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I liked the idea of Wolves working as Cowboys as I was very intrigued as to how the livestock would deal with these predators around them Well we are introduced to Colt who realises that the Vampires are hunting on his Packs land Unknown to the dangerously efficient Colt though is the fact that a Rogue female is close by and about to attempt to steal his horse Belle is on the run and has good reason to fear Colt but oddly doesn t Oh yes Belle knows he is a danger to her but there s no denying their chemistry and Colt might have his own rules but Belle is just the woman to challenge every one of them This story had everything I expected from this author, alpha male and strong female to really throw him off balance I loved the quirky horse that brought Colt and Belle together as it added humour If I m honest although there is action and danger here it wasn t a huge part of the overall plot No that came down to Colt facing his past and embracing his future There s a slight tease near the end of a Rogue who will surely make his appearance felt soon but for now it s all about Colt and Belle and the constant snark that clearly keeps their relationship steaming along This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair (((READ E-PUB))) ☔ Cowboy in Wolfs Clothing (Seven Range Shifters #2) ☠ Kait Ballenger Is A Treasure You Don T Want To Miss Gena Showalter, New York Times Bestselling Author Born A Cowboy And Bred A Warrior High Commander Colt Cavanaugh Has Spent His Life Defending His Pack And Its Sprawling Ranchlands But The Hardened Grey Wolf Soldier Has A Dark Secret That Could Destroy His Life Forever Belle Beaumont Is A Wanted Woman, On The Run From The Wolf Pack That Kidnapped Her When Fate Brings Her Face To Face With The Grey Wolf High Commander Himself, Rivalry Becomes Passion, And Suddenly Than Just Her Freedom Is At StakeColt Will Fight To The Death For The Healing Belle Brings To His Battle Worn Heart And For This Cowboy Wolf, All S Fair In Love And WarSeven Range Shifters Series Cowboy Wolf Trouble Book Cowboy In Wolf S Clothing Book What People Are Saying About Kait Ballenger Paranormal Fans Have A New Voice To Check Outintense And Riveting RT Book Reviews For Twilight Hunter, Stars An Extremely Promising High Voltage Start Publishers Weekly STARRED Review For Twilight Hunter, A PW Top Romance Pick 5 Star Cowboy Wolf He has spent is life defending his pack, but High Commander Colt Cavanaugh has a dark secret that could destroy his life forever A wanted woman on the run, fate brings Belle Beaumont face to face with the High Commander himself and suddenly than just her freedom is at stake For the healing Belle brings to his battle worn heart, Cold will fight to the death and for this cowboy wolf, all s fair in love and war The second book in the Seven Range Shifters series is a rough and tough in a cowboy wolf kind of way which means that readers get a mix of dark, broody, sexy cowboy wolf that charms as well as makes readers shiver in delight Belle and Colt are two very strong, bold characters that have a sensually stimulating chemistry that not only draws them together but sparks lots of feisty and passionate encounters of every kind The relationship has some obstacles and their pasts and secrets cause lots of distress and emotional turmoil allowing the readers to really get a feel for the hero and heroine The plot is fast paced with lots of thrilling suspense and excitement as Colt tries to convince the Seven Range Pact that they the vampires are up to something no good Readers are kept on the edge of the seat with deadly attacks and unexpected twists that changes things as fast as a runaway train This world is quite complex, sexy and full of unique elements that readers can really get into and this story includes an eccentric horse that makes everyone chuckle From the fiery clashes of the hero and heroine to the riveting, intense and explosive story, this romance is one that readers can really sink their teeth into. Colt lives for his pack.Belle was born a rogue, who wishes that she could have a packs protection When she is mistaken as a pack member, Belle and Colt collide in what is sure to be a chemistry intense relationship.I found Cowboy in Wolf s Clothing to be a someone angsty, lots of entertaining read Flirty and fun, with some serious heat brewing just under all that honor, service and duty.Well paced, with lots of development for future installments Cowboy in Wolf s Clothing has definitely left me wanting in the Seven Range Shifter Series.I received this ARC copy of Cowboy in Wolf s Clothing from SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca This is my honest and voluntary review Cowboy in Wolf s Clothing is set for publication June 25, 2019.My Rating 4 starsWritten by Kait BallengerSeries Seven Range Shifters Book 2 Mass Market Paperback 352 pagesPublisher Sourcebooks Casablanca June 25, 2019 ISBN 10 1492670790ISBN 13 978 1492670797Genre Shifter Romance Noble Cowboy in Wolf s Clothing is a great follow up to the first book in the Seven Range Shifters series by Kait Ballenger It has all the things I look for in my paranormal romances, danger, paras of the wolfie variety, smoking chemistry between the heroine and hero and a hero who thinks he doesn t deserve love.High Commander Colt has been living with a secret he can t afford to let his pack find out or he will have to lose his family and home, possibly is his life This big secret is the main reason he is a hit and quit it lover He doesn t believe he can have a mate because he has a dangerous job as the High Commander and because of his bloodline He believes he is a monster Belle Beaumont is on the run from Colt s pack because they see her an enemy She was part of the Wild Eight rogue pack who was the enemy in the first book, Cowboy Wolf Trouble She s a doctor who fell into the group because she always dreamed of having a family, children and a pack She was born a Rogue and has a chip on her shoulder about it Cowboy in Wolf s Clothing continues what is sure to be the series story arc with a war brewing between shifters and vampires with the vampires being the bad guys This is what brings Colt and Belle in contact at the being of the story She is running and he finds a beautiful naked horse theft or so he thinks They work through their attraction and overcome their family pasts find a HEA Kait Ballenger does a great job balancing humor, danger, romance and emotions in her latest release Of course, there are some threads to secondary characters and hits at some possible couples in the future I can t wait to see