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I couldn t bring myself to give this book a rating Let me explain.I read this book back in probably 2007 or 2008, and I remember enjoying it However, upon re read, this book is definitely a product of its time It is very much in the time of books like Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and the Au Pairs Beach Lane series by Melissa de la Cruise The writing is simple, all the characters have shallow personalities, and there are a million references to high end brand names All of which make this book feel very dated Some of the lines in this book felt very dated In 2019 some of these themes and statements would be questioned For example, view spoiler On page 4 The main character Cordelia and her boyfriend, Paul, are making out in a tent and the narration mentions that Paul only been with one person, which is very respectable for a seven year old guy And noble too Like, why is that noble I am so confused.At another point, Paul tells Cordelia she is high maintenance The narration mentions, He hadn t called her a slut or a retard or anything, but whatever For some reason what he d said seemed just as bad I also don t think this was the only time the R word was used These are just two cringy instances that stood out to me the most hide spoiler Road trip books are so rare that on the idea of finding such, especially if it s a gem, excites me Unfortunately, this isn t so much of a gem nor was it any good My original rating of this was two stars, but I was struggling to remember what I liked about the book, and well I found none.I was just starting chapter one when I read these But even weirder was the fact that she was out here camping Cordelia never slept on anything except a queen size bed fitted with two layers of four hundred thread count sheets and a goose down comforter. Frankly, I could not express my reaction in English It s easier saying in my local language Ang arte ha Magcacamping ka, malamang hindi komportable ang kondisyon ng hihigaan mo Eh di sana di ka na lang nag camping God, Paul was a good kisser good as in he had the power to make her forget some pretty important things, like what time it was, her first name, and what planet she was on.Cordelia had to restrain herself from climbing all over him as if he were a rock wall. HOW EXAGGERATED ARE THESE Forget your first name, and planet Climb over him I ve never realized that the term head over heels in these lines so literal and ridiculousYou take my breath away, you know that he whispered. UM, THIS IS SO CLICHE, and really corny All right, it seems like I have the right guy, chirped the voice inside Cordelia s head After all, they had been going out for a few months and he was super hot and incredibly nice. And this is how girls like her are stupid That logic, ugh Honestly, that was only in chapter one, and it was enough to make me stop I swear, I could have DNF ed it at that moment but I thought I ll see the rest of the story first.And what a regret that was I wish I could ve stopped there, because my eye rolling and annoyance towards the characters not only ended with that.The overusage of name brands by the author irritated me Sara Shepard does this also, but considering that the Pretty Little Liars series contained a lot of fashion references, it was understandable But here, Hailey Abbott throughout the novel, calls Cordelia s phone a Treo instead of just a phone , Cordelia s bag as a Jansport, Cordelia s shoes as a Marc Jacobs and whatnot She refers to the motel as a Holiday Inn Express, instead of simply, just a motel Others included Jimmy Choo, MapQuest, Toyota Prius, Prada, Guess , and specially the Oral B Brush Ups It was intolerable.All the characters are two dimensional I couldn t connect or sympathize with them There was no depth in their personalities and to be honest, some are hard to figure out like they re bipolar They didn t stay with me nor did I get attached with them They were, basically, not memorable The love interest, Jake, was wholeheartedly hated by Cordelia at the start and middle of the novel, and I could see why But then Jake warming to her just that was unbelievable Clearly, the romance was, for me, a fail build up, the guy saying things like Cordelia changed him in a way no one did and that he never felt this way with anybody that kind of shit It didn t fit well.The ending also was cliche, too perfect that it was hard to believe and impossible Cordelia was afraid of flying and just because a guy she was meant to be with came in the picture, she suddenly forgets her fear It was sending out a wrong message Also, even if you know somebody in the airport, they couldn t just let you pass easily How quickly Cordelia passed through was really unbelievable I believe airports have witnessed a lot of these I need to let him know I love him before he takes off and we ll never see each other again kind of interruptions but it s still against the rules.Anyway, I won t be reading any of this author s books Not recommended if you don t want your time wasted.If you are looking for a better road trip book, I recommend or. BOOK ♕ Getting Lost with Boys ♣ Cordelia Packer Hates The Unexpected, But She S In For A Surprise When Jacob Stein Offers To Be Her Travel Companion, All The Way From San Diego To Her Sister S Place In Northern California Before She Knows It, Her Neatly Laid Out Summer Plan Has Turned Into A Wild Road Trip, Where Anything Can And Does Happen Who Knew Getting Lost With A Boy Could Be So Much Fun Well, this book was full of designer craps Like Cordy s TreoCordy s SwatchMarc Jacobs yellow slingbackspink Jimmy Choos slingbackswhite Juicy halter topOrigins Pomegranate WashVictoria s Secret pink satin cami and boxersCargo bronzerTarte glistening powderstrappy Steve Madden platform sandalsred two piece Tommy Hilfiger swimsuitlime green Malia Mills bikini topdark indigo SevensGuess asymmetrical tunic tank topMAC cosmetics linea pair of gold Dolce Gabbana platform strappy sandalspair of red Kors espadrillesI could go on and onThis book was okay but not memorable This was just a quick