this kind would work better as a workbook with sections to fill in rather than a plain collection of exercises. It s a bit of a strange thing to write a review before I ve read every word of a book, but in this case I think that it s okay I think that it s okay because this book is so practical that you ll probably put it down almost immediately a strange endorsement for a book, admittedly I started to read it on my morning commute and by the 7th page had already decided to put it away and start noticing things Currently, I m exploring my city for numbers, taking photographs of numbers as they reveal themselves in the urban landscape I often facilitate group discussions and strategy sessions I ll return to this book often when looking for ways to quickly introduce people the joy of applying a lens and looking for patterns. Free E-pub ♌ The Art of Noticing ♳ Notice , And Notice Joy In The EverydayDistracted Overwhelmed Feel Like Your Attention Is Constantly Being Pulled In Different Directions Learn How To Steal It BackAccessible And Inspiring, This Book Features Surprising And Innovative Exercises To Help You Tune Out White Noise, Get Unstuck From Your Screen And Manage Daily DistractionsMake Small Yet Impactful Changes And Bring Focus To The Things And People That Are Most Important To You This was a delightful as well as educating read focusing on the concepts of attention and concentration The writer, Rob Walker, offers 131 concentration observation examples, or as Walker puts it 131 opportunities for joyous exploration in all its dimensions, that one can practice in his everyday life He writes Paying attention is the only thing that guarantees insight, it is the only weapon we have against power Apart from that, there is an interesting introduction where Walker analyzes the notion of paying attention and its vital importance for human beings There is a number of references on other, academics or not, writers whose work on the subject help the readers to understand what is the point of the art of noticing.One can see The Art of Noticing as a useful guide for all who wish to take another step in the direction of mindfulness and enhancing conscientiousness Some of the concentration exercises, or thought experiments as Walker defines them, are really challenging and intriguing Personally I can t wait to follow some of the most stimulating ones and I firmly believe that they will prove to be truly helpful The number one enemy for a keen observer is distraction which can take many forms, especially today in an age where the subject is exposed to an overwhelming amount of information through the web and mass media If you are zealous supporter of self improvement and you are interested on new ways of strengthening your mind, this is definitely the most pertinent book which, further, offers many references for those who are fascinated and want to delve deeper into the subject Finally, I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for providing a free ARC of this title. So the question is, are those 131 exercises really surprising and innovative Can I envisage myself taking part in any of them, or a close alternative that would be a better fit for my own lifestyle and personality The answer to the first question is yes All the exercises are slightly off the wall and unusual, requiring a shift from everyday thinking to the extent that some of them are used to help art students hone an alternative, original view of the world Some of my favourites include the one inspired by writer Paul Lukas, who likes to discover the backstory of everyday objects in an activity he calls inconspicuous consumption , by asking how did it get that way I also like the exercise Brian Rea uses of making lists of immaterial things such as the things he is worried about, memorable moments during a dinner party, the bars he visited when living in Stockholm None of the above remotely appeal, but I m attracted to the idea of making a list of the flowers blooming in my garden, along with the date when they first appeared, for instance Another exercise I particularly like is making a glossary of unfamiliar vocabulary that exist within a specific expertise, by asking people for terms within their work life that don t regularly come up in everyday usage.There were a number of exercises that left me cold one was to record a couple of minutes of activity on your smartphone and write a poem, or description of it, after viewing it repeatedly to ensure you absorb all the minutest details I m not saying there is anything wrong with it, it just didn t appeal.What I appreciate is that Walker has taken pains to spread these exercises across the widest spectrum of interests and sensory input There are exercises that appeal to our visual senses like the above, for instance There are exercises involving sound mapping the surrounding environment, with some ingenious variations exercises involving drawing or painting and using modern technology to make short films of the day objects you touch every day In short, whoever you are and whatever your particular strengths and inclination, I think you ll find something in this book that you could use or adapt And that was something else I really like there is no sense in which Walker is at all dogmatic about any of the suggested exercises He frequently suggests variations and at the end of the book actively encourages his readers to find different ways to put this approach in place.These exercises are all designed to help us reset ourselves within our environment, so that we focus on the immediacy of existing in the way we ve done for millennia the way we re designed to do I will be campaigning for the hard copy edition of this book for my upcoming birthday, as the ebook isn t a particularly friendly medium for browsing and flipping back and forth Highly recommended for anyone who wants to reconnect with their surroundings in any way.10 10 Desde hace unos veintiocho a os he sido se alado por mi falta de atenci n 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Smith Destroza este diario y Austin Kleon roba como un artista Particularmente todos los booktubers que siguen haciendo Document your Life lo encontrar n valioso.Y bueno, aprovech para leer este libro en una excursi n en autob s a un parque nacional en el Caribe Lo verdaderamente maravilloso es que cuando uno va en un tren o en un cami n o similares y conexas uno tiene ese chance de ver el mundo a trav s del cristal como si se tratase de un escenario, donde los cuadros cambian continuamente Entonces mientras le a el libro aprovechaba a mirar por la ventana y darme cuenta de las cosas que ten a ante mis ojos sto es algo de lo que me di cuenta Una casa antigua pintada de blanco, con un ojo negro pintado en la fachada A qui n se le ocurri Se trata de una galer a de arte Una casa antigua con almenas en la fachada En qu estaban pensando los due os al ordenar ese tipo de arquitectura neog tica en San Jos En el gigantesco parque nacional de bosque lluvioso, en la vertiente del pac fico los 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como un aire acondicionado un contenedor refrigerado Qu tan verdes llegan los pl tanos a su destino Un hombre sentado en su motocicleta, con un brazo cruzado y la otra mano un perico C mo se llama el perico Desde cu ndo lo tiene El cementerio de Lim n Una tumba que dice El dolor no es capaz de apacar sic la esperanza Qui n fue el ser amado que le escribi esa bonita frase al difunto Cu l es su historia Las tumbas de la Colonia China Qu los trajo aqu Cu ntos se quedaron Habr n sido como los trabajadores que cuenta Ken Liu en el Zoo de Papel Big fan of this one already added it to my cart so I can have a copy on hand whenever I need a creative boost It s chock full of exercises from easy to advanced to help you really keep your eyes open, fuel your creative fire, and stay inspired, and I looooved it I already put a few into action and felt super validated by some I already do and found them so helpful and motivating. I love art assignments or prompts that encourage tangential looking thinking, so this book was squarely in my wheelhouse I love that you can read it straight through or cut to a page and read a passage or two There are fun, thoughtful prompts that I believe would serve a lot of people some good. This might be a useful book for teachers to use with students who need to hone their observational, or mindfulness, skills Art students, perhaps For the rest of us, there are some good ideas but I didn t find anything particularly original Take time to smell the flowers, listen to birdsong, absorb your surroundings All good advice, if not groundbreaking.With thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Random House Ebury Press for a review copy. The Art of Noticing is essentially another mindfulness reference guide but it approaches how we become mindful in relatively innovative new ways and these are compiled in the book as 131 different exercises Each exercise aims to make the reader consciously aware and to help them notice about life that may usually pass them by They are graded by level of difficulty from easy right through to advanced Mr Walker emphasises the need to pay attention to the world around us and to firmly plant ourselves in the present This is an interesting book and you can tell a lot of work and research went into producing it Recommended to those who are seeking new and diverse ways to achieve mindfulness Many thanks to Ebury Press for an ARC.