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Let me get this straight I spent my time on 2 books that do nothing but jump around real issues and no one can say anything real just deflect Then you give me like a page and a half of them talking and it ends Your not making a 3rd book so that s that Ryan s story is next She didn t even say I love you back No epilogue nothing I can t understand all the 5 stars inless there all ARC I never read reviews from ARCs because most just copy and past the blurb and put a gif or picture up Sorry for ranting If I m paying for a book I want a HEA This was like fixing a fight not fixing a relationship. I love these Gilroys OMG omg She constantly blows me away This book,was no different This couple was everything I could of asked for and I dont think I have ever love a characters The way they break your heart and put it back together is something only an amazingly skilled author could accomplish and she did without question Definitely highly recommend this boom NO NO NOWhat the ever loving hell just happened That s it that s all there is Omg how could you end it this way It s deceivingly perfect but come on It s about time that these 2 pull their heads outta their butts I know that they get their happily ever after but a little detail would ve been great but believe me I ll take it.Declan has always just seemed so damaged but his love for Tess was always the one thing he could never deny As far as Tess goes she has loved him dearly for far too long without being able to have him Totally recommend this ENTIRE series Well worth the wait and read. I have just finished reading this book and I am flabbergasted WTF just happened There s a quick sorry from both Tess And Declan and then an abrupt The End I found the book quite hard going with the sadness of their past and I definitely needed a HEA As far as I am concerned their story hardly evolved further than their previous book I feel cheated Come on Megyn give us a long HEA epilogue I wish I d read the one and only review which pretty much encapsulates what I have written Then I would not have read it and waited to see if anything was written about this heartbreaking story. I love the conclusion to Declan Andy Tess s story BUT, I felt like it was rushed and left out so much, Declan s relationship with his parents being one The emotions in this book were so high and then It just ended and left me saying what the hell Declan and Tess deserve a book 3 With all that being said I still loved it and would recommend. This is book about love, loss and forgiveness.Taming Tesla is the 2nd book in a 2 part series The first book was Destroying Declan You need to read that before reading this book Both books are part of The Gilroy Clan series about two brothers and cousin who live and love in the city of Boston This book is gritty, raw and sexual Tesla and Declan are two flawed individuals who just want to be loved and included. Great story, ending was a major letdown All the Gilroy Clan books have been amazing and this one was too Up until the end Two books with of Declan and Tess and then it just ends It was a letdown to say the least Wonderful story, horrible ending It s like the author had to finish it quickly so she just threw a lame ending on it So disappointed. *Free Book ↚ Taming Tesla (The Gilroy Clan #6) ⇢ Tess Thinks I M An Assh Le A Liar That I Can T Be Trusted She S Right I M All Of Those Things And Worse I Can T Be Trusted I Am A Liar I Am An Assh Le What She Doesn T Get Is That It S Her She S The Reason She Brings Out The Best And The Worst In Me Makes Me Who I Am I Don T Deserve Tess I Know That But I Want Her Love Her And Everything She Knows About Me, Everything She S Made Me, Makes Me The Guy Who Will Stop At Nothing To Tame Her Finally Finally got this one into my hands and I loved it With all the build up through out the other four books in the series you knew that despite their behavior, deep down they still loved each other. Love the Gilroy Clan seriesHot, Sexy romance Declan Gilroy finally forgives himself for past mistakes Tesla finally believes he truly loves her Love the Gilroys Clan series Can t wait to see whose next to find love.