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3.5 half stars Angel lost me a little in the second half of the essay but it does have a couple of interesting approaches Def have to re read It mainly focuses on daughter father parent relationships and I had wished for a bit at least a quick look on comparison to father son relationships Bonus I had forgotten about Winnicott and might have to dig through my old texts from uni now. This is a fantastic book, beautifully written, gripping to read and drawing on a rich range of resources to explore the role of fathers in the metoo era of feminism It is structured in snippets that converge to create a thought provoking, rather than complete, picture of fathers, who are so often held up as adored good daddies who may well still be entirely complicit in upholding patriarchy , or hated as raging brutes I loved the readings of books and films, moving between Angel favourites Virginia Woolf and Freudian psychoanalysis, and very recent films and novels I d have liked a little on absent fathers, neither brutes nor good guys but something else However the thread running through arguing for justified anger but against the insta satisfaction of public humiliation is a welcome, nuanced approach to not letting fathers off the hook. I found out about this book through an event at the London Review of Books I knew I had to attend there and then I was so excited This is a big and important topic in my personal life and for society I would go as far as to say that feminism , or issues that sparked feminism, are really rooted in the daddy issues To put simply, if some 100 200 years ago the father was responsible for the economic independence and security of his children, then it is clear why the fathers should have played a greater role to ensure their daughters are financially secure But, that was a long time ago This is a whole new era I can t be too honest about my opinion, because I do not want to insult someone who has made this brave step, even though, I do not think she was prepared for it However, there are things I should say 1 The sex vs love when I first came to the UK, one of the biggest surprises was sex how much people spoke about it Yet, to this day, I have not figured out if sex is important or not a big deal in UK society But it is one of the two I think this has clouded the idea of love Love and sex are NOT synonyms In fact, one is a deep emotion and the other is a physical act They could not be different You can have sexual desire for someone and love that same person, but those two are still TWO separate things Equally, you can love someone without ever having sexual anything for them Not everything is a Greek tragedy When Father of The Bride wants to protect his daughter, for me that was a man becoming a man He looked back and realised that he was wrong when he was young and wanted sex His daughter and the love he has for her made him learn a very important lesson He doesn t trust men, that s got nothing to do with his daughter For me, the important question here is Can a man learn that lesson without becoming a father to a daughter he truly loves And if so, how 2 Leading from point 1 Love vs Hate vs Anger I think our lack of understanding and differentiating our emotions is a sign of the lack of women in our society However, I think the lack of women is a result of lack of husbands , which could have started with the lack of respect women had for themselves I will be writing books We have to look into why women didn t fight for themselves 3 Emotions are an important part of being human Even when we don t have them, i.e when we have a void , we feel the void However, some emotions create positive beings, while other emotions are destructive to humanity Balancing them out is really important What I find really dangerous in this day and age is that people would prefer to feel anything rather than nothing, yet we fight to not feel In other words, anguish makes us feel alive Anguish, or our need for drama, is one of the destructive emotions It s not so dangerous when we are also exposing ourselves to love , pleasure , admiration etc, but when we shut down all the positive emotions and seek only drama, anguish, anger, that s bad 4 Forgiveness is not about forgetting Many people seem to think that forgiving means wiping the slate clean Not so Forgiving is about the person who is forgiving than about the person being forgiven This also needs attention But I will leave it at this for now 5 For me and I did bring this up at the event , daddy issues are really about society, especially the way we see men I ll be honest here, lack of criticising men who deserve to be criticised is damaging to men as a group We need to get into a habit of criticising as a corrective factor so that men can get back a position of respect and dignity Again, this is just a summary of a really large and complicated topic 6 We do not depend on any one person We can wave goodbye to anyone Sure, it is much harder to say goodbye to some people than others, but it can be done There are orphans out there who spend their whole life without either parent or even a replacement The idea that a girl cannot separate from her father is unreal Should she Does she want to Should she want to all very different topics And just a little endnote I had the impression that this was really hard for the author True courage is facing the fear, it is not the lack of fear, so I do congratulate her on her courage But, as social issues often go, there are people who are deeply affected by them Those people might just speak up, and if you are published, you need to be prepared for the things they have to say At the same time, getting help and support is perfectly fine, in fact, advisable I hope she will continue. Another brilliant addition to the Peninsula Press series, drawing on a broad range of sources from Sarah Moss s Ghost Wall, Leaving Neverland, Harvey Weinstein and Anthea Hamilton s The Squash, Angel draws these all together to question where the MeToo era has left us to reckon with our fathers. The book feels a bit disjointed and sort of loses its steam of focusing on Daddy issues, instead becoming just about parent issues The first half is much heavy on the cultural analysis of fatherhood, while the second half deals a lot with psychoanalysis Still, Angel s discussion of the place of the father and the development of the child in society prove interesting and speak some truth. Daddy Issues is a self less exploration of the role of the father in contemporary culture I really liked the puncturing insights Katherine Angel makes regarding, not just the male gaze, but the father s By including Donald Trump s comments about his daughter Ivanka his inappropriate claims on her amazing body and how if he wasn t her father he d be dating her Angel highlights the flippancy of the patriachy It feels like a book Daddy s bad daddy s should read, but they won t Instead it s a thoughtful book for thoughtful people You d have to put an advert in the middle of a Celtic game for my dad to maybe take account for his he doesn t have any issues I guess that s the thing, Daddy Issues is a female thing My brother never got told he had Daddy Issues, it was me, my sister At the close of the essay Angel writes beautifully about the power of writing Though the art of writing she is able to fully realise herself Made even impactful because the book is empty of her ego We learn how the author cherishes the experience of writing as being solely her own, yet the book is illuminating a bigger question, one society should would like to understand about Is it possible to get rid of the father, or is he forever internalised 71A book to read now and again and again. `DOWNLOAD KINDLE ↵ Daddy Issues ⇔ A Personal Essay On The Entanglement Of Fathers And Feminism Contemporary Feminism Has Re Embraced Thinking About The Big Ideas Patriarchy, Capitalism, Care But Contemporary Concern About Men Tends To Relate To The Men In Our Lives Other Than Our Fathers Our Partners, Friends, Colleagues, Bosses Many Of Whom Are Also, Of Course, Fathers Discontent With Fathers Has Increasingly Been Privatised Within Feminist Discourse Daddy Issues Have Been Relegated To The Realm Of Personal Problems Individuals Take To Therapists In This Bold, Daring Essay Katherine Angel Asks What Is The Father Daughter Relationship Today How Can It Be Understood Politically What Political Harms Are Done In The Name Of A Father S Love Drawing On Classic Works By Virginia Woolf And Valerie Solanas Along With Recent Examples Drawn From Literature, Film And TV, Angel Examines How Artists Have Conveyed The Painful Powers Of The Father In Relation To The Daughter