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~DOWNLOAD BOOK ♍ The Year I Didnt Eat ♿ Some Days Are Normal Some Days, Everything Is OK, And I Eat Three Square Meals, Pretty Much, Even If Those Squares Are Ridiculously Small SquaresSome Days, I Can Almost Pretend There S Nothing Wrong Max Is , And Anorexic His Eating Disorder Has Pretty Much Taken Over His Whole LifeHis Brother, Robin, Gives Him A Geocache For Christmas Max Hides It In The Forest Near His House Before Long, He Gets A Note From E But Who Is E Is It Evie, The New Girl At School, Playing A Trick On Him In The Midst Of A Family Crisis, Max S Eating Disorder Quickly Deteriorates Anorexia Pulls Him Further And Further Away From His Family And Friends, Until He Feels Totally Alone Can Anyone Help Him Find A Way Out this book is destined to be an important middle grade novel. I absolutely loved this important, beautiful little book.Max loves birds, wants to be a zoologist, has just discovered geocaching, and has anorexia The novel follows him through the realities of eating disorders how they feel and how they make your thoughts distort but also how he copes with changes in his family, new friends, a new school year It is overall a beautiful novel, that ends with a positive note and hope for recovery.In terms of content notes, BMIs are never mentioned Max s weight never mentioned, though how much is lost or gained is I also really loved the use of letters to Ana, his anorexia very Dear Evan Hansen and the insert of Ana s voice throughout the text On a personal level, as someone who has had their brushes with disordered eating and certain feelings about food that are not normal, I found this book helped me understand some of those processes and think through it I think a lot of other autistic people would feel the sameThe prose is beautiful, and I found myself both welling up and laughing out loud at different points The secondary characters are very well fleshed out In terms of age suitability, The Year I Didn t Eat sits nicely in that upper middle grade lower YA zone, so should be suitable for strong mature readers from year 6 up, and should be in all school libraries This is a beautiful and hopeful novel, and comes with an extremely strong recommendation from me. O tejto knihe takmer nikto nevie, s takou otrasnou ob lkou sa ani ne udujem Mne ju do pozornosti dala Alice Oseman jop, od Hertstopperov ju followujem ako div , ktorej sa doma zjavilo ARC Toto je jedna z najlep ch YA kn h, ak sa mi za posledn roky dostala do r k Pre tan , ehm, zhltnut na 3 cesty vlakom do pr ce Nedok zal som sa odtrhn Pozn te tak tie knihy, kde v m hlavn postava plne sadne, a vy ste s ou od prvej chv le Tak toto bol presne ten pr pad Ja sa stra ne te m, ke knihu bud ci rok vyd me pod CooBoo, potom v m o nej e te poviem viac Ale t ma jednoduch v bec nie, to je to nap san tak, e v m neost va in , len to pre ta A osta ako mechom ovalen Ke sa dokopem k nap saniu TOP 2019, toto bude na vrchole aspo za prv polrok. I grew up thinking that anorexia and bulimia were only diseases that women got Nobody directly told me this, I believed this because any book I read or anything I saw in the gossip magazines talked about how these diseases were affecting women, not men We rarely talk about the men that deal with this horrible disease and this impacted how I understood eating disorders When I was older I learned that both men and women suffered from these diseases But still, it boggles my mind that I could have been so influenced by the media, books, and movies to believe that men were unable to go through this I am so happy that this book was written because it gives a voice to boys and men who have struggled with an eating disorder We can t forget that this is something that everyone can experience I applaud this author for writing this book and sharing some of his story as well I m giving this three stars because there were some aspects of the book that left me a little confused I felt for Max and what he was going through but sometimes I just felt lost Overall, I think this is an important book and I would recommend it Let me know your thoughts THE YEAR I DIDN T EAT by SAMUEL POLLEN is a beautiful and honest portrayal of a teenage boy with anorexia This was one of my most, if not my most, anticipated releases of 2019 because an own voices novel featuring one of the most overlooked and ignored victims of eating disorders Yes please This book follows Max, an aspiring zoologist, lover of birds, brother of Robin and anorexia sufferer Max was a protagonist I instantly connected with He s raw and relatable and so precious I felt my heart breaking the entire time as I read about his story and the things he was enduring All of his struggles seemed so real to me and had my heart hurting Max is an incredibly flawed character He s hot headed and makes choices before considering consequences but that s why he felt real to me He didn t feel like a character, he felt like somebody I d known my whole life I really adored the family dynamic Max s older brother, Robin, captured my heart immediately because of how caring and supportive he was I loved him His parents were interesting too because of how they handled and reacted to Max s anorexia I think Pollen could have been a bit ambitious with making them have two distinct responses