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Rampage contains 29 brief stories from the early issues of Clowes s Eightball comic book series Although these nihilistic stories are definitely not for the faint of heart, they are not quite as sexually charged as the stories in Orgy Bound. 741.5973 C648L 1991 Some repeats from Twentieth Century Eightball, but I liked them better the second time around Taking a break between that book and this one to read Caricature made me remember how much I like his storytelling, and that made me like reading these gag strips Yay I m liking Mr Clowes and every day Very good, very funny Funnier and biting than most of Clowes longer works A great look into the bridge between underground and independent comics Don t bother seeking it out though Basically everything in it is on 20th Century Eightball, which has a little too A lot I haven t read here and any Clowes unseen is a revelation this is my fav Clowes collection. .Book ♋ Lout Rampage ♞ Lout Rampage Is A Collection Of Comics By Daniel Clowes This Paperback Includes Stories From Eightball , Along With Strips Clowes Created For Alternative Comics Anthologies Blab , Young Lust, And Weirdo It Includes Several Of The Cartoonist S One Page Collaborations With The Duplex Planet Creator David Greenberger And Two Of His Most Well Known Comic Strip Rants I Hate You Deeply And I Love You Tenderly anything of this sort is in a state of perpetual re reading A kid can learn a lot from a book like this