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This is Omegaverse, if you don t know what it is, please take the time to look it up before you judge this book It may not be everyone s cup of tea but it s DEFINITELY Mine Grins Though I wouldn t consider this your average Omegaverse type, the universe in this book..seems humanized Besides Slick, Knotting, Marking Bonding, Personally only at the end are you actually seeing the True Behavior of Omegaverse, it s just not really there wholeheartedly throughout though.Received this ARC for Honest ReviewI Give This Book a 3.5 5 Star Rating, Listing as 3.Cliffhanger Yes, and looks like Book 3, is going to get really good.Romance 2.5 5Heat 3 or 3.5ish 5Drama 3.5 5Suspense 3 5Dark No.I don t get when Lucy said that she s tired of having to be so defensive with him, she s has yet at that point to be tired.She s very..bratty chatty And she Tops from the Bottom constantly, a few times is normal, but with doing it continuously, usually that doesn t slide where an Alpha is concerned, since she IS an Omega.That s a big No No.Usually an alpha would reprimand her at some point, but Zeus doesn t appear to be that dominant, and matter of fact he lets her get away with way to much dictation It only seems to kick much much much later near the end of the book.Lucy s personality resembles Alpha Beta, not Omega.Even though she is Omega, I found it odd that she started responding like an Omega and talked like one in some sections and then fully acted like one in the end, when she previously didn t The changes feels like a double sided coin continuously being flipped, so you really don t know what your going to get out of her.The My Alpha really just felt overdramatic, it just felt weird for her to magically be submissive.Zeus s personality behavior at some points resembles of a Beta than an Alpha.The book does seem to drag on at some points, very much like fillers.Because I keep expecting a change time wise only to realize we re still in the sceneagain.The relationship and romance feel between them doesn t seem very believable in the beginning, it seems a tad forced cause to me from Prequel to Book 1 to Book 2, nothing has TRULY developed at all, so the suddenness for me still seems not overly believable for these two at least, but much later in the book it s actually flowed a little better and made much sense.The relationship between Kayden Zeus, seems a little confusingly odd at some points, it also sounds like they ve known each other for years, but that s not true at all Zeus just met his brother no long ago, technically Mating Bond Discrepancy sections taken from both books Book 1 It means he pauses for effect and turns to Sol he is aware of her through the bond He can track her through the connection It also means if one of them dies I set my jaw The other dies, too Book 2 Mating bonds between an alpha and omega cannot be broken, not unless one of them is dead And he s alive, he has to be.2 different outcomes, that means 2 different pathways of life via severed bond Which one is it I definitely want to read Book 3, it seems like it s going to take a turn for the better.Do I recommend It s a decent read, so yes.Will I Read from this Author Yes. Having thoroughly discussed the concept of this series in my review of Taken by the Alpha, I ll use this review to discuss plot progression The differences between animals and humans are varied, and although we can never know their thoughts and feelings, we can determine that animal language skills are inferior to human Zeus is surprised to discover that his feelings and intellect cannot be divorced from his carnal actions a very human dilemma His ability to articulate what he is feeling in his head, to himself is significant his ability to communicate verbally to Lucy is limited Slowly, however, he is coming to terms with the fact that he is not all animal, despite what he may have previously thought Meanwhile, Lucy is getting in touch with the animal inside of her, and accepting of it as well Now, if only the two of them would be honest about how they feel It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger nothing major, just some uncertainty I am hooked and can t wait to read the next book in the series Intriguing as always Another great in this fabulous sexy story Will she allow herself to be won over by the Alpha Had to keep reading. This was an off the charts steamy sexy book It continues the love hate, push and pull force that exists between Zeus and Lucy Zeus is the alpha of all alphas, the most ruthless alpha of the land, not caring to sever family blood ties in his quest for revenge and power Lucy is not your typical Omega she will fight her submissive Omega inclinations and resist Zeus with all her might Neither expect the strong connection between them and both underestimate the power of their mating bond Despite lies and betrayal the bond between them will not be denied But Zeus will go as far as silencing the bond, a feat he just might accomplish.In this installment of the