to portray how some parents handle it but nevertheless, it was fascinating to read about Anorexia is the deadliest mental illness in the world with a fatality rate at 20% Yet, nobody seems to talk about it And when they do, society has created a harmful stereotype and a lot of stigma surrounding it If I told you to imagine an anorexic, what would you picture A girl White Pretty A frail frame and laughing slightly as she refuses a cupcake No Anorexia isn t pretty Anorexia is organ damage Brittle hair and nails Lanugo Shivering uncontrollably in a warm room Seizures Fragile bones Heart palpitations A foggy mind and broken brain Anorexia isn t pretty even if that s what the media makes it out to be That s why I loved this book It exposed the true nature of the disease It doesn t glamourise it for one second, it shows how horrendous it is, how painful and scary and horrific the disease is This is why the novel is so crucial and needs to be read by everyone That being said, if you are vulnerable or suspect you re not in the right head space to be reading something like this, I urge you not to Although specific weights and BMIs are crossed out or left unmentioned, calories are To an anorexic, food isn t food It s numbers This is evident throughout the novel as Max counts each crumb and thinks only of it as a digit If this is something that would be damaging to you, please wait until you re in the right mindset to read it Another thing I really appreciated about the book was the positive portrayal of the NHS and therapy As I m sure it is for many, these resources are crucial to one s recovery This was expressed throughout the novel as Max attends counselling sessions which aid him to get better I think this is significant as it can inform the reader that it s nothing to be embarrassed by and it s important in helping you get better However, something about the prose didn t mesh with me I ve never read anything by Pollen before so his writing style was completely new to me but I didn t really click with it To be honest, it was just bad It was episodic and bland and really hindered my enjoyment Obviously not the strongest aspect of the book I found it very disengaging and resulted in me docking off a star from the overall rating Another thing that contributed to the lower rating was I just didn t care about Max s friends Personally, I didn t like Evie I still found her annoying and weird and just didn t care about Max s boyish crush Ram and Stu didn t really peak my interest either, they just blended together and I didn t care what was happening with them.In conclusion, despite the quite boring writing style and few spelling and grammatical errors, this book was a pleasure to read I loved learning about Max s story and I think it s destined to be an amazing and important middle grade story I loved it Love Lucy x In the beginning, I struggled with a lot of things the writing, the way the story was told but there was this undeniable drive to it that really made me connect to Max and his story It is an incredibly important story, one as real and raw as it can be and if I ever become a teacher, this would surely be on my list. As a woman in her fifties, I m not the target market for this book However, as a reader, and a person who appreciates fine writing, it s an absolute to pleasure to read this novel.Men s and boy s mental health has been discussed a lot this year, and ZunTold believe that it s important that we keep talking and keeping it high on the radar.The Year I Didn t Eat will be part of their Fiction As Therapy arm, focussing on books with a therapeutic value.I think it s safe to say that most people, when thinking about anorexia, will associate it with teenage girls We see images of young girls who are so poorly with this obnoxious disease on a regular basis There are articles about places online where they can go to get advice about not eating, and these articles always seem to mention females However, as with all mental illnesses, anorexia is not gender specific and Samuel Pollen has written a frank and poignant novel about a fourteen year old boy called Max who is living with anorexia.It is absolutely clear that he draws from his own experiences, the insight into Max s thoughts and behaviours are incredible and I have no doubt that this must have been painful to write at times However, it is also hugely important, and although it deals with the darkest of subjects, there is such humour within these pages too.I liked Max, I liked the way that he wrote to Ana I loved his family, especially his Brother, but not his Aunt and Uncle This could have been stereotypical and cliched Max could have been a shy, bullied boy, but he wasn t Max was an ordinary kid, from an ordinary household who was gripped by an illness that was destroying him.An outstanding debut that is informative but also entertaining The truth within fiction, packed with characters who are recognisable and perfectly created. Gentle without condescension, THE YEAR I DIDN T EAT offers invaluable, honest representation of an often overlooked group, situated harmoniously alongside buckets of humor and warmth A hugely important story. Fascinating read that allows reader to have a glimpse into the mind of a boy with anorexia Cautious about sharing this book with impressionable students though.