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This is the voice and story of a different type of prisoner George Jackson would have been a Pulitzer prize winner, a noted writer and political leader, a teacher, made thinkers of the ilk of Noam Chomsky pale literally in comparison, had he not been Black and poor in the U.S The 1960s were fertile times even behind prison walls for thinking outside the box, for acting and doing things to change the word and the world Although this is another discussion, 1960s not only saw the rise of civil rights, Black liberation, Chicano, American Indian, environmentalist, women s, Asian American, and new andn older left movements, this period also saw the consolidation and implementation of neoliberalism The dramatic turn to the right in social and economic policies took shape by the end of the 1960s and collected its dues in blood AIM leaders and members, Black Panthers, Puerto Ricans and other U.S born and bred liberation fighters and thinkers lost their lives, ended up in prison or marginalized by the rush of capitalism restructuring and reconcentration of wealth that continues whose ebbs and flows impacted our movements, George Jackson was one of them It s never late to read this book of a by gone era that still holds out promise, hope and lessons for our current situation. Blood in My Eye is George L Jackson s second book after Soledad Brother s , published in 1972 The author was the Black Panthers Party s BPP field marshal for the prisons He was imprisoned for stealing 70 dollars when he was 18 years old In 1971, he was assassinated by a guard During his imprisonment, his younger brother Jonathan, also a member of the BPP, was killed in action while he was trying to free some black prisoners He was just 17 years old.It contains letters and texts about revolution and the American black colony liberation war, those are based on his studies of scientific socialism.Inspired by Mao, Lenin and by the prideful liberation struggles in Vietnam and Algeria, he planned how to fight imperialism from his home and how to realized the BPP s slogan All power to the people.Despite the fact he was seeing the world through thick bars, he offers us a brilliant analysis of the hostile social relationship in the America of the 70 s.I would recommend this book to everybody who is interested in the rebellious flip side of the US That side that the government has always tried to hide in its darkest cells. How about i give u a quote Stupidity is not unknown to our long range political policy makers Participation in electoral politics organized by the enemy state after recognizing that the whole process must be discredited as a conditional step into revolution, and particularly participation that tends to authenticate this process is the opposite of revolution It s a tactic for the ultra rightists They ll never count me among the broken men George Jackson Blood In My Eye was completed barely a week before the murder of George L Jackson in San Quentin Prison on August 21, 1971 After being convicted at age eighteen for stealing seventy dollars from a gas station, Jackson was sentenced to one year to life He spent the rest of his life, eleven years, in prison, with seven of those years in solitary confinement While in prison he dedicated himself to revolutionary ideals and became a member of the Black Panther Party In this, his last book, he presents his analysis of armed struggle, class war, fascism, communism, and other topics related to politics and revolution.For much of his imprisonment, Jackson was isolated in solitary confinement for twenty three hours a day He devoted himself to study and acquired knowledge in Marxian economics and history Blood In My Eye is a collection of letters and essays speaking primarily on prison life and revolutionary politics from a Marxian point of view The approaches used in the writings include secondary data and social history, as well as Jackson s own opinions on the topics.The major theme of the book is the failures of capitalism, particularly regarding to blacks in America, and the need to replace it with a socialist society through revolution Jackson makes the point that it is truly only a small percentage of the population that benefits from capitalism, while those at the bottom are continually exploited and oppressed At the basis of all of Jackson s writings is the recognition that white capitalist society must be destroyed that reforms will only work to keep the oppressive system intact In fact, he states that if forced to define fascism in one word, it would be reform The ruling class uses reforms to mask the true nature of modern fascism p 118.Jackson stresses the importance of unity in the revolutionary movement With a unified front, the revolutionary cadre cannot be stopped It is this very fact that has caused the division and racism that are sown into a capitalist society Speaking on this, Jackson states The resentment and the seedbed of fear is patterned into every modern capitalist society It grows out of a sense of insecurity and insignificance that is inculcated into the workers by the conditions of life and work under capitalism This sense of vulnerability is the breeding ground of racism At the same time, the ruling class actively promotes racism against the blacks of the lower classes This programmed racism has always served to distract the huge numbers of people who subsist at just a slightly higher level than those in a debased condition Racism has served always in the U.S as a pressure release for the psychopathic destructiveness evinced by a people made fearful and insecure by a way of life they never understood and resented from the day of birth p 171 172 The point is made several times that to build unity, first must come raising of consciousness We feed consciousness by feeding people, addressing ourselves to their needs, the basic and social needs, working, organizing toward a united national left After the people have created something that they are willing to defend, a wealth of new ideals and an autonomous subsistence infrastructure, then they are ready to be brought into open conflict with the ruling class and its supporters p 81 Jackson devotes a full essay to this conflict, as he offers strategy and tactics for urban guerilla warfare.Blood In My Eye has valuable discussion on politics, revolution, class warfare, and race relations Jackson s writings are just as applicable today as they were when written Although I was already familiar with some of the basic concepts in the book, I found this to be a very informative read, especially the discussions on fascism and racism I agree with Jackson s radical stance and believe that real change for all people will not be seen without a full revolution As Huey P Newton states in the afterword of the book, George Jackson, even after death, is a legendary figure and a hero His ideas live on to inspire future generations. [ Free Pdf ] ♾ Blood in My Eye ♨ Blood In My Eye Was Completed Only Days Before