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This is an interesting book that brings some conspiracy theories into the mainstream. We all read crap from time to time need a little break When and where did I get this anyway Interesting readMaybe we won t backpack through the jungle in Panama. The thing about this book is that although it intrigued me intensely it just isn t all that cracked up to be The author sometimes act as if he couldn t believe that America and its people could ever be corrupted and that, there isn t any fowl play involved in such situations Suffice it to say, that my expectations about this book were null by the end of it.Other than that, it does put light on the bad guys and the good guys I really liked the characters of George Urquijo and Steve Nelson They put some much needed stability into the whole fiasco The way Levine outdid himself as Luis was also a good thing and also how he manage to record the whole case.What really surprised me till the last page of the book, was the peculiar role David Wheeler played in the whole thing It just seemed like a scam at times but I was really surprised at how the government could choose to ignore the only important stuff about him.In all, I just kinda dragged through the last 70 pages of the book That may also have been because it had too many names of the people to remember who did what wrong The War on Drugs was too messed up from the beginning anyway. This is an interesting story, but I just can t get past the fact that reading it feels like I m on some sort of wacked out conspiracy theory website The irony here is that it is a conspiracy theory, in fact it s a first hand account of an alleged major cover up by the US government, but I just don t feel the level of shock and outrage that the author is clearly trying to provoke I think the problem is that he comes off as so over the top that I have trouble taking him seriously And he s so cocky and self righteous that I have trouble genuinely caring about what he s saying Well, that, and the fact that he is way too fond of italics. .Download Book ♫ Deep Cover: The Inside Story of How DEA Infighting, Incompetence and Subterfuge Lost Us the Biggest Battle of the Drug War ☸ In Deep Cover, Michael Levine Takes Us With Him On One Of The Most Far Reaching Drug Cases Ever Mounted An Operation That Could Have Implicated Top Government Officials Of Three South American Countries In The Drug Trade, And Could Have Gotten American Agents Deep Inside La Corporation, The Powerful, Deadly, Heretofore Untouchable Group Of Bolivian Drug Lords Who Supply The Likes Of The Medell N CartelBut, According To Levine, The DEA And The Customs Agency Are So Mismanaged, Disorganized, Negligent, And Rivalrous That This Operation, Like Most Drug War Operations, Was Hopelessly Bungled Locked In A Bureaucratic Political Frenzy That Left Agents Lives Dangling, Drug Lords Laughing, And The Washington Suits Fighting For Air Time And PromotionsThis Is The Explosive, Real Story Of Why We Re Losing The Drug War Told In The Words Of A True American Hero Whose Life Is Dedicated To Winning It