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Golden Globe is thus far my favorite Varley I haven t read the Titan series yet because I m an ASS but I don t see how it could beat Globe for a place in my heart.The main character is deeply conflicted, original, and interesting As Varley often does, he jumps through chronology We spend portions of the book in the present er, future and in the past er, still future of the protagonist What I found most surprising was that I was as invested in both settings When I read a book that does this I typically find myself hurrying through one portion to get to the next Okay, Okay, he got beat as a kid get to the mafia chasing him NOW With Golden Globe I was just as eager to read every aspect of the protagonists life I can only assume that this is because both times have conflict I mean GOOD conflict Characters who we are curious about in the present we see detailed in the past and vice versa We see where some of those bizarre parts of the past ended up in the present and I found myself eagerly reading to find out as much as I could about everyone Okay, that aside, the world is great This is the same world as in Steel Beach and from what I know could be wrong all, or most of his books And by world I mean Universe Point is, it is as good as it ever was I actually read this BEFORE Steel Beach which I think is the precursor, or maybe not, but Steel Beach goes much in depth into the political and economical situation these characters live in That being said, Golden Globe still does a phenomenal job of tuning the reader in to where they are and what is going on Lastly, the Shakespearean nature of the main character in a sci fi setting was just too cool for me to pass up This is probably up there in my favorite books. I almost almost liked this one than Steel Beach It was close It s all about a wandering vagabond of an actor and his dog, about a thousand years in the future He s got to get from Pluto to the Moon before they cast the part of King Lear, and he s having a tough time of it, what with running out of money and being pursued by a psychopathic assassin The usual #FREE PDF ⚡ The Golden Globe ´ Winner Of The Hugo And Nebula Awards, John Varley Is Truly One Of The Greats Of Science Fiction, Comparable Only To Heinlein, Herbert, Asimov, And Clark Now The All Time Master Returns With His Long Awaited Epic Novel Of Life Beyond The Great BeyondAll The Universe Is A Stage, And Sparky Valentine Is Its Itinerant Thespian He Makes His Way From Planet To Planet As Part Of A Motley Theater Troupe, Bringing Shakespeare A Version Of It Anyway To The Outer Reaches Of Earth S Solar System He Journeys Through The Outlands, Where Thousands Of Artificial Satellites Drift, Conglomerates Of Junk And Rock Welded Together To Support Meager Communities Of Human Life Here Sparky Plies His Trade, Transforming Himself From Young To Old, Fat To Thin, Man To Woman, By Altering Magnetic Implants Beneath His Skin Indispensable Hardware For A Career Actor And An Interstellar Con Man Wanted For Murder For While Sparky Valentine May Have A Song In His Heart, He Also Has A Price On His Head But His Galactic Roamings Are Bringing Him Closer To Home, Closer To Justice And Closer To The Truth Of His Strange And Prolonged Existence Podr a Billy Wilder haber escrito este libro G nero Ciencia Ficci n.Lo que nos cuenta Sparky Valentine es un actor con unos implantes muy particulares que le ayudan en su profesi n pero que act a lejos de los grandes lugares y, por el contrario, representa obras en lugares apartados del espacio Y es que Sparky tiene un pasado del que prefiere estar bien alejado, pero un importante proyecto sobre una de las grandes obras de Shakespeare, el autor favorito de nuestro protagonista, le tentar a correr riesgos Quiere saber m s de este libro, sin spoilers Visite This is my favourite science fiction book by my favourite science fiction author Set in the same universe as Steel Beach a modified version of Varley s Eight Worlds universe , The Golden Globe features one of the most memorable narrators in science fiction Kenneth Sparky Valentine, a washed up child television star who now wanders the Solar System as an itinerant thespian, not to mention conman, thief and general miscreant Sparky s wisecracking narratorial voice is easily the most amusing and readable of any I ve ever come across He regularly goes off on tangents and anecdotes, often in the employ of worldbuilding, which never fail to entertain and fit in seamlessly with the narrative something that was often beyond Steel Beach s Hildy Johnson.While Steel Beach focused on Luna, Sparky s story takes him from the ramshackle boondock orbitals beyond Pluto, across the system to Luna a Grand Tour of Varley s world, and one with a much tighter plot than the loose, rambling story of Steel Beach Sparky is bound for Luna to play his dream role of King Lear in an upcoming stage production in pursuit