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2.5So you re telling me that your running away from an abusive relationship but you go to a remote area with no cell servicein the middle of the woodswith no neighbors You have a gun, but don t keep it with you at all times Also, you don t mention to anyone in that small town that said abusive ex might come looking for you, and to not mention where you live Also, Also you meet the mystery king of the forest and tell him that you jumped into your previous relationship too quick, and got married after only three months to only then realize what kind of man he was later then turn around and give up your humanity to become queen of the forest with a pushy fae who doesn t respect boundaries, after only knowing him than a week Justwhat DNF 46% His Darkest Craving tells the story of Sophie, a woman trying to heal from an abusive ex husband, and her new solitary life in the woods There s a fae creature that rules over this particular forest that takes a dark interest in her, and before you know it a romance plot ensues Some of the fae stuff had potential, but the whole thing was bogged down by uninteresting characters with boring habits.I can t explain how utterly bored I was while reading I like stories about fae creatures lore as much as the next person, but this was so generic that I can t really be bothered to finish it I didn t care about Sophie all, like not even one little bit The stuff that happened to her sucks, and I sympathize with that, but I didn t care about her as a character All she did was mope around the house, constantly make coffee, and have weird wet dreams about shadows She just wasn t interesting to me I also didn t really care about the romance either, the guy was a typical alpha male with nothing else special about his personality But he had this annoyingI guess you would call itquirk As he was addressing our main character in conversation, he would use her full first and last name every time Now, this I can forgive like once or twice but it happened on every other page I hit a point in the book where it happened three times across the span of three pages and I wanted to tear my hair out I didn t know how grating that could be until I saw it over and over and OVER again The smutty scenes I saw weren t really a big deal to me either I mean, based on the parts I managed to get through, the love interest doesn t even have a physical body He s just a weird ghosty cloud vapor shadow thing that strokes her with his tendrils It d be one thing if this was a parody silly on purpose, but based on the writing style, I have a sneaking suspicion that I m supposed to take this story as a somewhat serious drama of a woman trying to heal from abuse For me, it just didn t hit the marks it was seemingly trying to hit I think this book kicked me over the edge into reading slump territory @Download õ His Darkest Craving í The Secluded Forest Cabin Was Meant To Give Sophie A Place To Hide, To Heal, And To Be Safe But From The Moment She Arrives, She S Not Alone She Glimpses Dark Shapes From The Corner Of Her Eye, Feels Phantom Touches, And Her Dreams Are Filled With Seductive Shadows What She First Mistakes For Delusions Of Her Traumatized Mind Soon Prove To Be So Much An Ancient, Mysterious, Dangerous Entity Lurks In The Woods And It Wants Sophie Trigger Warning This Book Contains Sexual Explicit Scenes And Violence, Including A History Of Domestic Abuse Not bad But not my favorite T Roberts book Have lots to say When I review this of course I m still not sure of my rating shrug It was an interesting concept I liked the thought of Cruce, the curse, and his powers I also enjoyed getting to know Sophia Her past had broken her down, but she grew, and found herself throughout the course of the story, which i truly enjoyed Those two things, didn t always feel like they meshed seamlessly At the end, I wanted from Cruce and the fae land story plot I felt was the most interesting bit of all. This book was just ok for me Honestly I don t think it had anything to do with the actual writing, that the story itself never really caught me From the very beginning it was a tad weird, then it became a little weirder, and ended in supreme weirdness There is a difference between awkward weirdness and Bad A weirdness I mean I consider myself to be of the Bad A weird variety This book had some awkward weirdness that was causing me to cringe in places That coupled with the rushed plot line gave it no time to really smooth it over before the ending supposed HEA The concept itself was a little jarring as the FMC Sophie escapes one completely unhealthy relationship in which every aspect of her life is being controlled to jump right into another Sophie, attempting to hide and escape her intensely abusive ex husband moves to a small hunting cabin in the woods Trying to deal with her trauma, she just wants to focus on her love of writing, and heal after years of mental and physical abuse She is terrified of basically everything, especially that her ex, who recently was released from jail, will find her with his stalker like tendencies Amidst this, the forest gaurdian cursed into darkness except for one day of the year by a fae queen, is doing just that, stalking and watching Sophie during all hours of day and night with the first intention to kill her and feast on her life energy During his attempt to murder her he realizes he lusts for her at which time he basically takes advantage of her while she doesn t know he exists All this happens, with her history of fresh abuse and her desire to never be controlled again, and is coupled with his very controlling and violent nature and that just amplified my cringes The plot rushes on and they develop a relationship based on mutual lust and a semblance of friendship, but all the while the ex looms in the background searching for Sophie, threatening to end her new found HEA.Yea I think that if the character hadn t already had this history with a less rushed plot line maybe the story wouldn t have made me feel a tad uncomfortable I don t know Maybe it just wasn t for me. For being such a quick read type book this took me quite awhile to finish I think I need to try one book by Tiffany Roberts and see what I think. 2.5 Sometimes you just need a good mysterious entity in the woods wants the lady who s entered his domain type of story, right Maybe it s just me Regardless, Sophie and Cruce s story hit the spot.She s putting herself back together after a brutal attack that left her mentally scarred and physically damaged He s than half wild and he s nearly forgotten the man he once was Things could have gone MUCH differently, but, well, Cruce reined in his darker side and Sophie decided to trust her gut and give him a chance.Which turns out to work nicely for them because it allows them both to be in the right place at the right time when things get dicey.Like I said, sometimes you re in the mood for a dark, decidedly non human creature who finds the person he needs to balance him in an unlikely time and place thumbs up Kelly Reading the Paranormal She flees an abusive relationship by moving into an isolated cabin without any preparation and gets molested by the hero on her first night there I like neither character right now, though for vastly different reasons.