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This is an incredibly difficult text to review probably for a number of reasons, but at least two I want to articulate First, it s necessary to remind myself that this is a story, a narrative, but NOT a fiction How can I evaluate the reality of people s joy and despair, love and grief Second, I don t know, with certainty, the purpose of publication Who is the audience Scholars A general audience If Renia s Diary is meant to be viewed through the lens of scholarship ONLY, I would say without hesitation that it s successful It s a life his story and a document of witness reclaimed it s also powerfully contextualized through Elizabeth Bellak s thoughts If, however, the diary is meant to resonate with a wider audience, I think there are some concerns In particular, the diary could benefit from abridgment Where do romance centric entries become repetitive distract from Renia s sense of herself as a writer, her engagement with avoidance of the war, etc I recognize editing in this way has its problems there s the worry of silencing Renia s voice, after years of being lost But structurally, condensing the diary could be an important move It s also worth considering what interweaving Elizabeth s commentary WITHIN the diary would do for readers Ultimately I am grateful we have Renia s voice, her words It s the literariness of her diary that is so powerful, to me She uses the vehicle of poetry to navigate everything from first love to the shadow of the Gestapo Thank you to St Martin s Press and Goodreads Giveaways for my advance reader copy. I ve seen a lot of other reviews mentioning that this book is hard to rate I think mainly because people go into reading a book that is the diary of a teenage girl in Poland during WW2, and they expect commentary and personal insight into the war This book, or at least the actual section that is her diary, reads exactly like a teenage girl s diary, at almost any point in history It was very clear that she was not writing with any idea that it would be published or would be looked at as a snapshot into the life of a Holocaust victim Her diary reminded me exactly of what my own diary was like as a teenager which I incidentally started after reading Anne Frank s diary She even addresses this at some point in the diary, when her friend is afraid to write about a boy she likes in case people read it and think she s some vain, stupid girl I liked her response Firstly, why do you care about other people reading it You re writing it for yourself, And secondly, is your dearest, intimate diary to be a political almanac or an almanac of your heart Somebody very harsh, with a stony heart, might say what you thought Every normal human being should rather say, This was written by a young, 16 year old girl who loved so deeply It would have given context to some of the diary entries, however, if her sister s notes weren t saved for the end of the book It would have been nice to see the notes follow the corresponding diary entry For example, if Renia s May 12, 1942 entry was followed immediately by her sister s May 12, 1942 notes Those notes make the diary so much sadder in a way Renia glossed over so many of the terrible things that were happening Once you read in further detail about what they were going through, it s so clear she didn t write in detail because they were horrible things she really didn t want to remember She really tried to keep her focus on her friends and her life as a teenager The very end of the diary was so heartbreaking All of the entries were filled with terror It was a very strange feeling to approach the end of the diary, and reading her say how much she wants to live, and knowing she doesn t have much time left It was truly heartbreaking, as she was talking about having a greed for life and how little she had a chance to experience She says in one of her poems I got what I could out of lifea lot, but still not enough. #KINDLE ⚫ Renias Diary ð The Long Hidden Diary Of A Young Polish Woman S Last Days During The Holocaust, Translated For The First Time Into English, With A Foreword From American Holocaust Historian Deborah LipstadtRenia Spiegel Was A Young Girl From An Upper Middle Class Jewish Family Living On An Estate In Stawki, Poland, Near What Was At That Time The Border With Romania In The Summer Of , Renia And Her Sister Elizabeth N E Ariana Were Visiting Their Grandparents In Przemysl, Right Before The Germans Invaded PolandLike Anne Frank, Renia Recorded Her Days In Her Beloved Diary She Also Filled It With Beautiful Original Poetry Her Diary Records How She Grew Up, Fell In Love, And Was Rounded Up By The Invading Nazis And Forced To Move To The Ghetto In Przemsyl With All The Other Jews By Luck, Renia S Boyfriend Zygmund Was Able To Find A Tenement For Renia To Hide In With His Parents And Took Her Out Of The Ghetto This Is All Described In The Diary, As Well As The Tragedies That Befell Her Family And Her Ultimate Fate In , As Written In By Zygmund On The Diary S Final Page Renia S Diary Is A Significant Historical And Psychological Document The Raw, Yet Beautiful Account Depicts Renia S Angst Over The Horrors Going On Around Her It Has Been Translated From The Original Polish, With Notes Included By Her Surviving Sister, Elizabeth Bellak This is a difficult book to review for a lot of reasons but I want to start by getting it out of the way that 90% of Renia Spiegel s nearly 700 page diary is about her infatuation with Zygmunt Schwarzer Zygus Yes, she s a teenage girl and this should be expected but I think that all the news articles and marketing comparing this to Anne Frank s diary is so misleading.Anne s diary is unbelievably comprehensive She is incredibly observant of those around her, what they re doing, complaining about, or their verbatim conversations with her She s also deeply introspective for such a young girl Anne discusses politics, current events, growing up, her hobbies and interests, the rising cost of goods, her cat going missing, and her difficult relationship with her mother