Knotted series we learn about the family history that led Zeus to be the harden leader he is We also see moments when the couple almost reach a breaking point in their relationship, past the masks and pretense, but as always the plot thickens and before we know it, there is a new enemy at bay Will this enemy destroy Zeus and all he has worked so hard to accomplish How will the mating bond fare in all of this I can t wait to read the next installment This is a detailed look at both character s why Zeus is the way he is why he and Lucy tend to rub the wrong way even though on a purely physical level they seem evenly matched But there emotional level needs work there kinda both a work in progress Zeus is dominant but he lets Lucy get away with to much it even pushes him to the limit of not wanting things to work Lucy is a rollercoaster of emotions she wants to be strong and resist all the time not realizing that if she would just give in she would get everything she want s from Zeus She will have to decide is she a true Omega or just a beta traped in her own body.I was allowed to read and advance copy of this book And this is my honest review. I m of two minds about this book As an entry to the Omegaverse it s leading us in a different direction from any other author who s writing here I can t count that as being completely successful for the genre Zeus is too lenient in all the wrong places for me to fully believe in him as The One True Alpha And Lucy never submits enough for me to believe in her Omega nature I love her spirit and that s she s asking Zeus to prove he s strong enough to earn her submission It s just that the way it s played out so far means that I m not investing in their relationship But, as a post apocalyptic geo political drama That part of the plot I m totally buying into And I m dying to see where the boundaries get carved out in the sand when the fall out is over Parts of this series seem to be going in different directions simultaneously, and I m not sure where any of them are going to end up taking us in the end The cliff hanger ending means that I m holding on by my fingernails to see what happens next.I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. The Alpha was decided to dominate, submit and own the Omega but his heart was fighting with his mind What if that was not all he wanted Doubts, pain and deceive was playing a big role Lucy s battle seemed to be lost Her feelings and emotions had blinded her and her choosing could had not been worse Passion, deceive, betrayal, violence in this second book full of strong emotions Two protagonists with an inner struggling that was consuming them Liked Zeus character and was surprised with Kayden A little disappointed with Lucy She could had thought things better Eager for the outcome of this interesting, intriguing and entertaining story that promises a strong and explosive ending. &Read Book ☠ Claimed by the Alpha (Knotted Omega, #2) ↝ Run Little Squirrel ZeusShe Can T Hide From MeI Caught Her Fair And Square, Now LUCY Is MINEI Want To Mark Her All Over, So Every Time She Looks At Herself She Ll Think Of MeHer Every Breath, Every Cry, Her Every Moan Of Ecstasy Belongs To MeBy The Time I Am Done With Her, She Will No Longer Be Able To Deny MeI Want Her Every Thought, To Fulfill Her Every NeedI Want All Of Her, And I Don T Plan On Letting Her Go Not Until I Have Taken Her Body And Soul Not Until I Own Her Thoughts, Know Her Feelings, Can Intuit Her Every Move I Intend To Give Her So Much Pleasure,so Much Pain,that It Will Wipe Out Everything That Came Before She Is Mine To Take, To Ruin, To Do With As I Want So What Stops Me From Having My Way With This Wisp Of An Omega Who Dares Challenge Me Precisely Nothing This Is Book In Zeus And Lucy S Story, In The Emotional And Action Packed Knotted Omega Series Dystopian Paranormal Romance With Omegaverse Mf Flavor Inside The Pages No Cheating Snarly, Tattooed, Possessive Male Who Will Do Anything To Claim His Soulmate Part 2 for Zeus and Lucy Well these two definitely have earned the right to be to together She puts him through hell Perhaps the poor Alpha just needs a less troublesome female It s reads fine I just don t think it needs to be three books Geez they could ve hand a baby by now, or saved her clan which she has been fussing about for two books Now he s gone off to fight the Vikings and left her behind He didn t want to have to worry about her safety Ouch this should be one long book But again, it reads just fine. Make Him Work For ItLucy has always had a stubborn streak and this is no exception She wants a mate that is strong enough and fierce enough to make her choose him We all know that we don t always get what we wish for they way we want it.Zesus is a bad tempered Alpha that will fight for his right to rule as ruthlessly as possible He will not brock any subordination.Two strong individuals who will win the right to breed, die or rule.If you love characters that are raw, dominant, and brutal then pick up this book and you will not be disappointed.