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Thank you to Macmillan and NetGalley for the E arc copy of ADreamSoDark.The outstanding series just keeps getting better and better Alice is a well written character that you have to keep turning the page to find out what s going to happen next. HELL YEA @DOWNLOAD EPUB · A Dream So Dark ⚞ Still Reeling From Her Recent Battle And Grounded Until She Graduates , Alice Must Abandon Her Friends To Complete Her Mission Find The Heart And Prevent The Red Lady S Rise But The Deeper She Ventures Into Wonderland, The Topsy Turvy Everything Becomes It S Not Until She S At Her Wits End That She Realizes Wonderland Is Trying To Save HerThere S A New Player On The Board A Poet Capable Of Using Nightmares To Not Only Influence The Living But Raise The Dead This Poet Is Looking To Claim The Black Queen S Power And Alice S Budding Abilities As Their OwnDreams Have Never Been So Dark In Wonderland, And If There Is Any Hope Of Defeating This Mystery Poet S Magic, Alice Must Confront The Worst In Herself, In The People She Loves, And In The Very Nature Of Fear Itself That Fucking Awesome Cover Gimme this now 2019 and The Fountain Pen Diva demands MORE PoC on my book covers and in the books I read. Well, of course this sequel s happening Tell us something we don t know insert Sherlock Holmes responding how a pig s orgasm lasts up to thirty minutes But seriously I m than ready to read Book 2 when it finally graces our shelves.And with a cover so bloody beautiful, I m dying to see it in person You know I ll be chomping at the bit for an ARC of this one just like I got for ABSB And yes, I couldn t help but notice the heart on this one Just like the first book had a spadedoes that mean McKinney s got plans for four books, one for each suit I hope so all I ask for is battles and Addison Hatta To Read Wish List Thoughts I am losing my mind I want this one ASAP Rocky The first novel knocked my socks off I absolutely loved this, perhaps than the first installment This time, being familiar with the world and the different players, I was just swept along for the ride, and what a ride it was.As an African American reader, it was, once again, a unique experience to read what would usually be a fairly standard YA fantasy type novel girl encounters other world, discovers she has powers in other world, discovers her powers are greater than they should be is she the one and have it peppered with references to people who sound like my mother, my family, and my friends It s a different book experience than I usually have I suppose I am saying, in short, representation matters, and I loved the amount of representation in this book.Aside from all that, it was a great story with great pacing and intriguing characters Can t wait to read from the author I haven t read this book yet, but it s not going to be out for another 6 1 2 months, which means MOST people haven t read it yet, and yet somehow, 57% of the reviews are all 1 star.Stories that center around straight white males people who make up 25 30% of America and 5 10% of the world don t get subjected to these kinds of pearl clutching censorship campaigns to the same degree as books like this that center around about anybody else people who make up 70 75% of America and 90 95% of the world so I m giving this book an empty, uninformed, meaningless except to be political rating of 5 stars to counteract the empty, uninformed, meaningless except to be political ratings of 1 starIN THE HOPES that my empty, uninformed, meaningless except to be political 5 star rating GETS DELETED at the same time the empty, uninformed, meaningless except to be political 1 star ratings do. Jesus, Can you hear me It s Sam again No request is too small or too impossible So I am praying for an advanced copy, thxkbye