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What if you could actually decide what you find enjoyable Reasons to Be Cheerful almost reads like an actual, personal account in the beginning Thoroughly grounded, in a way, and quite thought provoking Egan really knows how to deliver compelling ideas in a short story format and also in a novel length medium You can knock it out in a sitting, but it s interesting enough to make you linger. One of Egan s greats, one that keeps coming back to me over and over It may be the most thought provoking short story I ve ever read I also feel like it s not just intellectual hypothesizing the ideas in this story are relevant today, and are rapidly becoming and important every day.Read up on happiness set point theory and associated controversy Our reasons to be happy are not at all what we imagine them to be, and the questions the protagonist is forced to address in this story are not hypothetical Also, consider the evolution of computer games to tickle our short term pleasure centers ever effectively, how similar those games are after you ve understood what s going on, and how hollow you can feel after setting one down Heck, just consider a drug like cocaine, in a hypothetical scenario where you hurt no one to acquire it and never ran out What reasons for being cheerful would you accept as valid For many months I ve had this short story saved on my desktop, and I don t recall how I encountered it in the first place Initially I wondered if this was an autobiographical tale, as it all seemed like something that could really have happened Shortly after, technology that is as of now still impossible emerged and the science fiction became palpable Nevertheless, for all the currently impossible things that happened in the story, it all felt surprisingly, dare I say worryingly , convincing, as though our world could be on the very precipice of such possibilities actually occuring Egan s confident use of neuroscientific jargon this amateur was convinced at least and his matter of fact style dressed the story with a strong air of realism By the end, I was left with a hollow sensation in my stomach, not sure what to actually feel This, I believe, is a hallmark of decent science fiction to seem urgently nearby, and to gnaw at the reader s comfort Strikingly, each condition so to speak that the protagonist experiences is incredibly fascinating, philosophically compelling, and agonising to contemplate I will keep mulling over what the self is and how it is shaped for quite some time, I m sure I can easily imagine this story becoming a great and unfortunate Black Mirror episode, and I mean that as a compliment. Excellent short, speculative fiction work Solid understanding of some of the potential science involved without overly egregious technobabble Lovely ideas explored, while none were too shocking I was definitely intrigued and inspired to muse to myself on some of the implications Mr Egan uses his narrative very well, and knows how to intersperse good, visceral detail with character thought to smoothly encourage the flow of the reader I ll definitely be keeping an eye out for his other short works. An interesting short story on a boy who could not be unhappy, as a brain tumour swamped his brain with happy neural transmitters After the tumour was cured, the unfortunate side effect was that all the areas of the brain able to bind to any happy neural transmitters was destroyed Thus started 18 years of depression where nothing can be enjoyed A new treatment meant that it was possible to reconnect his brain with a new, averaged out neural network, based on 4000 humans However, this simply meant that he felt joy at everything similar to what he experienced due to the tumour, he felt happiness at every turn But it s not his happiness It s the 4000 odd s brains happiness, and he was losing his individuality in it He was ready to switch everything off, when a new addition to the neural networks meant that he could mentally reduce the happiness for things Don t think I should enjoy this Beethoven music Turn it down mentally This introduced his individuality back He was able to make the conscious decision to enjoy something or not In came Julia He felt he could love her However on learning the truth she decided she couldn t be with someone like this, and therefore left him This last bit was the main point of the short story I thought He continued feeling miserable He chose to be miserable Because that was part of him, the sadness made him, him So instead of changing the switch to make him dislike Julia and lessen the pain of the break up, he saw the reason to be sad, and that is okay. This is one of Egan s best shorts, and if you ve never read it, you should A fine entry point to his short fiction Collected in Luminous Collected Stories 2 which is available for Kindle for 3 You ll get your money s worth from this story alone Trust me on this.Steve Fink s is the best review I saw here reprints many ^Pdf ☛ Reasons to Be Cheerful ⇻ A Year Old Boy Develops A Deadly Brain Tumor That Inadvertently Floods His System With Leu Enkephalin, The Neuropeptide That Triggers Happiness Unwaveringly Optimistic At His Chance Of Survival, The Risky Surgery That Saves His Life Also Ends The Euphoric Bliss, Leaving His Brain With A Cavernous Hole Where The Pleasure Centers Used To Be The Years Of Sadness That Follow Are A Downward Spiral Of Despair, And As A Last Resort He Agrees To Another Treatment That Gives Him Conscious Control Over What Makes Him Happy As He Attempts To Re Enter The World Beyond The Hospitals And His Gloomy Apartment, He Faces The Ultimate Dilemma Of Self Control How Happy Would You Be If You Could Make Yourself As Happy As You Want Locus Poll Award Nominee