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4 STARSIf you were mine, Ruby Grace, your dreams wouldn t come second to anythingMy first Kandi Steiner and it was a winner At the tender age of 19, Ruby Grace is getting married And she s happy about it mostly Her older, charismatic fiance is on the brink of political stardom and she likes the idea of them taking on the world s problems together So why does she feel so smothered As wedding preparations steam roll forward, Ruby Grace finds some much needed breathing room by hanging out with Noah, one of the the town s notorious Becker brothersHe was all down home country, and I was refined country royaltyGotta love a bad boy good girl, wrong side of the tracks romance But I ll be honest and tell you that while Ruby Grace was likable, I wasn t her biggest fan Her self sacrificial, strap me down on the altar of martyrdom personality really got on my nerves But she was believable and I understood her and her attraction to Noah DNoah, Noah, Noah OMG, yes yes yesIt was silly to even think it when we hadn t so much as held hands, but I felt it some sort of deep possessiveness over a girl I d never haveHe made for a fabulous Southern hero hot, confident, mischievous, blue collar, loves his Mama, goes to church, loyal I could go on and onI didn t know I was empty Not until she poured into my lifeHe made this book for me.So if you re not offended by the premise of an engaged woman finding herself through a friendship with another man, I definitely recommend This was very readable 4.5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by AuthorYou are the heroine just as much as he is the hero And if he loves you, he will support you and your dreams just as you ve supported his and will continue to in the future If you were mine, Ruby Grace, your dreams wouldn t come second to anythingON THE ROCKS is a slow build, sultry summer romance read that is sure to be a hit with Kandi Steiner fans The plot is filled with angst and drama Enough to keep readers thoroughly entertained It s got a sweet and sassy heroine, a Hero who s impossible not to fall head over heels in love with, and a secondary character that nearly steals the whole show.Ruby Grace is about to marry the man of her dreams He is devoted to her and on his way to becoming a powerhouse in the political arena Her parents love him and are so proud of her To everyone, it looks like she s got the world at her feet So why does she feel like she s drowning And how is it that the biggest player in town is the only one who can see through her facade Noah is ten years older than her and they don t run in the same social circles, but that doesn t stop the sparks from flying between them when Ruby Grace shows up at Scooter Whiskey to purchase her fianc a wedding gift.Noah may not have ever been in a serious relationship, but he knows what love looks like He s seen it with his parents Noah wants what they had and knows that someday the right woman will come into his life He s blindsided by the fact that it happens to be the one woman he can t have Ruby Grace is too young and definitely off limits Noah knows he needs to stay away, but can he when he knows in his heart she is his true soulmate and is about to make the biggest mistake of her life Here are my overall ratings Hero 5Heroine 4.5Plot 4Angst 4.5Steam 4Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5 ON THE ROCKS is currently available It s a one click must US Worldwide FREE EBOOK ♻ On the Rocks ☨ Noah Becker Is Nothing But TroubleThat S What Mama Told Me When I Was A Kid, Kicking His Pew In Church And Giggling At The Games We D Play It S What The Town Said When His Father Died And The Becker Brothers Went Wild And It S On Repeat In My Mind The Day I Walk Into The Whiskey Distillery Where He Works To Buy A Wedding Gift For My FiancHe S Trouble Dirty, Sweaty, Rude Trouble No Matter How Many Times I Repeat It, I Can T Escape Noah In Our Small Tennessee Town And The I Run Into Him, The He Infuriates Me Because He Sees What No One Else DoesHe Sees Me The Real Me The Me I M Not Sure I M Allowed To BeI M Ruby Grace Barnett, The Mayor S Daughter Soon To Be A Politician S Wife, Just Like Mama And Daddy Always Wanted Soon To Fulfill My Family S Legacy, Just Like I Always Knew I WouldUntil The Boy Everyone Warned Me About Makes Me Question Everything, Like Whether The Wedding I M Planning Is One I Even Want Everyone Says Noah Becker Is Nothing But TroubleIf Only I Had Listened NOW AN TOP 50 BESTSELLER ON THE ROCKS A brand new, small town, country romance from bestselling author Kandi Steiner.Available in Kindle Unlimited US 2F6GgGgUK 2WEAOW0And now, an EXCLUSIVE Goodreads sneak peek inside Annie blanched Wait, I meant we would like to leave, she said, gesturing between her and Travis As in, the two of us You should stay Have some drinks, catch up with people Catch up with who, exactly I probed The girls I thought were my friends in high school before you and I both found out the hard way that they only hung out with us for our money Or how about the boys who, even after graduating, are still boys, and are already tripping over themselves with the urge to ask me out even though they know I m engaged I glanced over at a group of guys I recognized from high school some of them graduated, some of them seniors now and they all looked away simultaneously, sipping on their beers and pretending like they hadn t been staring.Annie chuckled Okay Fair point, she said, but then her eyes flicked somewhere behind me Well, would you look at