is a near unkillable member of the Charonese Mafia, pursuing him for one of his many crimes This is nothing new for Sparky, who has spent his adult life on the run for a much serious crime which the blurb gives away, so don t read it.Like Steel Beach, The Golden Globe retains a certain cartoony, satirical aspect reminiscent of Terry Pratchett it feels somehow less mature and serious than other science fiction novels, or indeed than Varley s early novels It is, however, much readable, and I feel that this tone is a deliberate result of the specific zeitgeist of the Eight Worlds namely, they don t have one Their culture is entirely derived from Earth, and they are overcome with obsession about the vibrant history of the world they lost an artificial ocean on Pluto that recreates famous historical scenes from the Pacific, movie studios on Luna modelled after the famous studios of Hollywood s golden era, Shakespearian productions, fashions and styles taken from centuries past while the Invaders are barely referenced in these two books, it s clear that humanity is still mourning for Earth, and that sooner or later a second confrontation will occur.I dearly hope this happens in Irontown Blues, the as yet unwritten book which Varley has said will feature a police detective and round out the Metals Trilogy This is the book I long for than any other Until then, however, The Golden Globe is the most enjoyable and readable science fiction romp I ve ever read, and Sparky Valentine one of the greatest characters. Storyline 1 5Characters 4 5Writing Style 4 5World 4 5I came to this wanting to dislike it I found myself here because I tend to finish series that I start, and I had already read the first two I hadn t particularly liked them, but I could give some grudging respect to numbers one and two That s than I can say of Varley s Gaea Trilogy, which I count as the worst science fiction trilogy I ve ever read And it is not just that I had low expectations I actively dislike Varley as an author There s plenty of science fiction authors whose embrace of the genre seems to be due to its sexual, speculative possibilities Whether it be Robert Silverberg toying with how time travel can permit one to fornicate with his ancestors, David Gerrold exploring the multiverse s possibilities for radical self lust, or Larry Niven Fritz Leiber s choose from about a 100 other science fiction authors titillation at the idea of cross species sex and for brevity s sake, let s just leave Heinlein s later works alone , I m always a little weirded out sharing these typically older men s techno fantasies The Golden Globe didn t start off quite as vulgarly as did Steel Beach, but Varley s still playing with the potentials of rapid sex changes and exhibitionism So, Varley gave me just what I was really looking for another reason to dislike him So as I settled in to compile a list of what other offenses I could catalog, I found myself in an odd position I was intrigued Initially, this intrigue was inexplicable Varley s stage is actually a stage he s following the life of an actor a Shakespearean actor in our future I m ignorant of stagecraft and oblivious to the merits of Shakespeare, so this shouldn t have tempted me Further, there was no plot Not just at the 20 page mark or the 50 page mark or the 100 or 200 or 300 page mark there just wasn t an obstacle or goal for the reader to overcome along with the main character I should have been celebrating Varley s demise, his failure to write a variety of characters to appeal to a myriad of interests I should have been happily recording errors for my harsh review, listing the missed opportunities that would have allowed him to turn to some recognizable goal But I confess, I found I was enjoying the story That offensive character well he is rogue, but his disdain for civilization has a lot of commentary on our own That backdrop of the thespian life Varley made it bitter, depressing, artful, conceited, tawdry, and glorious throughout the tale It was a drama The characters were on a life path of their own choosing with all of its humiliations and triumphs That lack of a plot Varley fills it with backstory, a backstory that seems to overshadow the main story until you realize that the interconnection between the present and the past is the story It really was a drama a drama at multiple levels There are different ways to enjoy a novel, and what I least expected from Varley was to be impressed But there I was, 517 pages later, impressed.The Golden Globe puts a little effort into the sequel format than did the Steel Beach, but still, Varley didn t do a good job making this a series The connections between this and the last were never surprising, didn t lead up to much, and generally were a wasted opportunity That said, you could probably read this as a stand alone just fine There are a couple of overlapping characters, locations, and events, but it is not necessary to be able