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When I read in the intro to this book that it was Fern Michael s 30th installment in the Sisterhood Series I thought that s pretty amazing to keep a series going that long There have been times in the course of reading all these books that I thought she should wrap it up, but then she would come back with a great story This story is mediocre at best, IMHO The story was slow from the beginning and though the ending was emotional, it wasn t the big bang I enjoy in a great story 4 out of 10. [[ Free E-pub ]] ↟ Cut and Run ⇵ The Sisterhood A Group Of Women From All Walks Of Life Bound By Friendship And A Quest For Justice Armed With Vast Resources, Top Notch Expertise, And A Loyal Network Of Allies Around The Globe, The Sisterhood Will Not Rest Until Every Wrong Is Made Right It S Been Three Months Since Countess Annie De Silva Slipped Away From Her Home Before Dawn, Leaving A Cryptic Note And No Clue As To Her Destination That S An Eternity For Friends As Devoted As The Sisterhood Now They Re Desperate To Ensure That Their Founding Member Is Alive And Well, And That Means Tracking Her Down Wherever In The World She Might BeMyra Rutledge, Annie S Closest Confidante, Knows The Secrets Of Annie S Past, Including The Remote Mountain In Spain Where Annie Spent Some Of The Best And Worst Days Of Her Life Annie Vowed That She D Never Return To The Mountain Or The Stunning Monastery There But The Memories Of The Past Have Called Her Back Now, She Needs Allies Who Are Fearless, Loyal, And Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To See Justice Done And With The Safety Of One Of Their Own On The Line, The Sisterhood Won T Let Her Down THE TH SISTERHOOD NOVEL I ve read all the Sisterhood books and have liked them all But I m sorry to say, I was disappointed in this one It just wasn t as good. This is a series I have loved from the beginning and I really love that the boys and girls are back working together This book seemed VERY different from all the past books because ao the lack of details in the capture of the bad guys Past books have taken pleasure in the gruesome details of how they made the bad guys pay for their misdeeds This book skips over everything after the capture and goes just ends Not the normal Fern Michaels ending The stories of the Sisterhood and the men of the Sisterhood are always thrilling and non stop action This time their leader Annie, takes off for parts unknown after a phonecall She has been gone for 3 months and everyone is worried So Myra thinks she knows where she is and takes off after her We all know trouble is brewing and we find all of them on alert to help Time is a wasting They all take off to find now both Annie and Myra You won t believe what happens next I was surprised to see this was the 30th book in this series I have always liked this series but there were a few times I thought maybe it was time for it to end Hopefully this is not the end of the series While it was an emotional happy ending I would like to see the characters that have been with us since the beginning get some closure. Annie has to have help from the sisterhood to save the Spanish village by her Mountain The guys and the sisters jump to the call to help This is a great series The characters do not disappoint I only wish that the couples would start their families. Another great Sisterhood book But a bit short compared to other Sisterhood books Enrico believes he is entitled to his father s money and takes Annie to get it Little does he know his dead father didn t have any money. A fun quick read always enjoy Myra, Annie and the gang What Annie had to learn about her former husband and his antics and she still came out helping those in need. While the story line was interesting and it was good to learn Annie s back story, the presentation was blah And the girl s response had no oompf This book just wasn t as good as previous ones.