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Purity s Passion is a bodice ripper from the late 70 s and boy, does it have a lot of bodice ripping going on Our heroine, Purity, lives on the estate of a debauched marquis during the French Revolution After witnessing the horrors of revolutionary citizens, she is raised by her old nurse until she is rescued by Mark Landless, the cousin of the former marquis s wife He takes the blossoming teenager to England and enrolls her in a girl s school, not realizing that there are some kinky girls there Purity barely escapeds with her virginity intact, but after seeing Mark the Love of Her Life in a compromising position with a maid, she runs out and marries the only other man she knows who turns out to be a real rotter.And so it goes She runs in and out of bad situations, frequently naked at one point she runs naked into the streets and is picked up by a mysterious man who just happens to be passing by, looking for naked young women, I guess She and Mark keep meeting and leaving each other When it finally looks like they will be happy, there is a HUGE misunderstanding Why is it that when one of the partners must choose to believe the person they love and adorethan anyone on the earth or the person who has lied and schemed against them through the whole book, that one will choose to believe the bad person There are twobooks after this one It is a true bodice ripper and I do enjoy this genre However, I m not sure I can follow this deathless love across continents, from England to Algiers, to the Potomac to a royal coronation, and all the misunderstandings, and the I slept with someone else because I thought A you were dead B he threatened to kill you if I didn t submit or C I was so lonely and needed comfort Someday, I may finish the other two, but right now, I need to read something completely different. @Ebook ⚼ Purity's Passion ð PurityShe Was Purity, A Maddeningly Beautiful Woman Who Wanted To Save Herself For The One Man She Had Always Loved The Man Who Rescued Her From The Horror Of The French Revolution, Who Found Her A Place In England S Highest Aristocracy And Who Refused, Because Of A Painful Secret In His Past, To Open His Heart To Her LongingsPassionAnd She Was Passion, A Woman Who Drove Men Wild With Desire, Who Submitted To Cruel Tormentors, A Blackmailer S Demands, A Hypnotist S Powers And An Innocent Young Man About To Die But She, While Giving Her Body, Steadfastly Refused To Give Her HeartEcstasyScorched By Burning Dreams Purity is pretty stupid and sometimes annoying with her incongruous reactions Imagine a person who wades through a river of spiders without complaint, but cries out if someone mentions a housefly That s Purity.I liked the book, but the romance with the hero is questionable The man ignores her completely, the author does nothing to establish his character and he s absent for almost the entire book She s in love with him and the reader has no idea why Is it because he s funny and kind to dogs Self sacrificing Truly, we have no clue what she sees in the dude beyond good hair and cologne.I wish she d fallen in love with the bad guy That would have been interesting and believable She spenttime with him, the reader knewabout him and he was apparently awesome in the sack As it is, we have a hero who screws housemaids and ignores the heroine, but she loves him completely Yeah, whatever Despite these huge flaws, I had to find out who would rape her next Oh, yeah, there s all kinds of sex, but none of it is explicit which is another downer So, quantity over quality here Still, I had to know what would happen next.It s not your average boring romance and should be enjoyed for the insanity that commences in the first fifty pages and continues to reign throughout. This was a tough one The horrific things that keep happening to her are very difficult to read Purity is the most unlucky women I have ever read about She keeps getting into situations that are heart breaking and I wanted to stop reading many times If this had not been a monthly GR book I think I would not have finished reading it I did care about the main characters and that is what kept pushing me to find out what happens If it had been a little shorter it might have faired better for me. Janette Seymour took every great old school bodice ripper trope, threw it into a whirlpool of rape with a dash of relentless damsel in distress torment and Purity s Passion is what sprang from the purple prose mess It is epic and it was everything I wanted it to be I mean the heroine s name is Purity for crying out loud If you areof a by the number Harlequin kind of romance fan, get ready to be offended and possibly throw the book against the wall There are no politically correct notions or civility to be found here Purity exists in a world with the moral plane of the Game of Thrones series Every man and woman Purity comes across is ruthless and out to manipulate her in some manner with the exception of her main love interest kind of and the few handful she can call friends before they become street whores and die of horrible disease or suicide Whoops spoiler Virtually no one can be trusted and Purity goes through traumatic event after event, actually resulting in signs of PTSD and repetitive nightmares Also, rape, attempted rape or sexual assault is literally around every corner for Purity so do NOT read this if you are triggered by this sort of context.In other words, not a very happy, chicken soup for the soul kind of book Is it entertaining though Hell yes If loving Purity s Passion is wrong, I don t want to be riiiiiiiiiiiiight The tale of Purity Jarsy part I begins with the the horrors of the French Revolution and ends in France after Napoleon s final defeat In between we witness the epic tale of Purity, a woman so beautiful many men desire her, they would ravish her, control her and kill for herin other words, your basic, page turning bodice ripper And it s a good one Janette Seymour was a deft storyteller, quickly pulling me in with Purity witnessing a beautiful encounter of a couple making love and later she sees the macabre slaughters of the Revolution Purity is left orphaned and shaken in the aftermath.Mark You may kiss me here Landless is the object of Purity s devotion Much older than she, he is her