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Tristan D'Argent returns from battle to claim the land that was bequeathed to him by King William, only to find that his lands and people being ruthless control by a treacherous rival. A man who has betrothed his stepdaughter Soleilbert to Tristan, to trap him into marriage. Tristan prepares to win by any means necessary, only to be confronted by the face of a young woman from his dreams. She is Haith, the halfsister of his bartered bride. Haith never imagined seeing the face of the man in her dreams in the flesh. Knowing that Tristan is to marry Soleilbert, her halfsister's intended. Haith would fight all the feeling that Tristan bring to life in her. She could never hurt her sister that way. Then to be caught up in the bitter treachery of a sworn enemies all around her. Neither Tristan's strong words, nor tender promise that all will work it self out, can quell her fears that their destinies have yet to play out. I'm going to have to reread this book because I wrote 5 stars inside it, but barely remember it. There is a dash of mystical in it. I think my 1 star is probably not fair, considering that I actually didn't finish the book. I don't mind a little "magic" in my stories. But this book did not make it. Dreaming about a guy or a woman is cool and all. It's the writing I guess? I can't get to like the heroine or the hero. The heroine is kind of stupid and the hero, not so heroic.
Ah what am I talking about! I just didn't like it plain and simple. The relationship too shallow, the writing too boring. Personal taste it may be, I can't explain it. I'm giving it four stars because I know I read it, but it was years ago. I do remember thinking I liked it and wanted to find more by this author. Now I'm going to have to reread it just to be sure. Where do I begin? Magic, for one, like magically exploding crockery fueled by anger. Poltergeist, anyone? They’re heeeeeeeere! Precognitive dreams. ‘Nuff said about that. Then, there’s the whole soulmate thing because y’know there is no choice in your mate, it’s just...fate. What if, just asking now mind you, but what if your soulmate is an axewielding murderer/murderess? (NOTE: That’s not the case here, but that’s one issue I have with all this soulmate crap in roms.) You just gotta live with it or die from not being close to your one true mate? Live without love for the rest of your life? Puhleeeeeeeze, spare me! And then the icing on this effed up cake is all the “wenches” “bitches” and “sluts” thrown out by various personages as socalled dialogue in this medieval horror story. I kind of expect it from the evil baddie villain/s, but from the alleged hero in speaking to his, er, soulmate? Nah, I don’t think so. Oh, and one more thing, if you like men backhanding, beating, and otherwise physically abusing women under their socalled protection, then this is the book for you. For myself, I think 1 star is a little generous now that I think about. Dreaming of the love of her life but never imagining the man to be real, the heroine has resigned herself to living the hard life of being born a bastard. Regardless of her parents both being of noble birth, the heroine is still looked down upon but other noblemen. She is respected by the villagers and believed by her stepsister but every day is a constant battle not to cry or lash out in anger. The night she met the hero, the man of her dreams, she astonished and over the moon with happiness but she convinces herself it was nothing but a dream. Until she comes face to face with the man himself only it's too late. She discovers the man of her dreams is not only a powerful and darkly dangerous Lord but is also betrothed to her sister. Knowing she can never be what her mother was, a home wrecker, she resigns herself to the fact that true love was never meant to be hers. She has the chance to help her sister and perhaps save herself from the evil and foul Lord to which she is bound. She accepts the man's offer of marriage to his blacksmith in hopes that she would escape the oppressiveness and abuse of the Lord's rule. The hero has just returned from war with the castle as his reward. He's worked hard and fought harder for his right to be Lord and nothing will stop him from claiming his right. Not the fact that most of his people are living with the Lord neighboring his land. Not the fact that he is betrothed to a strange young woman. Not the heroine with her stunning features and ability to make his almost forget all reason. He storms the gates as it were and takes his people back. The heroine comes with. But once he thought she the beautiful woman from his dreams, meant to be his true love, now he is brought low with anger. She has betrothed herself to another. His temper and pride make his act in a very high handed manner and it only manages to spark the heroine's anger. They fight constantly and it seems that neither can manage to find stable ground when it concerns the other. Though the desire is strong as is the knowledge they are indeed fated lovers, the heroine is still reluctant to believe in a happy ending. In her attempt to prevent further heartache, she flees. Only to be captured by the enemy. Returning from London after petitioning the King for an annulment of his betrothal, the hero finds the heroine gone. Now, he must storm the castle to get her back and god help anyone who has touched a hair on her head.

Reading this book I had a case of indecision. On one head, those who have read my reviews before know I am a fan of the dramatic. This book and these characters were massively dramatic and very stubborn. On the other hand, perhaps they were a bit too dramatic. Even while I was enraptured by the scenes of misconception and arguing and hurt feelings, I had it in my mind that both the hero and heroine were rather childish. Most of the situations that arose between them could have been solved pretty quickly by just shutting up and listening to what the other had to say. The heroine would fly off the handle on the littlest slight and it would case this huge war. She would say these things to the herowhom was the only person which she sassed or openly criticized and then play the victim to the consequences. I didn't like that about her. Perhaps it was all down to the pain and suffering of loving a man whom in her mind could never truly be hers. Regardless, I found her annoying at times. But she was also admirable because she went through so much shit. Attempted rape on many occasions, beatings and open disgust because of the circumstances of her birth. All of these things could have brought a lesser person to their knees. The hero while charming and at the same time relentless in asserting his authority, was a bit cruel sometimes. He too let his anger rule him and some of the things he did or said was a head scratcher. There were times when I almost considered him to be something of an antihero. Perhaps some of his anger came from his fear for the heroines safety and the odds stacked against him that he will be able to marry for love. Regardless, I liked this book but there were many aspects of it that put a bad taste in my mouth. 3 stars is best.
AUTHOR WRITING STYLE IN THIS BOOK: Borderline a book that might be considered to be young adult. A fairy tale of sorts. The book references to the idea of soul mates.

Set in England 1066. Greanly Manor is leveled by Normans with very few survivors. The King commissioned Greanly to be rebuilt and Tristan, a great knight, to become Lord over that village. He arrives to find that the surviving inhabitants moved to Seacrest Manor under the oversight of Lord Nigel (the bad guy) who was charged by the King to take in the surviving villagers of Greanly. Haith, a Greanly survivor, and Tristan have dreamed of each other since they were little children but have never met. Through Haith's actions, she continuously denies in her mind that Tristan is her soul mate. There is also the fact that the King has ordered Tristan to marry Haith's half sister and very best friend, Soleibert.

FAVORITE: Tristan goes to Seacrest and moves most of his people back to Greanly.

LEAST FAVORITE PART: Pharao comes up missing

SEX SCALE: Of the following five options: 1) NOT very descriptive and requires imagination' 2) WILL make you wiggle a little) 3) WISH it was me; 4) OH boy, do not have to use my imagination at all; 5) EROTICA and well over the top
******(1) NOT very descriptive and requires imagination******

YOU WILL LIKE THIS BOOK IF YOU LIKE: You enjoy a fairy tale type story that brings soul mates together

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