among many other topics Upon reading the first several pages of her diary over, Anne confesses at one point that she s embarrassed by her candor, that her descriptions are indelicate That all being said, I bought a copy of Anne s diary from the museum shop beneath her house when I was 15 and read it while in Amsterdam, so surely my perspective at that time was different I m now nearly 30 years old and struggled to be patient with Renia It s clear that her separation from her mother has caused a deep loneliness and need for affection Her emotion and constant pleading for her mom to come back make her sadness almost palpable The beginning of Renia s diary is gripping because they have to flee Przemysl for Lwow during the Soviet Occupation, leaving her grandmother behind However, I found her sister Arianka Elizabeth s recounting of this event at the end of the diary to be much detailed and horrifying.They soon return to Przemysl, and for the next year, Renia records her feuds, rivalries, and crushes among her schoolmates until she meets Zygus Nearly every entry thereafter is about her sweet, darling, wonderful, lovely Zygus Renia records his name at least 167 times I simply don t trust anyone who claims that this isn t tedious and eventually mind numbing to read I don t know how a publisher could possibly work around this when printing a diary, but you should know what you re getting yourself into.There is very little introspection, discussion of what s going on around her outside her group of friends , and certainly no mention of what s happening within her household.Renia s poetry is beautiful It s heartbreaking to think about the abundance of literature she could have given this world if she d not been murdered It s clear that she doesn t understand the gravity of the events around her, and I think it s precisely because we know how the story ends that this is so frustrating I m grateful to Renia s sister Elizabeth for sharing this diary with the world and for ensuring that Renia was not forgotten by time Elizabeth s contributions to this book are what make it at least a 3 star rating for me She adds a lot of necessary context looking back on these events, although it s difficult for her to recount such a painful time Her story of survival is truly amazing, and it s tragic that she seems to feel such guilt that she lived while her sister didn t.Thank you Netgalley for providing me with an ARC for this book.See of my reviews Blog Instagram The story of the Jews is the Holocaust and their treatment from the Nazis is well know even though a number of deniers seem to continue in there own ignorance here is a eye witness account of Renia through her very own Diary.From the age of 14 till just after her 18th birthday the thoughts and life of Renia a human a young girl to a lady and yes also A Jew is separated from her Mum who lived a separate love from her Husband so with her sister she lived with her Mum s Mum and Dad as in her Grandparents When the Germans then the Russians invaded Poland they where in the area that the Russians to whilst her Mum was in the balance held by the Germans so a reunion looked bleak and post was rare between the two halves of Poland Being a Jew was like being A Polish person but once the Germans decided they wanted all of Poland and Europe with it the difference from the stand off the Evil Nazi s meant that any hope of unity was gone along with education and jobs for those providers A fear that i can not fully imagine took over and life was lived day by day But for Renia as with I m guessing any young Lady even had other to be dealt with those hormones that wait for no war so will not be controlled the longing for the one your eye can not leave alone nor a single minute of everyday This made worse because the nature of this occupation meant no school so plenty of spare time and long evenings and nights to ring or dream The outcome you know from the beginning and reviews is not a good one for Renia which makes the pain of teenage love the hopes and dreams heart breaking to read The reality of the second world war does need to be kept alive not because of morbid fascination but to remind us that some things are with fighting for and many have their lives so that all can live in a free Europe., Yes it was further afield but her we have had a peace because others died others fought but were never the same their lives have been shaped for us to live The Jews are a people with the same rights and desires that we have and the price they have paid is totally unacceptable then, now or ever and the personal accounts like this one must be read to be available to be read for the rest of time that even now in this age of so called equality those voice that rise must never be allowed to repeat what history has witnessed since the times before Moses Yes it s been that long Renia was a Poet a well educated girl who was forced to leave school because of her birth family she fell in love as did her friends Like life she was fancied by those she didn t want and unsure of the one that she couldn t stop dreaming of I believe this is a book that needs to be read and i do recommend it for that just that It is well written and the end notes and epilogue may blow your mind or just hit you in a way that can live with you for a very long time and i think that s the least you should expect from this book. I feel a little churlish saying how little I engaged with this book, for it s obviously a labour of love and a heartfelt production from the family members who knew the author But this diary had too little of the War for me, far too much poetry about the angst teenaged love involves, and far too much weeping for her mother I can see a readership similar to Renia empathising , but at the remove in age, experience and gender that I have, I didn t gel with many of the contents here I couldn t recommend the Holocaust expert rush to these pages the phoney war seems to go on twice as long as previously thought, for one So it s down to Renia s surviving younger sister to give her testimony about the