appointed guardian, but he also shares a hidden bond with his ward Mark is a placeholder, we never see through his perspective He is a scar faced blue eyed soldier who duels for Purity s honor, hurts her cruelly and the finally marries her Her relationship with Mark is one of the weaker parts of the book, but since there are two sequels their romance will undoubtedly develop further Purity has many men before being with her true love, and each experience shapes her uniquely There is a touching one night romance Purity shares with a soldier doomed to die at sea, and a sweet love affair with wounded Gypsy boxer And manyIf the hero wasinteresting, this might have detracted from the story, but since he wasn t, I just enjoyed the ride and didn t worry about the romance As Purity says to herself I m paraphrasing She would come to Mark a complete woman Other high points include a tawdry girl school game with a dumb stud, a dominatrix villainess who wears transparent gowns, and an aging duchess who makes constant fart references The story s pacing is a bit un even, because most of the juicy parts are packed into the first third But the author is skilled enough to make most of it enjoyable, even if the ending is a bit flat Purity s Passion is a romance only because at the end of the book the female protaganist is united with the man she loves Otherwise, it s a soapy, door stopper historical epic, typical of 70 s and 80 s Readers mostly women from all walks of life used to openly enjoy these pulpy paperbacks with kaleidoskopic covers They were taken to fantastical worlds where the heroines beauty got men so carried away with mad lust that they d have herat any cost dun, dun, dun Now, not unlike tobacco cigarettes which I never smoked , bodice rippers are banished to the darkest corners, reviled in public for the unwholesome filth they contain Like a smoker relegated to puffing away in a cold alley, bodice ripper readers are banished to Romancelandia Siberia And that s really a shame, because these books are a lot of fun 4 Stars B This has got to be the most rape riddled novel I ve ever read, and yet perversely, one of the least graphic The heroine has sex with at least ten different men before the end of the book, only three willingly When the clothes start falling off or being torn off, the author goes all poetic, so that Purity is either ascending the peaks, looking out over the Promised Land but only entering with her beloved Mark , or descending into the abyss and flinging herself into the flames of helll with the villain Pretty tame, for all the lovemaking and raping going on Which is just as well, I guess, since if it WEREgraphic, the readers would be dealing with PTSD by the end As it is, I don t think we ever become sufficiently engaged with either of the protagonists to empathize particularly, which is another reason the book fails, in my view You root for Purity, but only because you d feel sorry for anyone who suffered as she did, not because you form any particular attachment to the character She s pretty much an atomaton, suffering time and again and going on like a robot to the next person who ll abuse her without much emotion or trauma, never even gaining the street smarts to be suspicious of strangers offering too good a deal As for the hero, I actually disliked him all through, so why would I root for them to get together view spoiler The heroine pretty much starts the book with PTSD after seeing her childhood friends and family raped, abused, and murdered during the French Revolution Maybe the PTSD is why she is so emotionless, but it doesn t make it easy to empathize with her And you d think after she is raped for like the twentieth time some of her rapists abuse her repeatedly she d be beyond sanity At least, you d think, she d reach a point where she finally starts making some attempt to defend herself, instead of going all helpless victim She only fights back once, and seems to regret it after the fact Moreover, after witnessing and experiencing the worst kinds of cruelty, there are occasions when she sees others falling victim to the same evil, the same mob mentality, and she doesn t act Some of her school chums start a club that humiliates andor less rapes a mentally challenged young man, threatening the lives and livelihoods of his family if he doesn t go along Purity utters a token objection, but does nothing further to stop it Later one of her friends is forcibly deflowered, and she still does nothing Her reasons are explained and oh so sensible, but there s really no excuse for not trying to stop something she knows is wrong So I didn t particularly like this character She was just weak, morally, physically, and intellectually And then, one of her rapists is her Twue Wuv, her guardian, who pretty much treated her like dirt her whole life, sent her to that school where her chums were so abusive even though she tries weakly to tell him she hates the place, abandoned her to an abusive husband, but she wuuvs him anyway He goes all mad dog after learning about all the other rapes, assuming without asking for her explanation that she must ve been willing, so he rapes her She runs away, but a year later, she goes back to him and, without any hint of remorse from him, pledges her undying love and begs him to hire her on as a servant, if nothing else I tasted bile at this point From there on it s Oh, my darling this and My sweet love that, all billing and cooing and being insanely happy, even though I doubt any reader has any reason to think that Mark is the least bit likable, let alone lovable Oh, he feels bad that he raped his true love and all that You see he did it because she reminds him of another man who had the first woman he ever loved, so he was getting back at that guy Yeah, that explains it and makes it all better And then, after he promises that he understands and accepts that she had sex, both willingly and unwillingly, with other men, he goes and does it again, when he learns that she slept with the villain, even tho he knows the man forced her to do things against her will before He walks away from her When he finally deigns to come back, she rushes into his arms, again without ever seeking even a hint of remorse or apology for his abandonment He s a creep and she s a doormat What s to love hide spoiler