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Oh Maksym My heart broke for him and everything he went through To seek his revenge, Maksym decides to take Olena to draw out the man behind his pain But Olena only seems to make him come alive and his dead heart beat once again Maksym is dealing with all sorts of emotions while fighting off men who are trying to kill them and they are closer than Maksym realizes This story is one filled with pain, guilt, anger, love and of course, dominance Another great addition to the Wicked Doms series My hands were sweating as I read this book The suspense is intense There were pages I struggled to get through But those pages were needed to help understand Maksym s character Maksym is a tortured soul His character has so much depth that I found myself routing for him Olena is one tough girl She takes everything Maksym has to give and still wants Olena is complex, it was hard to figure out where her loyalties were at times There are so.many surprises in this story, every page turn brought excitement Those hot, sexy scenes lit my Kindle on fire maybe that is why my hands were sweating This is so much than dark, so much than romantic suspense this story is a love story of two people who should have never been together, yet they fit perfectly as one Jane Henry writes a Romeo and Juliette story in the dark world of the Russian Mafia and delivers us one of her best works I love the Bratva Series and cannot wait for the next one Though The BRATVA S Captive was a bit predictable, the story was entertaining nonetheless Maksym was an easy to love anti hero Consumed with loss and vengeance, he was willing to go against his character and pull an innocent into the war he was preparing to fight Olena was a heroine I couldn t help but rally for She was strong and feisty no matter the situation Determined to escape her father and survive her current ordeal, she struggled with coming to terms with the two sides of Maksym he continued to show Which was the real Maksym Is what she feeling real The two shared a great chemistry from the start and the heat level increased through the whole of the story Though this is a captive romance, Olena was never truly a victim She was defiant and head strong from the moment she came to. The Thieves of Law Maksym knows pain, torture, and loss His woman Taya is murdered and he is taken and tortured for days by a rival bratva Someone has betrayed him and he will get his revenge A lifetime of nightmares seems to be his lot in life now.Maksym trains relentlessly to avenge his Taya He is no longer the prisoner, he is the tormentor Russia is a largely lawless place where might makes right Surveillance footage shows Taya s killer to be a Thief of Law , by his tattoo They are a rival bratva and very powerful Is he a rogue, or was he assigned to kill her Yuri , the Thieves leader, is found to be behind the death of Taya Maksym decides to steal the one thing most important to Yuri, his daughter, Olena Now it s a War ARC Received from Ardent Prose I also got this book with KU.Some of this book is pretty gory and hard to read, especially the beginning, so it might be a trigger for some It is so interesting, though, I couldn t put it down What a story Great story, excellent writing, made me happy to read of the Bratva with the wounded and revenge driven Maksym, taking his tormenter s daughter Olena captive Yuri, the leader of the Thieves has murdered Maksym s lover Taya and Maksym won t rest until Yuri is dead Olena is Maksym s captive but not a victim of his, she s been treated badly before she ever met Maksym There is other danger to be wary of, someone has betrayed the Bratva and will have to pay the price Olena and Maksym have what appears to be a love, hate relationship She is the captive only because she is Yuri s daughter I loved the back and forth between Olena and Maksym they really tried to be captive captor, but there was happening between them and danger all around Jane Henry did and excellent job of writing this story and I won t even try to tell a shorter version of it, just know it will keep you turning the pages to see how each scenario works out, who is loyal and trustworthy and who isn t There are many unexpected turns and twists and some hearts get involved in spite of the situation that isn t really the setting for such things I loved this book and towards the end, will blow you away.The Bratva s Captive A Dark Mafia Romance Wicked Doms 4.5 5 I received a digital arc for an honest review The Bratva s Captive is the second book, but can be read as a standalone, in Jane Henry s Wicked Doms series This is my favorite of the series so far, I couldn t get enough of Maksym and Olena You accept that death is inevitable, it s when you accept that, that you no longer fear the final blow After being rescued by his brothers from being tortured by their enemies Maksym comes back a different man When the woman he loves pushes him away that doesn t stop how much he cares and when she is murdered he vows to avenge her death The man responsible is Olena s father and because of his ways she becomes Maksym s captive and means of fulfilling his revenge He didn t expect to every love another and even though he fights his feelings he finds himself going from Olena s captor to her protector when someone attempts to take her life Though he s stronger and powerful, he s as bound and broken as me The Bratva s Captive is dark, dangerous, and filled with raw sexual passion Maksym s tortured past and murder of his beloved has turned him into the violent man he is today Yet underneath it he is cable of tenderness, even when he punishes Olena s he could be doing so much worse Olena, even though she feels alone in the world, is strong and feisty Maksym dominates her and her punishments introduce her to pleasure she had never experienced before I looked forward to her punishments as much as he did, they were hot as hell God, what we ve shared so much intimacy So much pain The Bratva s Captive is a captivating, emotional dark enemies to lovers romance with twist and turns that keeps you hooked from start to finish I am looking forward to future releases in the Wicked Doms series Our pasts have formed who we are, but we aren t slaves to them Our pasts will not determine our future We will 4.5 5 Review to come God, I am in love with this series This time we get a captive that doesn t seem to be afraid of her kidnapper and a kidnapper that doesn t seem to want to be a kidnapper Maksym is out for revenge, and he knows that the only way to get to the main man of The Thieves is through his daughter Olena However, Olena isn t going to make anything easy on Maksym even if it gets her into even trouble then she has ever been The emotional rollercoaster these two go through before they even meet is stripping, then the twists and turns, the unknown of who is with them and against them keep you guessing until the very end I think this one is my favorite so far The Bratva s Captive is a must read story of no hope in anything, including staying alive, and then finding that even in your darkest times, there can be an angel on the other side. When we meet Maksym he s been captured and is being tortured for answers he refuses to give By the time the Bratva locate and release him, he s severely broken in several places and, like during his capture, refuses to speak It s decided he will go to America and stay with the former brigadier of the brotherhood and his family in order to fully heal While recuperating, his entire world changes again Jane Henry has taken this third book of the Wicked Doms series to a whole new emotional level with twists and turns, emotional upheaval, and a VERY strong Dom It just seems like each one has become better than the last. The third book in this series was such a good book It brought all the emotions to the surface I cried, I laughed, I was ticked off, it hit all the notes for me Maksym is going to make the man who killed his Taya pay by kidnapping his daughter, Oleana What he gets is a woman who is damaged, just like he is The story between these two is just freaking awesome and I could NOT put this book down Jane Henry is my Queen of dark mafia books right now and I m loving them all As their relationship slowly builds, Maskym finds out that Olena is still in danger And when she goes back to her father, she instantly regrets running from Maskym Can he save her Or will her father have the last word This story is my favorite out of the three so far and I m eager to see who s story is next If you like dark mafia books, grab this one `Download Book ⇪ The Bratvas Captive (Wicked Doms #3) ⇝ For The Bratva, Retribution Is The Law An Eye For An EyeA Tooth For A Tooth A Life For A LifeBut The Man Who Killed My Beloved Deserves A Fate Worse Than Death He Ll Live Knowing His Only Daughter Was Captured By A Monster That He S Utterly Powerless To Stop MeOlena Baranov Will Be My Prisoner My Retribution My Undoing Vengeance Will Be Mine