life she got to lead, and background information, that partly helps the fact the diary pages needed annotation, and certainly hoiks the interest levels up. A haunting narrative especially when you learn the fate of Renia This sticks with you for a very long time, and you may have some trouble sleeping As opposed to Anne Frank, Renia s narrative is one of a girl living through the horrors of the war, ghettos, and Nazi occupation Anne Frank may have heard of the outside horrors of Nazi occupation as well, but Renia felt them at full force We also get to hear of the impact of her death of Zygmunt We learn Anne s fate as well as her family, but we do not hear it straight after the fact We also don t hear Otto s personal account of the sorrow of having to live without his family Although I don t care very much to read about the common emotional problems of a teenage girl, it is not my job to lower her narrative when it is not meant for my eyes This book gives an unabridged glimpse into the lives of common Jewish people living in Poland during World War II Although her life was cut tragically short, her haunting narrative gives incredible insight into the lives of the victims of the Holocaust. An advanced copy of this book was provided by St Martin s Press and Goodreads with no promise of a review I believe my review will reiterate the feelings of most of the people who have had the pleasure of reading this book Renia Spiegel s diary takes place over four years in 1939 1942 which makes it extremely difficult to review This is someone s immediate recollection of their own life events I find it to be unnecessary to try to analyze this book from a pure writing perspective Renia is a teen girl so a lot of her musings are focused on crushes, friendship issues, and her day to day life Which quite frankly gets a bit tedious at times but it s a teen girl s diary I think this gives you a better picture of Renia as a whole and that s what this book is primarily intended to do give you Renia s account of the last 4 years of her life I am no longer a teen girl but I do believe that most teenagers middle high schoolers would be able to related to this content making it easier to read and absorb as opposed to other WWII non fiction accounts Her poetry is amazing and she paints beautiful images with her words her ability to be introspective is one that most don t expect from a teenager which comes as a pleasant burst of beauty within her day to day observations She was an extremely talented and well rounded young woman whose pain was clearly depicted when she wrote about missing her mother and later about trying to protect her sister while fleeing with her grandparents Reina uses her diary to give her some semblance of normalcy in her ever changing traumatic situation This is an amazing feat of strength in my opinion To strive and work to give yourself something to hold on to when everything is falling apart The afterword is equally as heartbreaking if not with the additional traumatic details provided by Elizabeth Elizabeth s details provided some much needed perspective and information that was missed in the diary I think it could be a good resource to read prior to the diary especially if the intention is to use this book in a classroom book club setting. Thanks to NetGalley and St Martin s Press for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review Well, I have been sitting on my review and rating for this book all weekend Often my fellow reviewers of Holocaust non fiction have commented how difficult it is to rate a person s life story In readingRenia s Diary A Holocaust DiaryI do find myself struggling to articulate my feelings on this diary.Renia Spiegel s story is important and relevant and her sister s determination to share her diary with the reading world is incredibly important and shows great love and courage I truly believe that the most important parts of this book is for the reader to turn to the afterword and then read the diary It s actually what finally made my decision to put this as a 3 star rating The diary spans from 1939 to 1942 and tells the young Polish girl s story from adolescent crushes to the Nazi and Soviet Occupations The most heartbreaking moments are when Renia talks about the separation from her mother and her fears as the ghetto in Przemysl is created Like Anne Frank, Renia s young vibrant voice would be one of many silenced by the Holocaust In fact, Renia s diary would remain unknown for many years As a reader, I did find some of Renia s accounts about school mates and her love life a bit uninteresting But I am a 37 year old English teacher, my students on the other hand would totally connect to Renia So don t let that dissuade you from picking it up and giving it a chance.Goodreads review published 09 06 19Publication Date 24 09 19 As and Holocaust survivors pass away, it s important that people read about their experiences so that they won t be forgotten, and hopefully, something like that will never happen again.Renia s Diary is a written record about a young Polish girl who, unfortunately, did not survive She was smart, kind, and full of hope for her future She was a budding poet, and had won awards at her school for her poetry Her diary is similar to those of many teens reflecting the angst about relationships and friendships, her social life, the feelings of first love, and thoughts about her family But as the years go on, there s a sense of fear as the Jews of her little town are persecuted and by the Nazis A real sense of sadness begins to seep in Yet she holds out hope for what still might be possible.But, for me, the most interesting part of the book was the Epilogue and Commentary written by Renia s sister, Ariana Elizabeth It is here that the diary is put into context and we learn about the lives of the sisters Ariana explains in detail what was happening in their world and what happened to the people that Renia wrote about in her diary Thank you to Net Galley, Ariana Elizabeth Bellak, and St Martin s Press for giving me the opportunity to read Renia s diary.