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il valore aggiunto di un libro cos che dopo guardi scene da un matrimonio e ti sembra una botta di vita s derberg scrive 60 anni prima di quando bergman gira la sua tomografia computerizzata di una crisi coniugale, e i suoi arvid e lydia non sono nemmeno sposati il tira e molla per lo stesso, uguale il farsi e fare male un ancora tu ma non dovevamo vederci pi che qui complicato da annichilimento umano e sentimentale.per essere stato pubblicato nel 1912, il libro mostra quell indubbia disinvoltura di approccio che noi terroni d europa tanto invidiamo ai peninsulari lass poi c il rovescio della medaglia quando leggi sintesi maceranti e veritiere del tenore di questa che terribile mania che aveva, per scegliere sempre i suoi amanti proprio tra i miei amici e conoscenti dopo quell orribile autunno di quattro anni fa, quando mi scrisse sono stata di un altro mentre tu eri via , mi fidavo ciecamente della sua sincerit ma era poi solo sincerit non era piuttosto un piccolo, crudele desiderio di vedere come l avrei presa una piccola, crudele curiosit di vedere quante frustate riuscivo a sopportare , e pensi che gli inverni lunghi ma soprattutto secoli di luteranesimo in scandinavia han fatto danni serissimi, accidenti. This book is invariably described as a love story which is true as far as it goes, but it s an unusual example of the genre The bare bones of the plot are soon apparent Arvid, a diffident young man who has just moved from his provincial Swedish town to 1890s Stockholm, is smitten with Lydia, the beautiful daughter of a well known artist His feelings are reciprocated there is some passionate kissing in the arbor, and Lydia says she will wait for him always But this makes Arvid nervous, since he has no idea how long it will take him to accumulate enough money for marriage to be a possibility He discourages Lydia, which deeply wounds her feelings Then her father dies, and she impulsively marries a rich, much older man Arvid also marries Ten years later, they meet again by chance and cannot resist the temptation to begin an illicit affair In most books of this kind, the focus will be on the the intrigue can things somehow work out for the star crossed lovers Failing that, it will be on the morality of the situation or on the main characters feelings But here, it s clear pretty much from the start that things can t possibly work out, and there is little talk of morals either There is about feelings Den allvarsamma leken came out in 1912, the year before Un amour de Swann, and in some ways reminds me of it Though S derberg s analysis is in some ways rather different from Proust s he is much explicit about sex shockingly so by the standards of the time and one of the obvious reasons why things go wrong is that Arvid fails to understand how women can be just as interested in sex as men are S derberg s deadpan way of presenting this is nicely done, and I believe got him into a fair amount of trouble But, as with Proust, feelings aren t the central thing either What both authors are most interested in motivation, and here S derberg comes up with a striking way of presenting his answer Arvid is a journalist at a major newspaper, and his work is described in considerable detail Over and over again, we see that no one really controls what the paper publishes People make solemn promises that articles will not be published, and then they turn up in the next day s number anyway Solecisms are carefully corrected in the proofs, but despite everyone s efforts they reappear No one is surprised this is how a newspaper operates, and it s taken for granted that the editor s ability to enforce his will is very limited And, just in the same way, Arvid and Lydia have no real control over their destinies Arvid gets involved with her again, knowing that it will lead to disaster she takes a lover, treats him badly, then bitterly regrets it he writes a cruel and wounding letter that can only make her hate him, reads it through, then posts it Throughout most of the book the philosophy is kept in the background, but once or twice it briefly moves center stage There is a striking scene where an older colleague, seeing that Arvid