Its Author Was Killed George Jackson Died On August At The Hands Of San Quentin Prison Guards During An Alleged Escape Attempt At Eighteen, George Jackson Was Convicted Of Stealing Seventy Dollars From A Gas Station And Was Sentenced From One Year To Life He Was To Spent The Rest Of His Life Eleven Years In The California Prison System, Seven In Solitary Confinement In Prison He Read Widely And Transformed Himself Into An Activist And Political Theoretician Who Defined Himself As A Revolutionary What I find quite ironic, is that Madeleine Albright just released a book this year titled Fascism A Warning Well I hate to be the one to bust her bubble but apparently her warning is over 40 years late Now that the economic illusion is starting to fall for the dominant society, they are starting to see how both the Democratic and Republican parties are really in fact one in the same party No matter who is in office, nothing changes So called black radicals had this figured out long before Donald Trump got in office and made what we all feared, all the real His Make America Great Again slogan, is really marching us toward that one party state government in all it s totalitarian glory He is the ultimate embodiment of corporatism The TRUMP corporate brand has now stamped America as just what it is Although it shouldn t be a surprise as Plato s Republic still holds true and provides the blueprint for EVERY Western so called Republic We are now in stage 5, A champion will come along and experience power, which will cause him to become a tyrant The people will start to hate him and eventually try to remove him but will realize they are not able. This was an interesting read for me and not one that I normally would have picked up I recently read a book on the Patty Hearst kidnapping by the Symbionese Liberation Army and this was the book that they kept referring to throughout From my understanding DeFreeze based his principals on this book and on Jackson s ideals While I think that Jackson made some very valid points I was not a fan of his desire for violence and almost misogynistic views I found myself having to reread paragraphs multiple times to fully comprehend his point because they were articulated in such an impressive way that I wanted to make sure I fully understood what he was saying.Overall it was a good, but very difficult read. George L Jackson, member of the Black Panther Party, founder of the Black Guerilla Family , writer, theoretician, revolutionary and political prisoner Though before becoming a revolutionary , he had been a political prisoner , held in a state prison on unjust grounds We cannot separate Jackson s political writings from his early life, since like most revolutionary thinkers , he was bred by the conditions he survived under Having a long rap sheet due to a history of petty crimes ranging from robbery to assault , George spent time in juvenile facilities, in which he would later attempt to escape a troubled lifestyle after being released, yet he would soon become a victim of once again After an armed robbery at a gas station, he was sentenced from one year to life in San Quentin Jail There, he began to interrogate his conditions ,his ideologies and intellectual curiosity by studying the works of Karl Marx, Mao Tse Tsung, Huey P Newton and He was born again , as George Jackson the political activist Being directly contacted and recruited by Huey P Newton, he became the Field Marshall of the Black Panther Party and founded the Black Guerilla Family, which was originally conceived to be a prison cell of the BPP that would survive state repression The writings of George Jackson include analyses ranging from the characteristics of fascism , its relation to settler colonial rule in the form of Democracy ,Marxian economics and blueprints for building a communistic society in a capitalist economy in which it would eventually supplant If George Jackson wasn t a poor, working class black man behind a prison wall he d be a best selling author, professor , or award winner of some sort This book aims and rightly executes to challenge your ideas about the established order and flares the fires of a strong resisting soul that rest in every black American and colonized people everywhere It is not just a book, it is a blueprint for liberation Highly recommended. The ultimate aim of fascists is the total destruction of all revolutionary consciousness And in America, the ultimate expression of law is not order it s prison George spends four years in prison just studying economics and military ideas in an attempt to transform the black criminal mentality into a black revolutionary mentality The only friend I had was a book You depend of books Reading Marx in depth had led him to a sense of membership in the human community by joining a revolutionary brotherhood Through America s strongly unequal incarceration of both the poor and minorities, imprisonment had noticeably become a site of class struggle Outside prison, white Americans cherished their illusive freedom yet true freedom he saw was reserved only for a few families and their friends the elites and it was the freedom to prey on the world Prison and institutionalized racism had been America s only two answers to any serious disobedience of elite plans With Soledad Brother, a reader might keep waiting for George to finally tell them what he learned in all that reading he did by himself in prison But, that won t get told until you read Blood in My Eye, where George finally shows his serious political and economic education and understanding of the deepest issues What would Malcolm X, Eldridge Cleaver, Assata Shakur and George Jackson say to us if we could ask them if books can be revolutionary Only 6% of Americans dare to buy one book or per year these days and that one book is usually recent fiction, so don t expect a large percentage of Americans to be out there educating themselves on the leading critical thinkers and seeking community, when a narcissist culture is projecting into our homes 24 7 emotional pacifiers of all shapes and sizes However, as things continue to fall apart with the planet now at stake, only people who have already done the serious self education and cultural deprogramming time like George, Malcolm, Assata, and Eldridge did, will know where to go and what to do to find or create a lasting community. This book will change your life If you ve figured out that capitalism is evil, and that nothing short of a revolution by the people can sort things out, then this book will inspire you to do what needs to be done After going into great detail of what it means to be a revolutionary, what a revolution looks like and how to make it come about, Jackson then explores the rise of fascism No other source has explained the alt right so succinctly, and how it comes into power not only to address crises in capitalism, but also because of a left that s too weak to challenge it Absolutely brilliant and impassioned book that should be on every organizer s syllabus.