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lame like a teen horror novel. As gripping as the first book Will definitely read the next two Love the research CG puts into his mythology. This second in a series follows teen siblings Shane and Aimee, descendants of Ichabod Crane, who have moved with their widowed father to the town of Sleepy Hollow Supernatural shenanigans continue now that they have returned the Headless Horseman s head and released themselves from the curse their ancestor Ichabod caused First, an unsupervised drinking party in a field of corn goes horribly wrong, with the lights going off, cackling laughter ringing the scared partiers, and kids getting dragged into the darkened corn Then people start getting drowned in unlikely places, like their dry bedrooms Meantime, Aimee and Shane bicker like all siblings do, and Shane also pines after Aimee s best friend The writing is pedestrian, the dialogue and characters are stock and the whole story seems like a grade B after school special It goes for grab you by the neck horror, but only manages grab you by the ankles. The concept behind this book was good, but the quality of the writing made what should have been a quick and easy read a painstakingly slow one I m all for young adult fiction but it needs to be well written which Drowned was not ( DOWNLOAD BOOK ) ⚖ Drowned #2 (The Hollow) ☽ Having Stopped The Horseman In His Tracks, At Least For Now, Aimee And Shane Must Face The Other Evils Tormenting Sleepy Hollow, Including An Enchanted Oak Tree And Cackling Cornfield Imps But The Greatest Threat Is The Naiads, Beautiful And Deadly Sirens That Have Infested The Hudson River, Drowning Their Victims On Dry Land Author Biography Christopher Golden Is The Bestselling Author Of Numerous Buffy The Vampire Slayer Titles And Winner Of The Bram Stoker Award Ford Lytle Gil Is A Film Producer And Comic Book Writer Fun young adult in other words clean horror novel Quick read, interesting characters Nothing deep or super meaningful just fun. if you think of this as an episode of a syndicated TV series, it is pretty good Not, however, a book you ll read repeatedly over the years. This second book was good and ended differently in a good way and very creative Still a spook.