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Reviewing this story is really hard for me, especially since I LOVED the first 70% of it The best thing about it Brann CalderThe 32 year old ex Navy SEAL who works for a private security company and gets the unlikely assignment of acting as a nanny for two young girls, is one of the most likable characters you could ever find.He s tough and strong, a bit on the macho side and never lets people get close to him When confronted with 5 year old Olivia and 8 year old April, his rough demeanor and directness don t prevent him from quickly becoming the girls best friend It doesn t take long until Brann thinks of Olivia, April and their dad, widower Emery, as his family and he is sad thinking about his time running out once Emery ends up marrying Lydia so the girls get a new mommy The second best thing about the story Olivia and AprilBoth girls are amazing characters They re not the usual side kicks in a romance story that are simply there They are real and fully fleshed out characters whose interactions with Brann made this book an incredibly enjoyable read.I would even say that Brann, Olivia and April together were the most enjoyable thing about the whole story.The thing I didn t like Emery DoddThat guy creeped me out so much, you have no idea As soon as Brann arrives, straight widower Emery is all over him, touching him and making physical contact, driving Brann nuts And when Brann does give in once and kisses him, he s all cold shoulder and how could you Not to mention the weirdly arranged marriage Emery is about to enter The reason for this whole charade still isn t clear to me, but it seems to be a pure business arrangement that the whole town seems to benefit from Then there s also a murder that is kinda swept unter the carpet and quickly resolved in the last few pages as if the story needed a crime plot so our Navy SEAL doesn t completely drown in Mary Poppins style happiness Anyway, back to Emery After completely messing with Brann s head for weeks, he suddenly changes his mind and drags Brann into some really raunchy bareback sex scenes that seemed completely out of place in this story I m sorry, but no Emery completely ruined this for me As great as Brann and the girls are, Emery just freaked me out And knowing that Brann is spending the rest of his life with that guy Good luck.3 stars This both IS and ISN T your typical Calmes The core group of guys, who I think will all get books in this series, were included in the typical part They are a group of men who work for Torus, a PI slash rescue operation Maybe I m a little fuzzy on that part because it was described as anything to make your life better , which was a bit weird.And some of the names Mary comes up with Always make me smile I think she throws Scrabble tiles in the air and finds some consonants and vowels that go together to make a sound Perhaps they re popular in other countries, and I m not trying to be insensitive, but since these books always take place in AmericaCroy Esca and another named Locryn Just an entertaining observation so please don t come at me with tales of your cousin named Locryn because you ve missed my point.I m a Mary fanatic, and she always has unpopular names in her books AND I LIKE IT.Brann, our exclusive POV, is five months out from his career of being a Navy SEAL, and is going on a babysitting bodyguarding job in Nowheresville, Montana And when he meets the girls father, Emery Dodd, he fall into insta Calmes infatuation And while that s pretty typical, these two actually go months before acting on anything That tempered the instalove for me.Addressing the elephant in the room, since Emery is engaged to someone else for most of the book, there is no cheating It also meant lower steam, but what was there was very nice indeed.Add in a touch of relationship angst, and I was happy Looking forward to on this group of men Re read July 2019I love Mary land Can I live there 4.5 starsMary has not lost her mojo I was afraid this would be a disappointment since I didn t really like Mary s last few books But, she s back I really loved this one It actually reminded me a bit of Frog, with the children and the warm fuzzies all around.I m used to Mary doing insta love, but this was a slow burn for a change And she does slow burn just as good as she does insta love Brann works for an agency in LA that helps people It was a bit vague, but basically they provide help in all kinds of ways If people need a bodyguard, a PA, a security expert, a nanny, a fixer of any kind, Torus Intercession is your company.Brann gets sent on a job in Montana He needs to help Emery Dodd in any way he can until Emery Dodd marries Lydia Cahill The marriage is an arranged one and will merge their two companies together so that they can use the land Emery Dodd inherited from his deceased wife.Since Emery mostly needs help with his two young daughters, Brann will basically function as the nanny.Brann immediately noticed how beautiful Emery is, and he bonds with his two kids from the first day Too bad Emery is already getting married to someone else Before I started this I was afraid there would be cheating since Emery is already engaged to someone else But I was glad that it wasn t a real relationship Emery and Lydia weren t in love and were only getting married because it was the wise thing to do for the town Now there is no cheating of any kind, since Brann and Emery only get involved after the engagement is broken off So that was good This had all the cute warm fuzzies of a true Mary book We Brann dealing with the kids issues in a very unique way, and winning them over in no time of course We had Brann rescuing several people in the town because he was a badass retired SEAL And we had Emery falling in love with Brann and calling off his engagement because Brann was such a perfect fit in their family.Brann was just loved everywhere he went, and the whole town wanted to marry him