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This was a quick and dirty read, but thoroughly entertaining Diana is chosen to be sacrificed to the beast after the local townspeople s livestock are being hunted and killed, left and tied to a tree she is terrified when the beast arrives only to be a large man who has lived his life in the shadows of the surrounding woods Diana quickly comes to see the man beneath the exterior and finds a man she cannot help but fall for, is it possible for her to love him so completely and so fast Ike has lived his life in the woods mostly alone after his mother died in childbirth and his father couldn t live without her, now a man that roams the forest and lives the simple life he is shocked when he comes across the most perfect woman and one he is certain is his fate and was always meant to be his but could she possibly want to stay and love a man like him and could he let her go if that was what she really wanted This was a crazy hot interpretation of beauty and the beast in my opinion, loved the story and how these two came together Loved this book. (((READ PDF))) ↝ Sacrificed to the Beast ⇶ Someone Has Been Terrorizing My Small Town A Huge, Horrifying Beast, To Be Exact He Won T Stop Rampaging Until The Villagers Sacrifice An Innocent Lucky Me I M The Chosen One I Ve Been Tied To A Tree In A Wedding Dress And Left As An Offering To The Cruel Ruler Of The Hills But Once The Beast Approaches, I Glimpse The Lonely Human Beneath The Wild Hair And Mountainous Body Yes, He S Very Much A Man A Man Who Will Stop At Nothing To Claim Me As His Mate Oh My WordI absolutely loved this book Ike and Diana are perfect for each other safe read dual virgins no om ow drama epilogue 5 years out Again with so much ridiculousness in this book It s modern times and the guy wears a loincloth and has never gone to the village This isn t George of the Jungle or Tarzan Then again, maybe it is The guy legit pounds his chest like Tarzan after he makes her orgasm.He pounds his chest I can t take this seriouslythen again, maybe with these quick KU reads, we re not supposed to do so.Just craziness all around Definite eye roll moments too In these moments with him, I m not a mother or a wife or even a woman I m a depraved, sex addicted creature and I need to be filled or I ll die.This is about the only thing I found sweet about this book Whereas the cave was crude and basic when I first saw it, when I woke up from my post sex coma, I saw Ike s home through new eyes So there was no indoor plumbing So what I had a seven foot gentle giant wrapped around me, holding me like he might never let go.That s about it.read at your own risk.ETA There is also the ever favorite voyeurism as well. Tacky as fuck This novella would be enjoyable if there was zero dialogue in it. This is super short and quick pace Uhhhhh i honestly dont know what to say i have JK books but uhh idk wtf did I read..a beast who isn t a beast just a man living in the forest that no one has seen..he only knows what he saw on tapes about ppls and Diana who let her village sacrifice her also what village has wifi also what year is this It feels oldish but has tapes and wifi For a virgin guy he knew what he was doing Same for her the whole book just feltblah not the best book i have read Why a 1 star cover was cool everything else yeah idk No ow om drama, no cheating, sex time, Dramaish, both virginsRecommend uhhhhhCover Instalove lust No condomPublic sex SafeHeaEpilogue Hot Quick Read with Heart and SteamI love all types of romance Long, slow burn reformed bad boyshot nerds insta lovebut this short sweet book was a refreshing delight I LOVED it and suggest you stop reading my review and 1 click already Absolutely delightful story I ve enjoyed a lot of Jessa Kane s book in the past but this was a big miss The characters and the story itself felt off to me. Diana is 19 years old, she lives in the backwards town of Picadilly with her father Someone has been stealing chickens and slaughtering cows which the villagers rely on for food The oldest man in the village is convinced it s the beast that lives in the woods The beast has done this before and the only way to appease him is to give him a sacrifice The sacrifice must be a pretty virgin woman so he suggests Diana She cannot believe this is happening when the villagers and her own father leave her tied to a tree in the middle of the woods She s scared to death waiting for the beast to come kill her Ike has been living in the woods since he was a child and his parents died His only company is old VHS tapes of Gilligan s Island He finds the beautiful girl tied to a tree and knows immediately she is meant to be his Diana was expecting a monster not the gorgeous, naive man wearing only a loincloth Ike unties her from the tree and carries her back to his home which is a cave This was a short but sweet and sexy OTT instalove story. A dirty readI love a good palette cleanser Jesse Kane is up there in my go to books when I want an insta love with a die hard alpha male A quick bite of yum.