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Thank you NetGalley and Bell Bridge Books for this arc.I don t believe I ve read this author s work before But a quick check on GR let me know that it likely would have some romance mixed in with the fantasy story While I m usually okay with some romance mixed in, I found this to be too heavy on the romance for me in that it was a distraction from the main story The world was an interesting one, but apparently there s a previous series The Horngate Witches in which the world is fully developed and this book just picks up where the Horngate Witches left off so if I had some questions that if I really want answers for, I d need to read the 4 books of that series to find out.I found the pacing of this read to be bumpy Seemed like every time the action started to ramp up, it was interrupted by either Kayla s or Ray s internal dialogue about their sexual fantasies of the other Oh good grief y all aren t teenagers any, just get a room I like Kayla s character a lot better than I liked Ray s But I liked Raven and Logan better While it wasn t exactly a cliff hanger ending, it s very apparent this is just book 1 of a planned series and there were several story lines left unresolved.2.5 stars rounded up Source Publisher Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 3.5 Thoughts The Witchkin Murders is the first installment in author Diana Pharaoh Francis Magicfall Urban Fantasy series 4 years ago, the world exploded with wild magic The cherry on top of that crap cake The supernatural world declared war on humans, and those like Kayla Reese and Ray Garza found themselves living a different life Kayla Reese went from a cop to scavenger overnight, while Detective Ray Garza, Kayla s former partner, has been hiding in plain sight with a secret that s too great to reveal to anyone Full Review Gizmos Reviews It s extremely irritating to pay full price 8 for a traditionally published book and then get a sub par work because the publisher couldn t make a final quality check The Kindle edition is printed with half the pages randomly in italics, a perfect choice for a screen no doubt It s very difficult to read on a tablet or phone, but even on a kindle paper it s not pleasant I found it very distracting.This is a UF book set in post apocalyptic setting the usual magic tragedy , nothing new except for the heroine or rather what she is Nothing much to say, I m not sure the plot is that solid, as the mystery has to fight for page space with the romantic and personal threads Both leads seem to be pretty stupid in their choice to ignore the truth I think that this series is linked to the Horngate witches, but it can be read on its own This author seems to be a hit or miss for me, and this book confirms the fact. I received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily chose to write an honest review for.Magic has entered the world and pretty much completely changed it Those who developed some type of power are known as witchkin and left to police themselves The humans separate themselves which could be their downfall There is some great world building going on, lots of action, some mystery, a touch of romance, and lots of surprises that will keep you turning the page until there are no Perfect for fans of the genre I really liked it so I give it 4 5 stars. The Witchkin Murders has everything I could ask for in a book A strong take no crap heroine a yummy, flawed hero, interesting world building Magic, and secrets, and impending doom Oh my.I like Diana Pharoah Francis I loved her Diamond City Magic Series I dove into this book hoping to find another read like Trace of Magic but did not find it This book is a spin off offshot Of The Horngate Witches and I really wish I d read that first The world building is interesting, but there is a lot of it a huge info dump The society is messed up because of the events that happened in The Horngate Witches info dump The magic structure requires a fair amount of explanation multiple info dumps Basically there is just a crapload of info dumpsThe story starts 4 years after the Witch Wars, and I went into it blind It felt like reading about someone walking away from a car crash unscathed and not knowing what a car is Very little made sense Witches are pariah s except for Techno Wizards for some reason Magic is bad, except everyone buys charms all the time They live in a magical society, and except for the technological aspects of magic the cops seem to ignore it When I stopped trying to understand the foundation I started to enjoy the story Kayla used to be a cop A damn good one Then magic walloped Portland and she couldn t be a cop any Now she s a woman with a secret Well if you want to get technical, she has two no, three secrets A big one A monster sized one And a What did you just say one She just stepped into a murder scene She s not a cop any But some instincts can t be stifled So, she s going to reach out to Ray the partner she walked away from without a backward glance A man carrying his own secrets There isn t time to find a new balance They have to hit the ground running Stuff is about to hit the fan Cops may ignore magic unless it smacks them upside the head, but magic is coming that they can t ignore And they are woefully unprepared for it.I like Kayla, she is small and scrappy and does not take injustice laying down I like Ray, he s a strong character with heart, and enough sense to beat down his inner Neanderthal when Kayla sticks her neck out further than he d like Ordinarily I don t like a shifting perspective But it works beautifully here It gave me just enough relationship drama without making me want to throw up my hands and yell oh my God, just talk to each other already The supporting characters keep the story lively And once it gets going, and it takes its sweet time getting up to speed the story is highly entertaining.I m giving this a 3.5 on the It s not you it s me premise for a couple reasons 1 Not understanding the backstory kept me from appreciating the story.2 The editing in this book is inexcusable Poorly executed HTML turned this story into a big italicized mess.I received a copy from Netgalley for review These are my honest thoughts the witchkinmurders netgalley Three and a half stars.Four years ago Kayla s world imploded when wild magic exploded and the supernatural world or Witchkin declared war on the humans Now there is an uneasy truce with humans and the technomages on one side and all Witchkin on the other Kayla was a successful detective until the war, when wild magic hit she transformed into a terrible monster whenever she got wet Unable to continue working for Portland PD she now scavenges for scarce resources like tampons and peanut butter in areas ravaged by wild magic Returning from one such scavenge she comes across three murdered Witchkin and despite all her fears, calls her old partner Ray to let him know.Ray and Kayla had a very bad falling out when she abruptly quit the force without any explanation and emotions have run hot and fierce