who s story we will get in the next installment, Wicked Cowboy Wolf I have an idea by the title but I ll have to wait and see when the blurb is available.Fans of paranormal romance who enjoy sexy wolf shifters and funny animal sidekicks like a moody horse should try Cowboy in Wolf s Clothing While you could read it as a standalone I highly recommend you start with the first book Cowboy Wolf Trouble so you get all the details on the characters and the war between the shifters and vampires. I really struggled to get into this one for some reason I liked Belle well enough, but didn t really connect with Colt as a character There were some times where he just seemed like an empty shell of a walking talking cowboy trope, but despite his backstory I still didn t feel like I got any depth from him, and so I wasn t really engaged in their romance and found myself skimming and having to go back and pay attention to what I d glanced over. I received an ARC of this via NetGalley and the publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for an honest review 3.5 Stars rounded up Full Disclosure I have not read book 1 in this series but I felt like this book held its own pretty dang well There are hints and its pretty obvious which characters book 1 is about, and honestly any info that was revealed about book one and its plot acted like a teaser to me, really ramping up my interest enough for me to go search out book 1 That being said book 2 was than satisfying The world here is simple enough and bits and pieces of information are thrown in to give enough world building that I never felt lost despite not having the full world build from missing book 1 I would say the only downside of not having read the first in the series before this was when certain characters made their entrance there was almost a sigh of relief from the book, like some imaginary audience in the background had just been waiting for them to show up and I felt like I should love these characters but I didn t know why lol Cowboy Shifters am I right Its like the best of the Western Romance genre combined with the best of the Paranormal romance genre I would say that you can t go wrong with this combo but I ve seen it happen before Lucky for me this author does it all kinds of right We have our Cowboy, MMC Colt, with a secret mysterious past leading his pack but terrified of loosing it, and our Rogue shifter FMC, Belle, with a tortured loner past searching for a home and pack of her own In this story Shifters are fighting against Vampires the yucky evil kind not the sparkly kind Vampires have found some sort of scientific serum that will allow them to enslave the wolves they think, but in order to make the serum work they need a pure blood wolf shifter I will say that the downside of this story line is that the author never really went into details about the Vampires plans and this aspect of the story was secondary to the romance plot line I feel almost like this was done on purpose as the story continues and maybe these reveals will come later in the series I would definitely have liked a breakdown though Colt stumbles across Belle during a vampire battle Belle is on the run after being captured, she is linked with a rogue shifter gang as their Medic Yes she is a doctor, yes she chose to heal them because she couldn t in good conscience not perform her duties as said doctor but that doesn t make her evil like them does it Colt believes it does, but he is hiding his own past that comes so close to Belle s its uncanny Colt s biggest fear though is loosing his pack due to his past, Belle s biggest fear is never being accepted by a pack due to her past These two take the reader on journey about letting fears go, acceptance, and love to last a lifetime.I like how there isn t any destined mate going on here Though I like that also, it was refreshing to just see people opening up old wounds and really growing close to each other without all the insta mate stuff happening I m thoroughly intrigued by where this series is headed and I m already The Rogue s biggest fan even though we only got like 3 paragraphs about him Im feeling him and Maeve but I ll have to read further to see if my fantasies come to light Enjoyable straigh forward romantic read Spotlight, Review Excerpt COWBOY IN WOLF S CLOTHING by Kait Ballenger Date June 25, 2019Genre Paranormal RomanceReviewed by Reading in Pajamas Donna Rated 5 Stars This is a great follow up to Cowboy Wolf Trouble, showing that this series will be fun to read The trouble started immediately and spread throughout the book at the perfect pace The drama wasn t only from the vampires, but also from Colt and Belle themselves Colt is the standoffish soldier and Belle, the skittish rogue with hidden mettle They re both dealing with their pasts and trying to move forward, thus giving them a nice depth of character Their relationship built from instant attraction, to hot and spicy romance, to love All this bound together with the pack camaraderie and the message that DNA isn t the only thing that makes a family I can t wait for book 3 in this series Review copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Kindle I really enjoyed the first book in this series and so I was a little nervous about this one However, Mrs Ballenger hit it out of the park I couldn t put it down Colt is man who has secrets who will do anything to protect them These secrets have pushed him to become the best and be the best He is incredibly loyal to his pack and will do everything in his power to protect them.Out on patrol, he stumbles into Belle and he is instantly drawn to her He knows he shouldn t be but after some scary situations, these two realize the are stuck with each other for awhile.I have to admit, I LOVED the banter between these two Belle knows he is a high commander but she doesn t really seem to care when the only she wants her freedom Being a doctor requires her to take care of Colt when she could have been getting away but her duty is too strong.This book has it all danger, suspense, mystery, romance, banter and sexy times I would highly recommend this book Cowboy in Wolf s Clothing has it all Take one cantankerous wolf shifter know as Commander Casanova because one night is all you ll get from him, add in a sassy rogue wolf shifting doctor, mix well with lies and secrets, then add in some steaming hot chemistry and you ll have the recipe for Cowboy in Wolf s Clothing This story is a convoluted tale of two shifters that are meant to be together getting in their own way and boy is it fun to be along for the ride Though this is part of a series it can be read standalone.