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!Free Kindle ♶ Sub 4:00: Alan Webb and the Quest for the Fastest Mile ♶ For Than Three Decades, Not One American Schoolboy Had Run A Sub Mile Then, In January , Alan Webb Clocked A Mile, The Fastest Indoor US High School Mile Ever Just A Few Months Later, The Young Track Star Achieved Legendary Status He Ran A Mile A Full Seconds Faster Than Former Record Holder Jim Ryun Everywhere Webb Was Hailed As America S Next Great Miler InSub , Noted Track Writer Chris Lear Follows Webb To College At The University Of Michigan As We Witness Webb S Freshman Track Season Watching Him Struggle With Injuries, Interpersonal Conflicts, The Politics Of The Collegiate Track World, And His Own Aspirations To Become The Best Miler Ever We Get An Unprecedented Behind The Scenes View Of The Life Of One Of The Nation S Most Promising Track Athletes With A New Chapter Describing The Latest Developments In Webb S Fascinating Career What happens when you go from being a big fish in a small pond to another fish in the sea. Decent coverage of the subject matter not quite as riveting as The Perfect Mile. If you ve really trained and raced before, you might like this book Almost like a training log for Alan Webb s year at UM A lot of reading through crazy workouts and times he was running Rather astonishing stuff. Intriguing story, imperfect execution My expectations weren t too high this wasn t recommended to me, but I saw it on a shelf in a running store and figured what the heck since I d followed Webb since his high school days in Northern Virginia Rodale Press books in my experience, as a general rule aren t necessarily the best edited, and this was no exception Conversely, they fill a niche that the large publishing houses frequently ignore, so I can put up with their imperfections My biggest criticisms 1 the author failed utterly to disappear from the narration without offering any compelling reason why he should have been part of the story or why the reader should care about him and 2 the author failed to get particularly close or in depth with the runner, the coach, the former coach, the runner s colleagues friends, or the runner s family all of whom seem well situated to have added significant depth to what ultimately is all too often superficial coverage Still, overall, an interesting snapshot of Webb s young career. I gave the book two stars based on the description of the stars where 2 it was ok That sums up exactly how I feel about it Reading the title Sub 4 00 and sub title Quest for the Fastest Mile I thought the book was going to focus on Webb s journey to break Jim Ryun s high school mile record of 3 55.3 While the author Chris Lear did provide some back story about Webb, Nate Brannen Webb s classmate teammate and Canadian sub 4 00 high school miler , Coach Ron Warhurst, and other Michigan teammates, he focused primarily on Webb s freshman year not even the whole year just from March until June of 2002 Lear also added the progress of Webb s teammates throughout the spring of 2002 Lear is an exceptional writer and was able to get me emotionally invested At first I was frustrated with Coach Warhurst for how he handled injured runners really Coach shin splits for three months then I was frustrated with Webb for his lack of commitment About half way through the book I saw Webb less of a tempered sports icon who is the epitome of talent and toughness and of a college freshman much the same as the many athletes I coached who went to college to run or not run He was a 19 year old kid After than I read with a different perspective Lear did a good of expressing the emotions of that 19 year kid though the book was lacked real substance particularly about the life changing decisions that Webb would ultimately make I would recommend it just because it is part a story of one of the best distance runner in U.S history. Chris Lear follows up his highly acclaimed book Running with the Buffaloes to follow Alan Webb in his quest to become the next great miler Webb burst onto the international scene after he crushed Jim Ryun s long standing high school record for the mile However Webb s career stalled while at the University of Michigan and the talented runner left school after his freshman season.Lear did a very fine job writing about the University of Colorado running program but there isn t that same level of familiarity with the Wolverine program So while this could have been a very interesting read it just didn t have that same feeling of being there, possibly due to Webb only being in Ann Arbor for a short period of time You also don t get to know Webb s coach at Michigan like you did Mark Wet in Running with the Buffaloes.This isn t a bad read by any stretch, it s just that there are better running books out there for you to read. Similar to Running with the Buffalo , Chris Lear does an excellent job of capturing a runner s experience in the sport Reading how talented Alan was and how he still experienced similar thoughts that I had during my running career especially in college was reassuring to know that regardless of the level of talent, we all will come to experience moments of doubt as well as highs from accomplishments I always like reading about athletes workouts and their experiences from races, since in those challenging situations you learn a lot about a persona and how they respond. Sub 4 00 starts with the story of a American high school boy who had run 4 00 mile But after 34 years no one from American high school beat the record and one day Alan Webb, new hope of american runner came out And this book continues about how Alan Webb went to Michigan university and talks about him and his teammates.This is a great book and inspires young runners to not give up IT also not only talks about the Alan Webb but also talks and makes us visualize the actual races and practice It was a great book and I recommend for any other runners to read this book. It is an intriguing story of an amazingly talented young athlete, who crashed and burned, after breaking Jim Ryun s high school mile record The author does an good job of telling the tale, in which Alan Webb comes across as intense and immature I came to this because of Lear s excellent Running with the Buffaloes , which is a classic This is merely a good read if you are an athletics fan.