read.I was debating for a long time regarding what Hailey Abbott book I should read for the first time and I decided Getting Lost With Boys I think I made a wrong choice since it didn t really make me tingle like first kiss feeling and made me doubt to read of her books but I m still willing to read anyway out of curiosity And really The airport scene was not believable People without tickets can t just get into the plane even if you happen to know a pilot. The best book of all HA books I ve read so far I am a very emotional person, and this book had me going I nearly cried And laughed at the jokes I stayed up all night just to finish the book I had to know the ending And when I went to sleep last night, a smile was on my lips That s why books affects me on an insane level Unlike her other books, this one was written maturely, no childish games of playing hard to get, or dwelling on why I felt different than how I supposed to feel kind of thing I love the story how a drive could change one s life The thing I believe is vital in every relationship, which romance comes second to is understanding How could you say I love you where else you had no idea who the person is Cordelia is sixteen She is very, very organized and controlling She is dating a seventeen year old named Paul She thinks he s great But he leaves to work in Yosemite She is going to spend the summer with her sister, and end s up getting a ride from her sisters ex boyfriend, Jake Cordelia thinks Jake is obnoxious But slowly, on the road trip, the start to bond He is nineteen or twenty When they get to Yosemite, she starts to see Paul in a different light and Jake too, for that matter I like this book because it doesn t try to moralize teenagers actions Cordelia is presented as being able to make her own sexual decisions There is no discussion about her dating a college guy even though she is only 16 It also presents the question of knowing who is the right person for you So many people end up having sex with or marrying the first person who shows interest in them, instead of realizing that there are a lot of options available out there Even though every main character in the book is ridiculously attractive, a lot of other things are true to life There is no clear right answer People make mistakes at one point Cordelia illegally enters a casino and gambles away all her money I like how Abbott s book treat mistakes as just something that happened learn from it and move on She doesn t make it seem that a mistake is the end of the world, or that you have to dwell on it forever, or that you have to make a big moral lesson out of it I like that message. After reading this book i am absolutely 100% sure that Hailey Abbott is one of my favourite authors She has earned her place It s midnight on a school day and I don t feel the slightest bit tire even though I woke up at 6 today An amazing book can do that to you I never thought i would love chick lits like this so much If you re not sure if you ll like the short girly books, start out with something like this and you ll fall in love in an instant. Well for starters I did not get all the product placement in the book It did not enhance the story at all I have no idea what a red Tommy Hilfiger two peice looks like, is it cute or slutty None of The name brand items painted a vivid picture As for the story it was alright This is a story that has been told over and over in books and movies There was nothing amazing in this story that made it stand out from all the others like it. I have a few of Hailey Abbott s books now and love them because they are so quick to read I first bought the summer boys series last year and have since bought four books by her This was the third one of these and I liked it I started this earlier today and knew I wanted to finish it quickly so I can begin on some other books in my TBR list Cordelia Packer hates the unexpected, but she s in for a surprise when Jacob Stein her sister s ex boyfriend offers to be her travel companion, from San Diego to her sister s place in northern California Before she knows it, her neatly laid out summer plan has turned into a wild road trip, where anything can and does happen Who knew getting lost with a boy could be so much fun So, I was excited to begin this one because I just finished Two way Street which also has a road trip plot and thought I would continue the theme Now I related to Cordelia straightaway because although I hate to admit it, I m a bit of a control freak and hate the unexpected too, so it also meant I hated Jake at the beginning too so I thought I wasn t going to enjoy the relationship between them both but I begin to like how he was with her and in the end I did enjoy it This book is a real easy read so I would suggest that people shouldn t expect loads from it except for a happy light tale of Girl and Boy I would recommend this to other YA contemporary fans and those have read books by Kate Brian and Miranda Kenneally. Never let a boy know you re crazy about him He ll lose interest, and then you ll be a loser Molly Packer s Rules to Getting Any Guy You WantI poke because I care JakeYou only hear what you want to hear, regardless of what someone is actually saying to you JakeThere aren t any clocks in here for a reason, dude So we won t know what time it is MikeYou can t risk than you re willing to lose That s how you get into trouble JakeI thought I should tell you that I believe taking risks and letting go are good things, when you ve made a conscious choice to do so and weighed all the options JakeYou re saying that balance is important in life CordyAs important as breathing JakeI think it s sad when people can t be loved for who they are CordyLike, two people fall in love, okay Then one of them tries to change the other one, to make him or her into someone else Not the person that the person was to begin with So why did they fall in love in the first place CordyWhat was the basis for the original attraction between two people And why can t that be enough JakeIf you love someone, why would you want that person to change CordyResistance is futile Molly