that It s your buddy from the distillery I turned, following her gaze over my shoulder, and immediately locked eyes with Noah Becker.He was standing with his younger brother, Logan, as they filled their cups from the keg He smirked when I saw him, saying something to Logan before he started toward me, and I whipped back around, eyes wide He s walking over here, Annie whispered as Travis pulled to the side, saying goodbye to his buddies I noticed Come on, let s head out, I murmured through clenched teeth, but before I could take even one step, Noah Becker was standing in the space in front of us Ruby Grace, he mused, holding one of the red cups in his hands toward me Noah, I nearly seethed I didn t take the cup he offered We were just leaving We were just leaving, Annie corrected, gesturing to her and Travis, who was a few yards away with his buddies now But, Ruby Grace, you were thinking of staying, weren t you No, I wasn t Noah smirked, first at Annie, then at me I saw you were empty handed Thought I d be a gentleman and bring you another beer That was so nice of you, Annie said, practically melting in a cartoonish swoon.I glared at her I don t drink beer, I told Noah, my glare still on Annie Oh, I didn t realize Is it a man s drink, too I rolled my eyes Honestly, yes And it s carby I have a wedding dress to fit into Noah kept his gaze on me, but the corner of his mouth twitched a little at that comment Suit yourself, he said on a shrug Then, he lifted the cup he d been offering me to his lips and drained it in three clean swallows before he stacked the other full one inside the now empty one Classy, I mumbled Thanks One of my many party tricks I waited for him to walk away, but he didn t He just stood there, one hand wrapped around that cup as his free one dipped inside the pocket of his faded blue jeans I hated that I noticed the way they fit him, the way they hung off his hips, the edge of his brown belt just barely visible under the navy blue t shirt he wore It had a logo on it that I wasn t familiar with, but combined with the low orange light of the fire, that shirt set off the cobalt in his blue gray eyes in a mesmerizing way His thick biceps strained against the fabric of the sleeves, and when I glanced at his face again, I realized he was checking me out, too.His gaze was fixed on my legs.I cleared my throat, crossing my arms over my chest as I shifted my weight Aren t you a little old to be here Aren t you a little young he countered, taking a sip of his beer as his eyes scanned the scene behind me like he was suddenly bored.I scowled Look, if you came over here to berate me, feel free to leave At that, his eyes snapped back to me He pinned me with that gaze, like I was a child or his next target which one, I couldn t be sure I came over here to bring you a beer, he reminded me I was trying to be a gentleman, and I was going to apologize for upsetting you earlier this week at the distillery But now, I m not sure why I bothered Noah shook his head, his shoulder brushing mine a bit as he walked past me with my mouth hanging open like a fish I blinked several times, digesting what he d said before my cheeks flushed with embarrassment Annie cringed I don t think he s being a creep, Ruby Grace, she said as Noah walked away It seemed like he was trying to apologize Maybe you should let him I closed my eyes, letting out a long exhale before I turned, jogging after him Wait He paused where he was, turning as I caught up to him I swallowed when our eyes met again I m sorry, I said, running my hands back through my hair before I let him hit my exposed thighs with a slap I didn t mean to be so rude It s just My voice faded, and I had a laundry list of excuses I wanted to spew about the stress of the wedding, the fact that my best friend had toted me to a party I didn t even want to go to and then wanted to leave an hour in but, I knew Noah Becker didn t want to hear my problems, so I stopped there It s just been a hell of a week Noah nodded, waiting Anyway, I continued Thank you for the beer, even though I didn t take it And for apologizing for the distillery I paused again I guess I should probably apologize for that day, too Noah tilted his head a little, his eyes curious So, are you going to I rolled my eyes Can t you just not be a brat He chuckled at that, sipping from his cup I don t think anyone has ever called me a brat, outside of my mom Mom s always right Touch , he said, tapping his cup with one of the fingers that held it before he nodded over his shoulder Come on Let s ditch this place for a while My eyes widened What You don t want to be here, he reminded me And honestly, I m bored out of my mind There are some stables down by the creek Let s go for a midnight ride We can t just ride someone else s horses One of them is mine That shut me up.I shifted, tucking my hair behind my ears as I looked around us People were already watching, whispering, wondering what in the world Ruby Grace Barnett was doing talking to a Becker boy We can t leave together, I said, lowering my voice as I folded my arms back over my chest People will see Noah furrowed his brows like he didn t understand it, but when he followed my gaze, noticing the group of girls around my age with their eyes on us, he nodded in understanding Ah, he said, sliding his free hand back into his pocket as he took another drink of his beer I see You still give a fuck what other people think of you No, I said quickly, too quickly, blowing my faint attempt at nonchalance Yeah Clearly he ll believe that.The truth was I did care than I wanted to admit Our town loved to talk, and the last thing I wanted was to be the subject of anyone s gossip No, that s not it, I said again, voice steady, though it was still a lie Mm hmm It s not, I argued again, like a child I don t care what anyone in this town thinks of me Okay Prove it, then, he said, draining what was left of his beer before he tossed it in one of the trash cans nearby He didn t look over his shoulder to see if I was following him, just started off in the direction of the stables in the distance. 