is becoming involved with the woman he later marries against his better judgement, attempts to dissuade him Arvid asks him why he thinks it s any of his business Herr Rissler replies that, if he was going down the street and saw a runaway horse, he would grab hold of the reins before it overturned the carriage Arvid replies mockingly that this is surely a mixed metaphor he can t be the horse and the driver, can he Oh, but you can says Herr Rissler Let s talk Kant as phenomenon, als Erscheinung, you are the horse, but in the noumenal world, als Ding an Sich, you are the driver Beware.What a clever man Hjalmar S derberg was In just the same way, I think his novel is two things at the same time als Erscheinung, it is a love story, but als Ding an Sich it is a philosophical treatise Most authors who try this manoeuvre come unstuck, but he does it so well that hardly anyone even bothers to look past the beautiful appearances he s at least as skillful as Sartre or Camus Chapeau, monsieur It s comforting to see that you are not forgotten, and that your works finally seem to be reaching a wider audience.Or, at least, that was my reaction on first reading the book But after considering it for another couple of days, I decided it was nonsense You only have to think a little about Kant s picture to see why it makes no sense we can never know anything about the Ding an Sich, so it s not reasonable to say that the philosophy is the real book and the love story is the appearance As Kant points out, we only ever have appearances here, we have a book which sometimes appears as a love story, and sometimes as a work of philosophy.I think this way of looking at it is rather closer to the truth The author has divided himself between the two characters of Arvid and Herr Rissler, who respectively stand for the emotional and the philosophical ways of seeing what is happening Arvid is interested in happenings and feelings but Rissler, like Proust, is interested in why people do things, and, even , how they write about them to turn experience into art Proust seems to view art as an end in itself Marcel s dream is to become an author, and life is mostly viewed as raw material for this process But S derberg reverses the process and views art as therapy for the pain of life Goethe, says Rissler at one point, wrote Die Leiden des Jungen Werther to get over his own heartbreak and inflict it on his readers instead Strindberg very topical in early 20th century Sweden put all his misery into his plays and novels, and was in private life a very happy person Similarly, S derberg himself is writing this book to avoid shooting himself after he has been abandoned by his beloved Gertrud So it s not necessarily a work of philosophy masquerading as a love story it s at least as plausible that it s a love story masquerading as a work of philosophy.We do not perceive the true reality, as Chuang Tzu said in his celebrated parable of the butterfly and the Emperor La moraleja del libro es bien sencilla, no se puede jugar con la vida, la vida es un juego serio y peligroso Esto es lo que viene a decir Hjalmar S derberg en esta soberbia novela, delicada y sutil, precisa y contenida, incisiva y elegante, fatalista y amarga, como posiblemente solo pueda serlo una novela en la que el autor se enfrenta a sus demonios particulares Para m supera incluso a Doctor Glas.Una decisi n, en principio intrascendente, incluso natural dadas las circunstancias personales e hist ricas en las que el azar sit a a nuestra pareja de protagonistas Arvid Stj rnblom y Lydia Stille puede tener consecuencias imprevisibles y terribles No se puede jugar con el destino de otras personas, est en juego la vida de todos No hay vueltas atr s.Una vez iniciado el juego se inicia un proceso de acci n reacci n imparable donde la inercia, el rencor, la venganza, el orgullo, el autoenga o, el miedo har n el resto acciones que nunca se producir an si las condiciones iniciales del juego hubieran sido otras reacciones que quiz s no se habr an tenido sin la actitud concreta que las provoc Y es que la unidad de nuestra personalidad es una pamema somos una extra a amalgama de muchos yoes, aunque no todos llegan a salir a la luz, necesitan las