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Hexactly what the witch doctor ordered Witch, Please is a fun look at a new paranormal world created by Macey and James Even though we have some not so funny themes like being unaccepted, being less than , and finding one s place, Witch, Please doesn t take itself so seriously that we don t have some great laughs, smiles, and squeals along the way Aris is sort of their world s equivalent of a Squib She has the parentage that should lend her great power and specialization, yet she s been deemed a Mixta To her family s utter and cruel disappointment, she doesn t seem to have what it takes to uphold their legacy Lucky for us, there are some things Mommy and Daddy dearest don t know like Aris is accomplishing unexpected feats of magic That she s gathering a group of diverse, powerful, and of course s xy hexy men around her And that she s a force to be reckoned withor at least she WILL be once she figures out what the hex is going on Aris men are flirty and grumpy and kind and smart and loyal and.can you tell yet that there s something for everyone We ve got brothers, we ve got a teacher, we ve got m m I feel like Oprah right now AND YOU GET A NEW BOOK BOYFRIEND, AND YOU GET A NEW BOOK BOYFRIEND Really, I think readers will be quite happy I definitely am The action is well paced and fitting to the goal of book 1 it s the beginning of self discovery while Aris finally sees that she s not what she s believed she is her whole life THAT S our main arc, but there s also something sinister going on beneath the surface and I don t want to spoil that so I encourage you to read closely Overall, Witch, Please is a great start to this new world, and it s setting us up to dive right into action with book two We get the discovery of powers, the establishment of Aris harem, and learn about the larger universe where James and Macey plan to stay for at least five trilogies And let s not forget all the punderful plays on witchy words maybe it s the secret Dad in me, but they always made me smile. In this book witches are categorized into 5 classifications Potions, Divination Scrying, Elementals, Spell Casters and Summoners Witches that dont fit into any of those categories are classed as Mixtas Mixtas are regarded by some witches as a lower class and Aris the MFC os one of those Much to her families dislike So she is sent to Aether Academy of Crystal and Witchcraft A school for all witches including mixtas but not everyone wants them there especially her Sunny Sweet natured and witty she soon finds a place at the Academy As well as friends Caspian, Kye, Torryn, Drayce and Xan who also care about her A fantastic, funny, witty, sexy book and a damn fine read #DOWNLOAD Û Witch, Please (Not Your Basic Witch #1) ⚽ Aris Calisto, Newest Student At Aether Academy Of Crystal Magic And Witchcraft Not Only Stands Out With Her Quirky Outfits And Bubblegum Pink Hair But Also Draws Attention By Being What S Considered The Lowest Of The Low In The Akasha Society A Mixta When Mysterious Things Start Happening, Including Unexpected Bindings, Things Going Missing, And Being Claimed By A Not So Traditional Familiar, Aris Realizes She S In Over Her Cotton Candy Colored Head Enter In The Five Guys Who Have Been Magically Roped Into Aris S Rodeo Caspian, The Playful Potions Brewer, Drayce, The Summoner Who Never Seems To Get Overwhelmed, Kye, A Broody Rune Drawer Who Aris Can T Help But Pester, Xan, The Spell Caster With No Sense Of Humor To Speak Of, And Torryn, The History Professor Who Seems To Demand Every Waking Hour Working On Mastering Her Power With A Cauldron Full Of Men Behind Her, Can Aris Use Her I Magic Nation To Figure Out What S Happening To Her Capricious Coven Or Will She Find Out That Life S A Real Witch Book Of The Not Your Basic Witch Series Legends Of Asteria Trilogy The Not Your Basic Witch Is A WhyChoose Reverse Harem Trilogy Featuring MMFMMM Meaning There Is M M Content, And The Female Main Character Doesn T Have To Choose Between Her Love Interests This Trilogy Is The First In A Series Collection Consisting Of Six Trilogies Titled Legends Of Asteria Each Trilogy Should Be Read In Order This Book Contains References Involving Violence, And Other Themes That Some Readers May Find Triggering Witch Please was a great start to a new series I am not usually an academy fan, but this one wasn t as I expected There are mean girls of course, but the MC has a great personality From the rough home life of being a disappointment for being a Mixta, to finding her place among her guys, she discovers what she truly is She also finds herself in danger with a mysterious cloaked figure and a blackmailing headmaster It is a quick burn RH and there isn t any fighting, jealousy or cheating There is some mm towards the end It was a great story with a happy, overly cheerful and sassy MC and of course her hunky men and a professor. Super cute and funny Filled with witchy puns but with something sinister brewing couldn t help it in the background.Plenty of world building but not too much information so that it overwhelms the story.This is a fast burn RH with a whole lot of storyline to back it up.Aris is just charming and I can t wait for book 2 The first book set in this world kicked the series off with bang Great characters and world building helped set the tone for this book The writing flowed seamlessly and extremely well written with flare and sass I personally loved that it wasn t all sunshine and rainbows which just added to the storyline and helped round it all out A great read with a little of something for everyone including brilliant witty punchlines The two authors did an extremely brilliant job of writing this book. Witch, please was everything I thought it would be and so much Aris is a strong, witty character that was easy to love Each one of her guys brought something different to the table The plot was compelling and I couldn t put the book down I hope there is series by this duo of authors I can t wait for the next book Witch Please was a great start to a new series that I absolutely loved Aris was such an amazing MC along with her guys The storyline was great and it flowed really good I cannot wait for the next book to come out I highly recommend. Exactly what I needed warning spoilers ahead Well, this book came at exactly the right time for me It s the kind of book we all need to cleanse our palates every once in a while Witch, Please introduces us to Aris, a witch with a bubbly personality She s a mixta, meaning she has no affinity and is being treated as lesser in the witching community, including her own parents and siblings.She s sent to an Academy far from her home to develop the elemental affinity that runs in her family because her parents really are that judgemental Attending said academy she soon feels a pull toward multiple male witches, a pull that is practically unable to resist Together with the boys she tries to find out what is happening to them This book is definitely a fast burn just the way I like it The plot is light hearted and compelling, I couldn t put the book down while reading I love Aris s personality and the authors did a great job creating her character, because she is flawed and vulnerable underneath her lively exterior, making her relatable and real.The boys all have their own distinct personalities, again the effort the authors put into their character development shows These ladies are talented and a force to be reckoned with.My heart really flopped in my chest the moment the familiars arrived Yep, I have a soft spot for animals and these babies were just too cute I loved the way they played an active part in this book and I NEED of them Last but not least the plot was well thought out There is some suspense and mystery surrounding the conduit tether bonds The mean girls are a must have in school settings, I do love some jealous possessive behaviour, especially when the boys are totally smitten by the FMC I can t wait for the next book in this series, especially after that SOB cliffhanger So mean But all in all, I m super excited to read book babies of these authors. An academy book for non academy lovers So, I don t read academy books as a general rule I feel like I m too old to relate to the characters and often find myself struggling to read through their angst and dramas However, when I saw that A.J Macey had written one I had to give it a try because I ve loved every other book she s written I m so glad I did The characters in this book are adults 18 and up which definitely helped and meant that we get smexy times But they also deal with everything in a mature way meant it the tension is HOT rather than annoying I can t get over how A.J Macey is able to write such different characters and yet still make them all so relatable and her and Jarica James work so well together the book blends seamlessly Anyone who loves well basically any genre of RH should read this because it s just that good