3.5 StarsOverall Opinion This was an enjoyable forbidden romance read It was actually better than I thought it would be and if it wasn t for the ending I would ve rated it higher I liked both of the mcs, I enjoyed their friendship to type relationship, and I enjoyed the overall message being about the h going after her own dreams and not letting them get lost in a relationship Just FYI I wouldn t necessarily call this a second chance romance , which I remember seeing about this, because they weren t together or have any type of relationship before they were reunited.Brief Summary of the Storyline This is Ruby Grace and Noah s story Ruby Grace returns to her hometown to prepare for her wedding and runs into Noah at the whisky distillery that he works at when she goes to buy her fianc a wedding present Noah is shocked at how much Ruby Grace has changed from the annoying kid that would always kick his pew in church and he is drawn to her instantly Noah feels protective over her when he realizes that she isn t happy in her polished and perfect seeming life Ruby Grace finds peace with Noah s unexpected friendship during the whirlwind her life has become and they start to develop stronger feelings There is some family drama, some hot sexy times, and some sad momentsand they get a HFN ending.Point Of View POV This alternated between Ruby Grace and Noah s POV.Overall Pace of Story Good I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well see closure section below.Instalove No, they take a while to develop stronger feelings.H Hero rating 4.5 stars Noah I really liked him He was an excellent mix of alpha, hot, loyal, and sweet.h heroine rating 4 stars Ruby Grace I liked her She was smart, sassy, and sweet.Sadness level Low, no tissues neededPush Pull Yes view spoiler The h pushes away a good bit They both pursue the relationship at times, but I would say that the H was the main pursuer of the relationship hide spoiler 4 stars If you were mine, Ruby Grace, your dreams wouldn t come second to anything I ve read A love letter to whiskey by Kandi Steiner recently, and I was obsessed with that book and her writing, so I decided to read of her books, starting with this one and it was SO SWEET Well, I ve heard some of the best adventures come from finding yourself a little lost, Ruby Grace is back in town and about to get married at the age of 19 She is the mayor s daughter who was raised to be a politician s wife, her parents couldn t be proud But after she encounters Noah Becker, the town s biggest player, everything changed Noah started caring about her and questioning her decisions Then slowly their friendship will turn to something.He was a lightning storm, fun to watch from afar but dangerous to dance with.Noah Becker is the player you can t help but fall in love with He s so sweet, supportive, and caring He s got that bad boy persona, but has such a great loving heart swoon Honestly, I didn t like Ruby much, but I liked watching her grow and stand for herself I like how she managed to discover herself and what she really wants But you can t steal something that s already yours This was a super sweet slow burn romance with a swoon worthy hero that I really enjoyed I loved their sweet romance so much and how it slowly turned from friendship to love The ending was a little bitover dramatic But it worked out somehow with this book I really wanted the truth about what happened to their father to come out, because they and their mother really deserve it But now that there will be another book, I hope that it will be mentioned Can t wait to read Logan s story This was a really sweet summer read Thank you Melanie, I would tag you if I know how your review encouraged me to read this book Anyone can lead an ordinary life, child, she d said to me one lazy afternoon But the best adventures are reserved for the ones brave enough to be extraordinary Song recommendation Arabella by Arctic Monkeys Wonderful tonight by Eric ClaptonGirls like you by Maroon 5 OMGGGGG All the sweet, all the swoon, all the feels I fell hopelessly in love with Noah and Ruby Every moment of their beautiful romance gave me feels I melted, swooned, cried, laughed, and swooned It s a dreamy, sweet, heartfelt story with the perfect touch of angst that ruined me Such an incredible start to a series each book is a stand alone, featuring a new couple The Becker brothers are BEYOND yummy, and I can t say enough good things about On the Rocks It s my favorite Kandi Steiner book to date Seriously amazing Cue the MAJOR book hangover Anyone can lead an ordinary life But the best adventures are reserved for the ones brave enough to be extraordinaryThere is something about small town romance that gives us all of the feels Whether it s the knowledge that some of these characters have known each other since they were kids, or the fact that there s this unexplainable type of connection with the most of the residents in the small town or the love you feel when these characters stand