circunstancias apropiadas De la misma forma, hay personalidades de los otros que solo nos son reveladas en momentos cruciales, momentos que lo trastocan todo y que pueden llegar a trastocar nuestra relaci n con ellos hasta hacerla irreconocible e imposible ya para siempre Qu poco se conoce uno a s mismo siempre he cre do, al menos hasta ahora, que yo era una persona honesta y franca siempre he dado por supuesto que la honradez y cierto amor desinteresado por la verdad eran dos de mis rasgos m s caracter sticos Y ahora me encuentro en una situaci n que hace de la falsedad, la astucia y las mentiras una necesidad casi diaria, y para mi sorpresa me doy cuenta de que tambi n tengo aptitudes en este terreno La novela est narrada en tercera persona pero casi siempre bajo el punto de vista del protagonista masculino De l llegamos a conocer perfectamente el por qu de cada uno de sus actos, sus pensamientos, sus deseos, sus tes De ella solo conocemos, en el mejor de los casos, sus acciones, pero nunca las razones en las que descansan, razones que no siempre est n claras Tanto es as , que G Sundstr m, posiblemente tan intrigado como yo por el alma de Lydia, escribi una versi n de esta misma novela pero bajo el punto de vista de ella Siendo interesante saber el punto de vista de otra persona, no me molesta quedarme con las mil posibilidades que a m se me ocurren el misterio es siempre un fuerte atractivo mil posibilidades ganan a una concreci n casi siempre. . Estocolmo 1897Nascido em Estocolmo, o escritor Hjalmar S derberg 1869 1941 publicou o romance Jogo S rio em 1912.A narrativa de Jogo S rio inicia se num final de tarde no Ver o de 1897, numa casa de f rias situada numa das 24.000 ilhas do arquip lago de Estocolmo, onde se encontram reunidos v rios homens e a jovem Lydia Stille Tr s deles, o Bar o Freutiger, o not rio Loven e o jovem Arvid Stjarnblom, est o enamorados pela lind ssima Lydia lentamente a noite come a a cair, e nas sombras e na escurid o do jardim, que os l bios de Lydia e Arvid se uniram num beijo prolongado Mas na incerteza que Lydia questiona Arvid, achas que tu e eu podemos construir um dia um pequeno mundo para n s dois Suponho que pod amos tentar revelando que Arvid tem pouca confian a em si pr prio e que n o confiava nos seus sentimentos Lydia desesperada sussurra lhe ao ouvido Acredito em ti Acredito em ti Posso esperar E aos vinte e dois anos Arvid confessa n o suporto a ideia de ter algu m, a esperar por mim N o altura de prender me a ningu m Antes de mais tens que viver a vida As f rias de Ver o acabam e Arvid regressa a Estocolmo para iniciar um est gio a leccionar Sueco, Hist ria e Geografia e, simultaneamente, come a a trabalhar no jornal Nationalblad os seus pensamentos centram se em Lydia, mas s o completamente dominados pela inseguran a emocional e pela precariedade financeira, provocando, no imediato, um desencontro amoroso irrevers vel e doloroso.A inevitabilidade de Lydia e Arvid prosseguirem e constitu rem relacionamentos e vidas separadas, vem acentuar a ruptura comovente de as imposs veis.Passados dez anos, na pera, o reencontro acontece, as m os de ambos procuram se e encontraram se s feliz Suponho que ningu m seja realmente feliz e fatalmente a infelicidade, a infidelidade e a mentira imperam sobre compromissos t nues assentes na falsidade e na ambiguidade de relacionamentos incompreens veis.As personagens de Jogo S rio tem simultaneamente comportamentos complexos e melanc licos, onde os conflitos morais e amorosos quase sempre degeneram numa dor f sica e inexplicavelmente ou n o, assistimos imp vidos ao vislumbre do sofrimento e da insensibilidade das atitudes rotineiras, sem amor, felicidade ou paix o Hjalmar S derberg tem uma escrita perfeita, emocionalmente comovente, com detalhes primorosos destaco tr s exemplos a folhinha de papel com o desenho de uma planura outonal com esqueletos de salgueiros nus reflectidos num lago tranquilo, um c u carregado, aguaceiros e um bando de rvores migrat rias e nas costas da folha Lydia escrevera Quero ir para longe, oh, muito longe daqui , ou o pormenor do selo Se me condenas e n o queres saber mais de mim, cola o selo de cabe a para baixo Mas se me absolves, cola o de cabe a para cima , ou a simbologia de retirar do dedo o anel de esmeralda sempre enquadrada por um suspense enigm tico sobre os mist rios do amor. O que que felicidade Ningu m sabe , respondeu ele Talvez seja algo que imaginamos, e que n o existe Mas ser de facto poss vel imagin la Consegues imaginar uma felicidade constante, que dure para sempre pois tem que durar para sempre de outro modo, a ideia de que teria um termo bastaria para a envenenar Hjalmar S derberg 1869 1941 Um magn fico artigo do escritor sueco Henning Mankell sobre Jogo S rio de Hjalmar S derberg.http henningmankell.com chronicles So, The Serious Game was, in my literature textbook described as Possibly the most beautiful love story written in the swedish language This is not entirely incorrect, but it probably says something about swedish literature Basic story Boy loves girl Girl marries other man, boy marries other woman, boy and girl meet again, boy and girl have an affair Girl cheats on boy, boy forgives girl, boys wife finds out, boy finds out girl has cheated on him again, boy and girl break up The end.This story synopsis does not in any way describe the actual book, first of all, the swedish prose is absolutely brilliant S derberg is a wonderful author, witty, observant, cynical, and yet with a vein of sentimentality and fin de siecle angst that is very appealing Throughout the book he makes wry comments on contemporary politics, religion and literature on that later he shows characters armoured in cynicism and really too good for this kind of melodrama but yet with the emotional vulnerability to get pulled into it anyway In typical S derberg fashion the motivations are often opaque, or at least easily presents multiple different interpretations.There is something cool and slightly detached about S derberg, which makes an odd juxtaposition in this kind of very emotional story There is a sense that like his protagonist, S derberg is a distant observer that somehow still hides emotional depths This quite unlike Strindberg whose entire art and life was arguably a kind of performance The novel was written in 1913, and is set in the period from late 1892 to the year it was published It serves as a great panorama of fin de siecle culture, of a world that is both in many was unmistakably modern and at the same time very alien, the settings an milieus however are relentlessly bourgeisie Although the books main characters moves at the outskirts they are still part of the cultural and social elite This is very noticeable in some of the comments made regarding various political issues, and to some extent there is a feeling of First world problems over the entire thing.Still, the book is witty, beautifully written, and at times genuinely poignant And of course eminently quotable. Anos mais tarde, quando recordava esse Outono de 1908, Arvid referia se lhe como o purgat rio Na poca, sentira como se estivesse a percorrer um longo e sinuoso t nel, que se ia afunilando cada vez mais, at o obrigar a gatinharum t nel sem sa da e onde n o entrava um raio de luzDe repente, sentiu se velho Era como se envelhecesse um ano a cada dia que passava Sim, pensou ele, os poetas t m sorte Podem encontrar consola o para quase tudo Mesmo que tenham a vida destru da, devastada, estragada, podem sempre achar consola o T m o poder de exprimir a sua irredut vel infelicidade, e nisso achar consolo Mas o que h de fazer um pobre e banal pecador I escaped to the ocean this past weekend, my first attempt to sit alone on a beach in six years The first day of my trip, the weather was ideal and the world felt shiny and bright from then on, gray skies descended and the scenery was a sterling silver.I ll be honest I was disappointed I have so little time for myself all I wanted was to sit on a quiet, bright beach, and I got blustery and blah It was cold, it was crowded, everything was overpriced, and it was not an ideal place for a busy mom to clear her head.But we prevail, right I mean, I went into this 1912 Swedish read thinking it was a noir thriller, filled with hot sex and I got instead a moody, weird translation and G rated sex scenes Disney s Sleeping Beauty is hotter, y all.We don t always get what we want, we just get what we get, and