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@DOWNLOAD EBOOK î Lessons in Obedience (Nexus) å What Would You Do If A Young Woman Arrived Unannounced On Your Doorstep One Day To Atone For Someone Else S Sins And What If You Detected, Simmering Beneath A Sweetly Naive Outward Diffidence, A Talent, An Aptitude And A Willingness That It Would Have Been Ludicrous Not To Nurture Faced With That Challenge, Alex Mortensen Starts Carefully To Guide His Pupil Out From The Darkness Towards Richness And Fulfilment, Resolved To Share The Wealth Of Sensual Pleasures That Have Always Featured In His Own Life But What Should He Do When She Learns So Fast, Catches Him Up And Threatens To Overtake When He Can Trust Her, But Can No Longer Trust Himself