ever since, strangely when they meet up again for the first time in four years Ray feels lust and frustration than anything else They go their separate ways until a high profile kidnapping of two of the most prominent and wealthy members of Portland society bring Ray and Kayla back into contact again.First, the things I liked The world building was great, I liked the magic mixed with technomages and shifters and mythology even though it did seem reminiscent of the glorious world of Kate Daniels There were strong tensions between humans and Witchkin and I liked some of the uses of magic I also liked the hitherto less explored mythologies and the creature which Kayla shifts into kudos for choosing something out of the ordinary.Turning to what I didn t like First Ray only seemed to have one expression, or variants thereof, his d k went hard , it actually started to seem like an almost forced reaction like he had been infected with magical Viagra rather than a normal reaction to a woman he is in love with Second, Kayla can t for the life of her understand why Ray gets so worked up when she puts herself in danger she is in such denial about their feelings for each other that it becomes exasperating for goodness sake you re supposed to be a detective woman, get a clue Third there were a couple of very clunky political messages statements which jarred on me.Overall, this was a promising start with an interesting world building and plot, let down slightly by the romance side as urban fantasy often is Not in the same league as Ilona Andrews, although so few are, but an enjoyable read nevertheless and I look forward to reading in the series.I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review. |FREE EPUB ☽ The Witchkin Murders (Magicfall, #1) ☤ Four Years Ago, My World The World Exploded With Wild Magic The Cherry On Top Of That Crap Cake The Supernatural World Declared War On Humans, And My Life Went Straight To HellI Used To Be A Detective, And A Damned Good One Then Magicfall Happened, And I Changed Along With The World I M Witchkin Now Something Than Human Or Not Quite Human, Depending On Your Perspective To Survive, I Ve Become A Scavenger, Searching Abandoned Houses And Stores For The Everyday Luxuries In Short Supply Tampons And Peanut Butter Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen, But Anything S Better Than Risking My Secret Except, Old Habits Die Hard When I Discover A Murder Scene Screaming With Signs Of Black Magic Ritual, I Know My Days Of Hiding Are Over Any Chance I Had Of Escaping My Past With My Secret Intact Is Gone Solving The Witchkin Murders Is Going To Be The Hardest Case Of My Life, And Not Just Because Every Second Will Torture Me With Reminders Of How Much I Miss My Old Life And My Partner, Who Hates My Guts For Abandoning The DepartmentBut It S Time To Suck It Up, Because If I Screw This Up, Portland Will Be Wiped Out, And I M Not Going To Let That Happen Hold On To Your Butts, Portland Justice Is Coming, And I Don T Take PrisonersAbout The Author Diana Pharaoh Francis Is The Acclaimed Author Of A Dozen Novels Of Fantasy And Urban Fantasy Her Books Have Been Nominated For The Mary Roberts Rinehart Award And RT S Best Urban Fantasy The Witchkin Murders Is The First Book In Her Exciting New Urban Fantasy Series Magicfall Visit Her At Dianapfrancis, And Find Her On Facebook The Witchkin Murders was all over the place for me I really did love it at times but then it kind of dragged on and on Kayla was a police detective when the magicfall happened She quit her job and disappeared from her partner s life But now she needs him when she discovers murders in the park.Ray is angry with Kayla for leaving without a trace but he was pretty mean to her when she said she needed to go He still has no idea what caused Kayla to quit the force but he sure isn t going to let her get away this time without an explanation.Mystery, murder and mayhem grab Kayla and Ray in its grip and don t let go for the entire ride Overall this was a great read and I would of given it a 4 and here comes the but but I can t overlook an extremely long and convoluted ending and a few plot directions that led to nothing making it 3.5.I received this ARC copy of The Witchkin Murders from BelleBooks, Inc Bell Bridge Books This is my honest and voluntary review The Witchkin Murders is set for publication June 7, 2019.My rating 3.5 starsWritten by Diana Pharaoh FrancisPaperback 288 pagesPublisher Bell Bridge Books Publication Date June 7, 2019ISBN 10 1611949521ISBN 13 978 1611949520Genre Urban Fantasy Noble The world exploded with wild magic and the supernatural world declared war on humans and Kayla life went straight to hell She used to be a detective and now she s witchkin and a scavenger trying to hide her secret But any chance she had of escaping her past and keeping her secret disappears when she discovers a murder scene that screams whit signs of black magic ritual She has to work with her old partner who hates her for abandoning the department and if she screws this up, Portland will be wiped out.This new urban fantasy screams suspense and magic and while most of the story doesn t have a lot of romance per say, it does hint at the possibility of a romantic feelings between Kayla and old partner Ray The chemistry burns hot and heavy throughout the story as they clash, sending sparks flying in every direction The relationship is chock full of emotional upheaval due to secrets that stem from what happened when magic fell These two strong, bold characters along with strong supportive characters easily draw readers into their story as they struggle to come to terms with working together again and with how they really feel.Readers can t stop reading very fast paced and suspenseful story that is full of stunning twists that change everything in this post apocalyptic world full of wild magic and monsters where the divide between humans and supernaturals is boiling over the top Unique elements and a wonderfully descriptive futuristic setting makes it easy for readers to imagine so they really can t help but this energetic and stunning read. I liked that this book is set in the world of the The Horngate Witches, but if you haven t read the series you will have no problem reading this one This books seems to be the aftermath if what happened in the other series a few years later.I liked the dynamic between Kayla and Ray, how they had a great history of partners when they were cops Sadly when the magic apocalypse happened their relationship imploded as Kayla left the police force Now it s years later, both of them are hiding things, both really miss each other when faced with seeing the other.It seems like another magic apocalypse is happening, or trying to and these two have to band together to fix it While battling things out their secrets are revealed, they start healing the breach of plain humans versus the magicking At the end of the book you can tell it s going to be a whole new world, one where finally the two groups might be forced to live together without rancor.