that s exactly what the protagonists here suffer.Arvid is our main protagonist He s a man who has a tough time accepting he s a writer it seems to demean him in some way , and, other than having an early infatuation with a woman named Lydia, he has no real attachment to any woman He s finally duped into marrying a woman named Dagmar and they fall into a safe, monotonous, baby making partnership.Lydia is his female counterpart, and she has her own struggles She s young when her father dies, her mother preceded him in death, and Lydia must find her way in turn of the century Sweden with no money and no prospects She marries a much older man and knows that her marriage is a prison from the moment she chokes on I do So, til death do us part and til death do us part, and both Arvid and Lydia decide, rather quickly, that monogamy is maybe the biggest bullshit lie of the past five centuries and that if they are stuck in these loveless marriages until their death beds, well, damn it, that totally sucks.I ll leave the rest up to your imagination, but, for my part, I wanted to contribute that this book, which had a slow beginning, did ultimately capture my interest.It s moody, and I can sense it is much powerful in its original Swedish, but there s something here For me, it was reminiscent of three novels I love The End of the Affair, Madame Bovary, and Doctor Zhivago I m not declaring it s as good AS ANY of those three I think those are three of the best novels that were ever written, but I think that if you like any of those, this might work well for you.There are several topics explored here, in 1912, that are staggeringly modern and surprising the cogency or lack thereof of monogamy for the human species, the concept of journalists being forced to produce a certain amount of fake news to keep their jobs, and the examination of a woman with multiple sexual partners who is not paid to do so, but is motivated by her own sexual desires.I finished the book, still having no idea what The Serious Game means, and I believe it was an incredibly poor choice for a title Perhaps the original title, in Swedish, was The Fucking Game, and something got lost in translation I d recommend going back to the original title, and also adding some real sex scenes.But, despite disappointments, as always, I prevail. `Download ↿ Den allvarsamma leken ⇴ Arvid E Lydia Si Amano La Giovinezza, La Dolcezza Delle Sere Estive Nell Arcipelago, La Musica Sospesa Nell Aria, L Incanto Dei Primi Baci, Tutti I Sogni Ancora Possibili La Felicit L , A Portata Di Mano Ma Gi Davvero Il Momento Di Afferrarla Gi Quella La Vita Con Un Esitazione, Una Rinuncia, Una Perdita, Che Inizia Il Gioco Serio, La Storia Di Un A Perennemente Inseguito, Cercato, Rimpianto, Vissuto Solo Nel Breve Spazio Di Una Passione, Nell Interstizio Di Un Tempo Sospeso Tra Il Troppo Presto E Il Troppo Tardi L Unico Vero Romanzo D A Della Letteratura Svedese , Verr Definito In Seguito, Quando Sar Annoverato Tra I Classici Del Nostro Secolo, Dopo La Controversa Accoglienza Dei Contemporanei A Quell Ammissione Di Un Fallimento Esistenziale In Cui Non Potevano Che Rispecchiarsi S Derberg Appartiene In Pieno Alla Categoria Degli Scrittori Dell Esilio, Di Quell Irrimediabile Lontananza Tra L Io E La Vita Che La Cifra Della Letteratura Moderna Con Una Lucidit Senza Concessioni, Un Eleganza Capace Di Rivestire Di Ironica Leggerezza La Di Sperazione, Guarda Arvid Scivolare A Poco A Poco Dalle Grandi Aspirazioni Ai Compromessi, Agli Inganni, A Quei Piccoli Tradimenti Di Se Stesso Che Lo Rendono Sempre Pi Estraneo A Un Esistenza Che Non Riconosce Pi Come Sua, E Lydia Disperdere In Inappaganti Esperienze Il Suo Appassionato Bisogno Di Un A Assoluto Che La Giustifichi Dal Caso Dreyfus Alla Morte Di Strindberg, Dalla Guerra Tra Russia E Giappone Al Titanic, La Cronaca Fedele Degli Anni A Cavallo Del Secolo Registra Gli Avvenimenti Della Storia Che Scorre Loro Accanto, Come Il Passare Dei Giorni E Delle Stagioni In Una Stoccolma Tanto Pi Meticolosamente Concreta E Reale, Con Le Sue Vie, I Suoi Teatri, I Suoi Caff , Tanto Pi Emblematica, Con I Suoi Lunghi Crepuscoli E I Suoi Cieli Vuoti, Quanto Pi Sfuggente E Incontrollabile Si Fa Il Loro Destino