to identify them to appreciate the Golden Globe Also worthy of note this won the Prometheus Award, the award for libertarian science fiction I found that I was equally horrified and attracted to the libertarian social political economic commentary scattered throughout the same reaction I have to libertarianism as a serious political philosophy Finally, the ending was disappointing because it wasn t imbued with the same craftiness as the rest of the tale had been In fact, it opened up the tale to what I think was an unintended direction and questions, and I would have liked it better had Varley taken us there purposefully. A wonderful book, sort of near future sci fi a relatable future 200 years from now.It was really a family story, from the view of the child star who tried to flee that world Literally.Maybe should be 4 stars, but I feel I ve been throwing them about too liberally. SF Sparky Valentine, child star turned con artist actor, is on the run from the Charonese mob Can he make it to Luna in time to play Lear Though that s only nominally the plot Mostly this book doesn t have one It reads like a mix of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, The Garbage Pail Kids, and Shakespeare And it does several things that I normally won t tolerate.It breaks the fourth wall, repeatedly Sparky not only talks to the reader, he addresses the typesetter, requesting that they stop putting the flashbacks in italics The extended flashbacks, of which there are many, are in third person, even though all but the news articles are narrated by Sparky, who is in first person for the rest of the book.And, yet, those things are all done well, especially the flashbacks I found myself liking this book despite its slow start and flimsy plot It s all about the writing and the narrator, and I enjoyed both of them Things Varley does well humor, descriptions of environments, technology, neighborhoods, all the details of space travel and living and working in space, the narrator s conversational, flippant tone.Things Varley handwaves obnoxiously culture, everyone speaks English because it just happened to work out that way after the Invasion race, at this point no one s all black or all white apparently those are our only options sexuality and gender, Sparky, born male, has been modified so that he can change his outward gender at will He makes a point of saying it s rare to be 100% heterosexual, yet all sexual encounters described or even hinted at are male female The one male male encounter is during a production of Romeo and Juliet, with Sparky as Juliet He and Romeo are supposed to have sex on stage, but his male partner, being 100% straight, can t get it up, even with Sparky physically female at the time This would have been an excellent opportunity to examine the relationship between gender, sexuality, and the mind, but Varley totally passes it up It s disappointing.The ending comes with a one and a half twist, one which you might see coming, and half of one that sounds like something from the last five minutes of a Law and Order rerun By that time I kind of didn t care what was going on any because it was already clear this isn t the kind of book that gives a concrete resolution.Warnings for child abuse, grisly fight scenes, and animal harm.Three stars It took a while to get going, but I grew to like Sparky, or at least to be entertained by him I ll be reading by Varley He gives good space. This SF is well nigh unclassifiable For glorious reasons I mean, sure, you could call it a Heinleinesque romance in the vein of Double Star, or call it a thespian ish thriller revolving an immensely popular child star turned murderer who has been on the run for 70 years, or you could call it the One Last Great Shakespearian tragedy.I mean, damn, I m caught thinking that this is as glorious as and is a great mashup of Alfred Bester s best book, The Demolished Man, and The Stainless Steel Rat, full of on the run acting, con jobs, a little madness, and a LOT of Lear And let s not forget to send Valentine across the full Solar System as we do it This book might rank up there with one of the best SF ever written It breaks all molds and does its own glorious thing, never apologizing, never doing the expected thing Flashbacks Sure Tons Flashforwards Fourth wall breaking Third person, First person, Second Person Yep And you know what It all works It has PERSONALITY Varley is one of the greats, indeed Now, why the hell is this book relatively unknown Sheesh It s a travesty SHAKESPEARE IN SPAAAACE It s hard to tell how good this book actually was, because it was the perfect book for ME as Mikah told me several years ago see, I do get around to recs Minus one star for too much weird middle bit, and for not foreshadowing the conclusion quite enough, but a good space romp and overall so much fun I mean, as far as I m concerned you can t beat the opening line I once played Romeo and Juliet as a one man show.