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[[ Download Kindle ]] õ Stephen Fry's Victorian Secrets ⚨ Step Right Up, Step Right Up And Don T Be Shy Welcome To Victorian Secrets Over Fascinating Episodes, Stephen Fry Explores The Weird And Worrying Ways Of Victorian Britain Through True Accounts Delving Deep Into A Period Of Time We Think We Know, To Discover An Altogether Darker Reality Worth it for the discussion of toilet paper alone. This is a real feast served by the authors who could not have chosen a better actor in the person of Stephen Fry to guide us through Victorian secrets And yes, secrets they are If you are interessted to find out why beards were so popular among Victorian gentlemen, what asylums were like, what sex lives the Victorians had and many many , then this Audible original is for you Moreover, interviews with experts and authors are included and I must say I ve added several books to my ever progressing reading list And Stephen Fry His interpretation deserves a praise and, to be honest, his voice is the perfect match for this particular Audible Even if you think you know a lot regarding this particular period, I can assure you that there will be a plethora of information that will surprise you as was the case with me. I have now replaced the voice inside my head from Morgan Freeman to Stephen Fry He could read an instruction manual, and I would find it compelling Choosing him as presenter for this Audible original is a stroke of genius Victorian Secrets is a quirky exploration into the society of Victorian England at the end of the nineteenth century It features the work of many historians, and exploring many aspects of the period spiritualism, sexual practices, crime, hygiene, etc The chapters are short, but are bound to both inform and entertain you There are interviews from experts to help to explain the facts, as well as some dramatized bits where the actors make the stories come alive My only complaint is that I did not like the background music I find it very repetitive and distracting.I had a ripping time, and I was sad when it ended It did whet my appetite to find current information of bygone time periods so I hope Stephen Fry and Audible are on board to deliver another series or even expand on Victorian history This was my Audible Original pick of the month The best things in life do come free Stephen Fry could narrate the Ikea Catalogue and I would probably rate it 4 Stars He just has that ability to entertain and the material doesn t really matter all that much This is a mildly entertaining series of talks on life in Victorian England that s made great by Stephen Fry s charm and wit.