Like a true Mary hero.I can t wait for the other books in this series I m so glad Mary got her mojo back. 4.5 I struggled with this early on because the set up just didn t make any sense to me at all.We have a retired navy SEAL sent out to be a nanny There s no threat or danger to the family it would have made sense to send an actual Mary Poppins type nanny.Yes I know the story wouldn t have worked then And I should be less picky and try to be of a just go with it kinda person But I need what I m reading to make sense And yes the reasoning behind this is explained at the end What I m very badly trying to explain is that it took me several attempts to get settled into this book But once I had I loved it So just go with it like I should have done from the get go.Brann desperately wants to belong He wants a home and to be loved He arrives in town to help Emery look after his two daughters Olivia and April seriously just go with it From the second Emery opens the front door everything fits Brann feels relaxed and at home Everyone is drawn to him and it just feels right He also has feelings for Emery which is wrong on every level Since Emery is not only his boss but he s straight and getting married soon.The kids love Brann and even question if he s a superhero Yes he is that great.This book was beautiful and it ticked so many boxes for me I loved both Brann and Emery and the instant attraction but slow build romance The kids are an absolute delight and they even come with a cute dog.This is definitely a book I ll re read and I can t wait for the next one in the series.This came very close to the elusive 5 but ultimately my pickiness with the beginning knocked it down to 4.5.I also have to say because I m also picky about covers as well Yes I can feel those eyes rolling I don t particularly like the cover I m sure I m in the minority here but if it hadn t been Mary Calmes I would have just flicked past it.Okay that s it I m done moaning It s a fabulous book, read it and just go with it Mary Calmes launches a new series with her tried and tested method of an unsuspecting messianic character who is charmingly unaware of his heroic appeal His love interest is a rock on which the entire universe rests upon and their friends are as loyal as the Stark direwolves The only departing evolution of this endeavour is the fact that the main romantic couple don t fall into bed immediately If anything, filler disguised as a slow burn romance, treads through the pages with misunderstandings, self suffering, a shoe horned mystery and adorable children This book fell really flat for me The conspiracy in the novel is one as cliched as RnB songs about banging I d even go as far as saying it felt wholly unnecessary To read this book is to read every other Calmes book set in a realistic world with fringe military characters Her later works like Kairos and A Day Makes.Colour me unimpressed. I fell in love with these characters so easily, and so hard Brann, Emery, the kids this whole thing just plain worked for me from page one until the very end.Told in Brann Calder s single POV, he s ex military with a heart of gold, and sets to righting much of what s gone wrong in Emery Dodd s life Brann fits in with Emery s little family perfectly and the sparks ignite from their first glance But, never fear dear readers, there is no cheating in this whatsoever So those who were a little worried about that can put your fears to rest.Plenty of heat later in the story, a bit of a mystery to play out, and a very happy ending await you I loved it I absolutely can hardly wait for the next book in the series to come out 4.5 Stars This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews.Initial thoughts Freaking loved it happy sigh No Quick Fix by Mary Calmes is such an adorable story It all just clicked perfectly Great cast of characters The story is sweet and fun Slow burn, a little too slow for me, but the romance and heat at the end were well worth the wait I enjoyed the relationship build up Insta attraction that grew into I give MC kudos for writing kids that didn t feel like caricatures And a charming, happy ending Also, for those worried there could be cheating there isn t so don t worry This was an excellent start to the Torus Intercession Series 4 Stars 3.5ish stars Way too insta everything for me, I m afraid. Re read, 2019 July 26th Just as awesome as the first time The perfect amount of humor and romance Loved it First read, 2019 March 23rd I m bummed.I m bummed I finished this book already.This is a typical Mary Calmes novel The insta attraction was there, the Alpha was there but it also has the smooth writing I love of Mary s.Brann was great, the kids were awesome Emery was great All was great and I am doneI m bummed..I need ^Free ↱ No Quick Fix (Torus Intercession #1) ↻ A Retired SEAL Is About To Face His Toughest Assignment Yet As A Nanny Fixer Bodyguard Advocate Brann Calder Is Expected To Play All These Roles And As A Member Of Torus Intercession, A Security Firm Guaranteed To Right What S Wrong In The Military, Catastrophe Was His Specialty Five Months Out Of The Service, Brann Is Still Finding His Way, So A New Assignment Might Be Just What He Needs Unless It Includes Two Things Sure To Make A Seasoned, Battle Trained Veteran Nervous Life In A Small Town, And Playing Caretaker To Two Little Girls Emery Dodd Is Drowning In The Responsibility Of Single Fatherhood He S Picked Up The Pieces After Losing His Wife And Is Ready To Move On Now, Hopeful That His Engagement To A Local Patriarch S Daughter Will Not Only Enrich His Community But Will Grant His Daughters Some Stability Too The Only Thing Standing In Emery S Way Is That He Can T He Seem To Keep His Eyes And Hands Off The Former Soldier He S Hired To Watch His Girls Until The Wedding Emery S Future Is Riding On His Upcoming Nuptials, But Being With Brann Makes Him And His Family Feel Whole Again Too Bad There S No Way For Them To Be Together Or Is There