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The Crown Conspiracy was an interesting book It was a great start to the series and I already have fallen in love with some characters, like Royce and Hadrian They are, of course, experienced thieves They steal from the rich. and basically give it to other rich people So don t think of them like good ole Robin Hood. because they aren t However, I still loved the shit out of those two Now I can t say who I loveout of this awesome duo but I did enjoy getting to know them They are complete opposites of each other but that s why they work so well Hadrian is completely lovable yet kind of scary no, not personality wise but the amount of swords he carries on a daily basis would scare the heck out of me I wouldn t be able to handle one sword. let alone three.Then there s Royce who is rough around the edges He s tough on the outside but once you get to know him. well, he s basically a teddy bear I did love his dry sense of humor and when him and Hadrian would banter I couldn t stop smiling or laughing They were enjoyable to read about and their friendship was pure gold in my eyes.Overall, I really enjoyed their story and journey throughout the book I feel like it was missing something extra but I did still fall in love with everything This book also made me think of others books that combined together and made this baby It s like the lord of the rings and game of thrones got together and made the crown conspiracy Just go with me on this people I m all about grim dark , complex, dense epic fantasy, I really didn t think i d enjoy this as much as i did The world building was well done, Elan is a beautiful world with rich history and myths To me the best aspect of this novel was how well defined the characters were Royce, Hadrian, Alric, Myroneven the antagonists, they all had unique personalities As for the story itself, its been a while I ve felt this compelled by a book I couldn t put it down once I started Given the recent string of books I ve read, it was like a welcomed breath of fresh air and it deserves 5 stars for overall enjoyment. @Free Book õ The Crown Conspiracy ó They Killed The King They Pinned It On Two Men They Chose PoorlyThere Is No Ancient Evil To Defeat, No Orphan Destined For Greatness, Just Two Guys In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Royce Melborn, A Skilled Thief, And His Mercenary Partner, Hadrian Blackwater Make A Profitable Living Carrying Out Dangerous Assignments For Conspiring Nobles Until They Become The Unwitting Scapegoats In A Plot To Murder The King Sentenced To Death, They Have Only One Way Outand So Begins This Tale Of Treachery And Adventure, Sword Fighting And Magic, Myth And Legend The Crown Conspiracy is perfect for readers who enjoy epic fantasy, but in a smaller package When you have the time and energy for a 500 orpage epic, why not But if you want a good historical fantasy tale that is shorter but doesn t lack what you enjoy in the genre, then it s great to find one This is a good choice if you have encountered that dilemma When I developed a renewed taste for fantasy as an adult reader, I looked at different fantasy novels that many established fans of the genre recommended, and this one continually came up I ve had this on my to read pile for years, and fortunately, my library had a copy I had a ball reading it Characters A good writer can use an economy of words and bring a character to life Most of my favorite authors are ones who excel at this I would say Sullivan acquitted himself very well in this area The portrayal of characters in this novel gave me what I need but also left some mystery Some charactersthan others He reveals most of their personalities through what they do and say, instead of in long descriptions of them or telling their histories That s okay with me I like a story that keeps moving As far as characters that stood out the most I definitely want to seeof Esrahraddon But then wizards have that effect on you Themysterious the better Besides Hadrian and Royce, the lead characters, I have to say my favorite was Myron His sense of wonder about the world which makes sense considering he was in a monastery for over 30 years and most of his life at the age of 36 He has some of the funniest lines in the book He s utterly captivated by horses, for instance He s never seen one before, and he thinks they are brilliant The same goes for women You can t help but laugh at him, but it s in a gentle way, because he s really a sweet guy Other characters grow on you, such as Prince Alric He s pretty much a pompous jerk initially But he comes into his own You realize that he s not different from Myron Merely a person shaped by his experiences He comes to realize that being King is not just luxury and privilege, but also a lot of responsibility and discomfort and self sacrifice He learns that the hard way He also learns who he can trust, and that is not always who he might initially think.Hadrian and Royce are two of those amiable rogues that make fantasy so fun They are thieves and proud But they have honor, in their own way I like how they end up saving a kingdom, the unlikely heroes of this piece Although they might be criminals, they are never the bad guys in this book I liked that distinction Sometimes you can be on the wrong side of the law and not be a bad person I am not advocating breaking the law, mind you Sometimes that law isn t necessarily fair across the board or makes it hard for you to do what s right Or maybe you re just a criminal who is otherwise a decent person I don t see why it can t happen, at least in theory I liked that the characters motives aren t necessarily crystal clear initially You have to read to see the story develop sounds like a no brainer and what choices the characters make that will define them ultimately, or at least elucidate who they are There were some nice twists and turns along the way that I wasn t expecting While some of the secondary characters are less developed, that s only to be expected, unless you want a 1000 page book, and I definitely don t.The World of this