up for you Either way, there s something to be said about small town romance They re freakin good From a young age Ruby Grace Barnett has been taught to be the perfect daughter From her mannerisms, to having a hair out of place and all the way down to her every day wardrobe attire, she was groomed to be the perfect daughter When you have parents in the political circle, perfection is a must and if you want the perfect future husband, then you give them nothing less.Noah Becker is a down to earth good ol fashioned family man at heart Growing up with his three other siblings, he s had the perfect example of what true love looks like and he wants nothing than to have that one day For now, he s perfectly content with a no strings attached relationship every now and then and he doesn t see that changing anytime soon That is until a red headed beauty throws his world off kilter and makes him want the impossible Her What happens when you find the love of your life and the timing couldn t be wrong You fight like hell to make it right This story not only showed how these characters fell in love, but we saw the most important thing that was the strong foundation for that love and it was friendship I really enjoyed seeing Noah and Ruby Grace s bond and I loved their banter that they had with each other from time to time It was really refreshing to see that coming from both of the characters and I admired that they took their time in a sense I have always been a fan of this author s writing and this story is no different Her words felt effortless and even though it wasn t the type of emotional read that I thought I was going to be getting, I still enjoyed the heck out of it and highly recommend that you read this oneTeaser used is from the author s site Anyone can lead an ordinary life But the best adventures are reserved for the ones brave enough to be extraordinaryON THE ROCKS Is a full length, small town stand alone romance novel by Kandi Steiner Spoken in Dual Perspectives A slow burn cute summer days read Books like this are my weakness, from friends to lovers, a bit of drama, a little bit of angst, to swoony moments, throw in a few sighs, a small town, and get ready to fall in love with our hero like I did He got my heart pumping, throw in a whisky on the rocks and I was in my happy place This was a cute, hate to like you, add in their attraction towards each other which simmered in the background utterly made for a sweet easy to get into kind of read Their story started many moons ago in church where she d sit behind him kicking his pew She d just been a young girl back then and he d been fresh out of high schoolThe first time I d laid eyes on him, I was only nine years old, and he was the cute boy who sat in the pew in front of me in church Five years later Ruby Grace is back in town to plan her special day which is taking place in just six weeks time Meet our nineteen year old Heroine, Ruby Grace Barnett she is the daughter of the town s mayor and has been groomed at a young age to not only be the perfect daughter but to also become a wife of a politician one day just like her mamaI was marrying someone with the same political heart as my father, and his father, and his father s father It was what my family had always wanted for me If anything, Anthony was he didn t just want to be mayor, he wanted to be president And I would be his first lady Ruby Grace had always had aspirations of helping children, battered woman right down to the homeless So marrying her husband to be would allow her to put her passion to good use Twenty eight year old country boy Noah Becker is on the other side of the spectrum, him and his three brothers are carefree and wild, they are notorious for making trouble wherever they go but work alongside each other at Scooter Whiskey DistilleryTennessee whiskey was a part of me It was in my blood I was born and raised on it, and at twenty eight, it was no surprise to me that I was now part of the team that bred and raised the most famous Tennessee whiskey of the world He was happily single but was waiting for that factor to come into his life, he was striving for a timeless love that his parents had The day she encounters Noah Becker whilst purchasing a barrel of whiskey for her husband to be, is also the exact same day her life turns upside down as he asks Grace some hard questions which really hit home To bumping into each other at their local watering hole, to slowly becoming friends he made her feel like a girl without the world on her shoulders, carefree and happy but on the other hand he also made her question her futureEverything was perfect, and if you asked any of my friends, they d say I was the luckiest girl in Tennessee So then why did it feel like I was drowningTeasers used are off the authors facebook page All the stars for this one I devour it, On The Rocks has everything I was expected and even It was an amazing story that will stay with me forever, I have all the feelings with this one Kandi Steiner delivers a heartwarming,intense,romantic,powerful story I can t even express how much I adored Ruby Grace and Noah, the relationship between these two was something magical.I could feel everything they went through.They were flirty, with tension and angst.They have some really intense and swoon moments.I fall in love with On The Rocks from page one, the writing was flawless and at some point poetic On The Rocks is one of these stories that will make you smile,laugh and cry.Get ready for an intense roller coaster with Noah and Ruby Grace.