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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ☩ The Puzzle of You ☨ She S Woken Up In A Life She Doesn T Recognise With A Daughter She Doesn T Remember When Charlotte McKay Wakes Up In A Hospital Bed With No Memory Of How She Got There, All She Wants Is To Go Back To The Perfect London Flat She Shares With Her Husband, And The Impressive Career She S Worked So Hard To Build But Something S Not Right Her Husband David Is At Her Bedside But So Is A Three Year Old Girl, And She S Calling Charlotte Mummy Charlotte S First Instinct Is Panic When Why Did She Have A Child What About Her Promotion, Her Independence, Her Romantic Weekends With David She Loved Being That Woman How Can She Have Turned Into The Stay At Home Mother She Swore She D Never Be Back At Home, She Dives Into Her Unfamiliar World, Hoping To Piece Together The Mystery Of Her Transformation But Faced With So Much That Feels Foreign And Unnatural, Will She Ever Be Happy In A Life She Can T Remember Having Or Wanting To Have You think you have your life perfectly in place and then You wake up in a hospital and things are not how they were In fact, nothing is the same How could this happen When did Charlotte decide to NOT follow the life plan Can she and her husband ever resume the way they were This is a well designed novel that alternates between a three year time frame There is a smooth transition to help understand all the changes and confusion that Charlotte feels following her accident that has prompted her amnesia.Interesting and well done book Prime First Read October 19This is a novella and so a quick read Charlotte has a car crash as a result of which she cannot remember the last four years of her life which includes giving birth to her daughter Annabelle She does not tell her husband David for a few days despite struggling to adjust to the shock of the discoveries she has made The story is told from Charlotte a few years ago and Charlotte now and the firmer eventually joins up with the latter I m not convinced this works very well as a technique as it seems to lead to repetition The characters are quite likeable though none of them are particularly memorable The author captures the fear of discovery of health issues for baby Annabelle well and you could empathise with that very easily but I found it hard to accept that Charlotte goes through a total character transformation as a result She goes from being super ambitious and focused on promotion to super mum almost overnight and although I m certain that a lot of soul searching will occur as to what s important I m not certain someone could change that radically I didn t find the story very riveting or challenging in any way but if you are looking for something easy to read then this fits the bill. I m not a huge reader of women s fiction but I love this authors work so gave this one a go This was a really unique story and in places very interesting I really liked the idea of waking up and finding out things were not as you thought they were The author did such a good job of getting across Charlotte s confusion about her current life vs her old life I felt the author also did a good job of highlighting the struggles of a working mum mum going back to work after having a child and the problems and discrimination within the workplace A thought provoking read 0 stars if that option was available Why can t writers build a vocabulary large enough that they can write without using four letter words and crude language So sad to give up reading what promised to be a good book just a chapter into it because of such a reason I liked this book ,sometimes it was a little hard going I love how you saw how she was in the present and also read the diary of before The book highlights how miss understanding and secrets can destroy a relationship and it was sad reading All in all a good read Good read Well written and enjoyable read that flows well despite snap shots from the past used to move the stet forward A very thought provoking read What if you woke up and found out nothing was as you thought it was This novel was very well written and kept me thinking long after the last page was turned. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this book although I was interested enough to finish reading it Essentially, it is a story of Charlotte who gets into a car accident with her three year old daughter and her head injury makes her forget the last four years so she doesn t remember becoming pregnant, giving birth to her daughter, her daughter s heart condition or deciding not to return to her job The Charlotte that comes out of the accident still wants to be a career woman, and thinks she is one, as opposed to the stay at home mother she is in reality.I typically really don t like novels like this one that have chapters mixing the past and present especially where, like here, the past is what Charlotte and the reader are trying to discover I usually find, and this book was no exception, that the back and forth broke up the story too much for me The reader finds out what happened, but there is no story or suspense, it just sort of is Also, Charlotte and her husband had a fight right before her accident ostensibly upsetting her causing the accident and I found the subject matter of their disagreement to be one that I could not get behind Why is she so mad AT HIM that his genetics are in play I get being frustrated at the situation but it just doesn t seem to account for the estrangement between them.I felt like in addition to the pacing and lack of compelling story line, the character development was off I didn t get a good feel for who any of the supporting characters were let alone Charlotte herself who is maybe understandably all over the place All in all, as with many of these First reads lately, I found this book lackluster. 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