Novel and Magic What could have been complex world building instead is simply explained, which is a relief I like books that have good world building, but I don t like things so complicated that I can t figure out what s going on or I am drawn out of the story and get bored The political themes are a constant undercurrent of the story as there is a struggle between the imperialists, nationalists, and royalists, and the main characters get caught up in this struggle on a personal level The religious foundations and spiritual beliefs of these countries also play a role in the storyline, since the governments areor less based on the founding creating gods worshiped When Myron explained all this to Royce and Hadrian, I admit I was captivated It made sense, and at the same time, it was rather sophisticated how the ancient past related to the present of the world at the time of this book Albeit subtle in rendering, magic is part and parcel of this world, used as another instrument to wield for everyday uses I especially loved Esrahaddon s prison It was unnerving and yet fascinating that magic allowed such an invention And the fact that they would go to so much trouble just to keep one person locked up made me long forinformation about this unique individual I wish that Astria had been able to demonstratemagical ability She only got to do a couple of simple magical things, and with her role being so important to the story, it would have been nice to seeof her Perhaps Sullivan didn t want magic to be a fix all in this book With that as a presumption, I can understand why he kept magic low key in the story overall.Overall, I was quite satisfied with this story I think it was a very good fantasy adventure tale While I have read some epic fantasy stories that havewow factor, I think this is one that sneaks in on you and delivers in a way that can t be questioned It harkens back to the older adventure tales, such as Fafhrd and The Gray Mouser by Fitz Leiber or even Elric of Melnibone by Michael Moorcock Shorter stories that are great reads in their own way even if they don t seem as majestic as Tolkien From reading this work, I would say that Sullivan definitely has a love of this genre, and he created a story that treats it with respect I definitely want to follow this series, and it s gratifying that these books were written in such a way that they are self contained despite being related to each other I would recommend The Crown Conspiracy to fantasy readers, and those who want to give the genre a try.Overall rating 4.5 5.0 stars. An enjoyable enough book, but nothing that wowed me It was generally well paced, but it also wasn t a book that I couldn t put down I think one of my complaints was that there wasn t really a lot of character development it s very much a plot based book Which is fine, for what it is I just, personally, tend to preferdepth in characters I felt it was kind of standard reluctant thief, jovial merc, brat prince thrown into power Go There were also a few little technical points which annoyed me Might contain slight spoilers When the explained how they got the letters, I felt this could ve been better if it wasshow and less tell There was that problem in a few places.The language difference of Esrahaddon, while an understandable and interesting part of the world building, was a bit awkward Language would changein 900 years that a few sometimes awkwardly placed thees and thous and a few altered words I mean, look at the difference between Chaucer and modern English and that s, what, a little over 600 years And, as someone else mentioned, would a monk whose read a hundred a thousand books who remembers everything he reads really have never come across anything which mentions that horses can be brown, but not blue or green I thought the intrigue of who the real traitor was could ve been dragged out a bitperhaps a less obvious red herring, someoptions for who it could ve been Maybe interspersedthroughout the whole story, instead of two or three chapters in succession Oh, and one last thing the whole thing at the end when they attacked the castle, and then Alric reveals himself I kept thinking how stupid that whole thing was I mean, they mention that he had his banner or something How could the people on the gates not know it was him Or, heck, why wouldn t he try and reveal his identity before releasing arrows on the city Some sort of parlay, or something Heck, if he had come inquietly and revealed himself at the trial, he could ve avoided the whole thing.I just felt that whole part was kind of silly It didn t make a whole lot of logical sense to me End spoilers Anyway, some of them are minor quibbles some things distracted me while I was reading, cause I kept focusing on how awkward or odd something was, instead of being truly invested in the storyThat and I didn t particulary care that much for any of the characters and I never really felt they were ever in any real kind of danger But, um, yes Still generally entertaining I didn t dislike it I just wasn t all that impressed with it, either I will probably read the next in the series, though, in the hopes that the characters will be fleshed outas the series continues I originally started reading Theft of Swords but quickly changed my goal to amanageable one This review is not going to be popular It might even cause some hurt, for which I am sorry Usually I give my overall impression first, but this time I want to say that this isn t meant to be a personal attack on anyone From my limited interaction with Michael, he seems a pleasant, conscientious person And I have many friends who found honest enjoyment in this book I am not suggesting anything about the character of anyone who enjoyed this God knows I have problematic things that I just adore, pip, core, bigotry and all If you loved this and don t want to hear someone rage about the state of the world and what this book demonstrates regarding it, I don t blame you Come back later, I have 2 books I m reading next that I think will get muchlevel headed responses If you want a rant, though, grab some popcorn.Now that that s out of the way, I hated this I found reasons not to read it, like paying bills, skimmed when I could and winced when I couldn t This is an epic example of how characters like our anti heroes can be good but also perpetuate the absolutely disgusting mindsets about people which characterizes the nice guy You know the one, the guy who would never hit a woman, opens doors with a slight bow to m lady and then calls her a bitch when she doesn t blush and smile gratefully and wonders why that woman would go for someone else when he s over here, holding doors and bowing and all he wants is a little bit of simpering or sex Also, one of his best friends is a person of color who allows him to use slurs, so it s okay if he says it For me, this book was those interactions over and over and over.CONTENT WARNING view spoiler torture, misogyny, fantasy racism, body horror, rape jokes hide spoiler Okay, in the spirit of complete disclosure I actually read Theft of Swords which includes this book and Avempartha Last night however I finished The Crown Conspiracy and have to say I m exceedingly pleased.Of late I ve read a string of mediocre books They weren t bad , I didn t hate them but neither could I get into them Often I d get to the point I just didn t care That s not the case here and if the quality holds up I may become a fan of Mr Sullivan.The characters here are not only well drawn and complete and we re still filling out our heroes but they work well They stay true to themselves so you begin to get to know them The secondary or support characters are also well written They re complete but getting to know them doesn t take pages and pages of back story it shows up as we get the plot.Yes, there s a plot, a good concise well laid out plot that balances with the characterization and doesn t compete with it The book is I think while light and definitely escapism very well written and highly enjoyable.Believe me I ve been in a funk lately and for this book to draw me in and get me involved now says it s interesting and well done Here we meet our two protagonists Royce and Hadrian a couple of wise cracking.entrepreneurs Yes that s what they are, self employed independent contractors who work for themselves and are generally willing to sign for whoever pays them well enough.Of course some people would call them thieves..scoundrels, on occasion evenassassins These two are well known by what is apparently their their company or business name Riyria And as noted they work for who pays the best Did they steal something from you that you were sure was impossible to reach and you thought was surely safe That s okay For a big enough paycheck they ll steal it back for you from their previous employerSo, how do these two end up being.the good guys What string of unplanned good deeds could ever land them in the situation of risking their lives to do the right thing For proper pay of course.I think you ll like this one It looks like the opening salvo in what I hope is a great epic fantasy and I can t wait to get back into the story.This one I do highly recommend. I loved this book So much fun, but not without a harsh brutality that lends weight to the story and truth to the world they live in I adore Royce and Hadrian and find myself invested in them in a way I haven t been in a long time The other main characters were equally endearing in their own ways and I was never too impatient to get past their stories to get back to my favourites I feel like there is still a huge amount to discover about Royce and Hadrian in the following books and I can t wait to read the rest of the series I d be annoyed at the fact that I won t be able to get to them soon due to my challenge, but if not for the challenge I might not have read this now, so I ll call it even If you re looking for a fun fantasy that will have you laughing but isn t so light as to be easy to forget, this is a good bet. 4.25 A buddy read with my friends at BBB You know how some authors feel like they are working on your wave length Well, I think MJS is one of those for me I love his storytelling style, natural and easy, never jumping into melodramatic nor falling to pedestrian It is always just the way my senses need it to be And this is exactly how I like my Fantasy Adventures to be told with a perfect feel for timing, pacing and a sense of humor Add an exceptional talent for banter and understated emotional relationships, and you have one of my favorite new authors, whose work has become a must read for me This is a re read for me and it was just as fun the second time around I love the thieving duo of Royce and Hadrian, aka Riyria, who make for one of the best bromance couples in recent years They complete each other both in character and physical abilities, as well as areas of expertise when it comes to the art of stealing They also have a talent of getting in trouble spectacularly The two of them together are bigger than life, enigmatic and completely lovable However, in this book, my heart was stolen by the diminutive autistic monk Myron There is something so tender and innocent, so good and gentle in that weird guy, that I couldn t get enough of him on page I needand , and am grateful to Michael for giving us his time at the end of the book The story is not complicated, but perfectly paced and just enough to get us hooked on the series The thieves are hired to steal something from the Castle and get framed for murder In order to save their lives, they agree to help by abducting the Prince and take him to meet an imprisoned Wizard Everything else happens around this basic arc It is interesting, well crafted and a lot of fun I recommend it to everyone Now I wish you all Happy Reading and manywonderful books to come Sorry, guys I know this is one of the big successes of the self publishing fantasy biz, but wow, was it not for me The story lagged, the dialogue was beyond wooden, most of the characters whiny and emotionally immature It took a good couple of books after this one to get the taste of bad fantasy out of my mouth Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook